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Does He Know He is the Prince?

Script By: MbP

A prince who is a prince but doesn't know a thing about it. After his secret relationship with the King's daughter, he gets put up to hung. His true father (The Greatest king to man kind) realizes that he is his son and saves him. The kidnapper will be revenged for stealing the king's baby.

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Scene 1

Enter Joseph and Andy

Joseph: I going to trade for some food, Andy.

Andy: Father, let me do it.

Joseph: I would but you're not allowed to go out in public until your 19.

Andy: But aren't I close enough. I'm 18. Please father.

Joseph: Rules are rules son.

Andy: Can't you take me with you, and you just show me around.

Joseph: Stop trying to get out of this house! You know men aren't allowed out of public until they are 19!

Andy: Fine dad.

Joseph: OH don't forget to do your choirs. (Leaves)

Exeunt Joseph

(Andy walks to a barn just outside the house and enters it near a cow)

Andy: Ready for your milking Bessie? Easy girl.

Bessie: Moo!

Andy: Calm down. Don't you think I'm enraged too? I can't leave this farm until I'm 19. That's a year.

Bessie: Moo.

Andy: Hey don't say you have a hard life. You have freedom. I would love to have your life.

Bessie: (Fart noises)

Andy: Bessie! At least I got some milk. You probably think I'm crazy.

Bessie: Moo! Moo!

Andy: (Picks up brush) Your coat will be shiny soon enough. I'm going to take my time cause' my next choir is picking up the poop of all the animals. I am thinking of doing Soo-wee, Little Oinker and Slops pin first because I get to go outside.

Bessie: Moo!

Andy: No offense.

Scene 2

Enter Joseph wear Andy is sleeping

Joseph: Wake up young man!

Andy: (Talking in sleep) No, I don't want to do my choirs I want to go out to town.

Joseph: (Ordering) Andy wake up!

Andy: No.

Joseph: Get off the hay. (He splashes water on Andy)

Andy: Hey!

Joseph: You have a visitor.

Andy: A visitor? For me?

Joseph: Yes for you.

Andy: Do I Know this person?

Joseph: NO.

Andy: Is it my mommy?

Joseph: No. Just come outside.

Andy: Who is it dad?

Joseph: Your little cousin Kaia. She'll be living with us now.

Andy: How'd she get here if kids can't go in public until they are 19?

Joseph: That's only men.

Kaia: I get to live with you now; now teach me to be just like a farmer!

Andy: Dad how could you do this? She is the size of a five year old. And the attitude of a 3 year old. How old is she?

Joseph: I forgot-

Kaia: 12! How could you forget Uncle Joey? By the way Andy...Your ad-

Joseph: (covers Kaia's mouth) No. Nooononono Kaia. (Uncovers Kaia's mouth)

Andy: What was she going to say?

Joseph: I wish I could tell you but I can't. It's too heartbreaking.

Kaia: I can!

Joseph: No!

Andy: Whatever it is can you just tell me?

Joseph: No son no I can't tell you. Your big heart will be shattered.

Kaia: Teach me to be a farmer!

Joseph: You're not here to be a farmer, sweetie your here to be a lady.

Scene 3

Enter Andy, Kaia, and Joseph

Andy: Next week is my birthday and he brings you home.

Kaia: It's not my fault, my parents died on me. Wait if i'm supposed to be a lady, I want to be a princess. My feet are not supposed to touch the ground. Pick me up and carry me wherever.

Andy: I have work to do Kaia.

Joseph: Andy if you take care of her then I'll do your chores for you.

Andy: COme on Kaia.(Picks Kaia up and puts her on his shoulder)

Kaia: Take me to the horsies.

Andy: Okay Kaia. (Walks to other side of room)

Kaia: It's princess Kaia to you.

Andy: If you're a princess, then where's your gown.

Kaia: We can make it out of blankets.

Andy: We're not cutting anything up.

Kaia: No silly we can wrap it around me and I have a nice flowing gown.

Andy: Ok ok. We can do that. Dad do we have any blankets!

Joseph: Why?

Andy: (Walks to the end of the house where Joseph is) Kaia wants to be a princess and she needs a long flowing gown. SO we need a blanket.

Joseph: Go to bed. There's some grey blankets under there.

Scene 4

Andy is sleeping in the hay, Enter Joseph and Kaia

Andy: (Jumps out of hay) Dad! Guess what today is? (Walks around the barn) Dad? Oh Dad?

Joseph: Yeah I know your 19 today.

Andy: You want to know what that means. Yeah that's right! Freedom!

Joseph: I know and for my gift to you is to show you around.

Andy: I'm going to wander on my own. Thank you but no thank you. I don't need you holding my hand. (Walks towards the door but Kaia is standing there) Kaia move.

Kaia: No I'm the princess, you have to take me with you and pull me in the chariot.

Andy: Not today. Right dad.

Joseph: You still have to stay loyal to your duty of watching her.

Andy: But-

Joseph: No buts. Just take her with you.

Andy: Fine. Come on Kaia.

Kaia: Yeah!

(Kaia and Andy walks outside)

Kaia: Chariot. (Hops into a wheel barrel)

Andy: (Picks wheel barrel up and starts wheeling)

Kaia: Happy Birthday Andy. I'm getting out I don't feel like a chariot ride on your birthday. (Hops out of wheel barrel)

Andy: Thanks. Both ways.

Kaia: I made you a surprise, you'll get it when you go to bed.

Andy: That's very nice of you Kaia. Sorry I said you had the attitude of a 3 year old when we first met.

Kaia: It's ok. I get that a lot but usually people call me 2. Sorry I was a brat before we left. I hope you're not mad at me.

Andy: Of course not. It's my dad I'm mad at.

(In town now)

Andy: Wow so this is what town is like. I was missing so much. So where's your favorite place in this town.

Kaia: Right at the other end of this town is the castle where King and Queen and Princess are. It's so beautiful, but you can't go there unless you have a favor to ask or visiting the royals. Like close friends.

Andy: (Sees young boys and girls playing) Hey! Why are those boys out in public they're way not 19?

Kaia: I hate to say this, but Uncle Joseph lied to you.

Andy: Why?

Kaia: You were different from other boys your age.

Andy: I'll deal with him when we go back.

Kaia: Can I go say hi to the boys and girls over there? They are my friends.

Andy: Yeah go ahead. (Kaia walks slowly to other kids)

(Royal horses and a real chariot pulling the Princess with guards around it)

Andy: Kaia watch out! (Jumps then pushes Kaia out of the way then gets hit down by the horses and ran over by the chariot)

(Chariot stops and Princess comes out and walks over to Andy)

Kaia: Andy! (Runs over to Andy but guards stop her)

Princess Psyche: Guards let the little girl come over here, she knows him. (Guards let Kaia come over to Princess Psyche) Sweetie what's your name?

Kaia: Kaia.

Princess Psyche: Kaia, your brother will be fine.

Kaia: That would have been me.

Princess Psyche: (Takes Eyes off Andy then looks at Kaia) What do you mean?

Kaia: He pushed me out of the way before it could hit me.

Princess Psyche: (Looks at Andy again then pulls out a hankey and whips the blood of his face) So brave and strong. This man is a hero. (Stands) Guards haul this man into the chariot. (Guards take Andy into chariot) Come on Kaia. (Kaia and Princess Psyche go into chariot) Where do you live Kaia?

Kaia: At my Uncle Josephs farm out of town.

Princess Psyche: Driver takes us to the Joseph farm.

Driver: Yes miss.

Princess Psyche: Tell me about your brother.

Kaia: He is my cousin that is adopted by my uncle Joseph. His name is Andy and today is his birthday his real birthday that is.

Princess Psyche: How old is he?

Kaia: 19.

Andy: (Moans then eyes open) Where's Kaia? Is she allright?

Kaia: Andy! (Hugs Andy)

Princess Psyche: You're awake.

Andy: (Confused) Where am I? Is this a hostage take in?

Kaia: No silly. This is the princess.

Princess Psyche: That was very brave of you, to jump in front of my chariot to save your relative.

Andy: Thanks. What's your name princess? Surely your name isn't princess right?

Princess Psyche: (Laughs)

Driver: Young lady you're not supposed to be laughing at all.

Princess Psyche: Right. I forgot. Andy my name is Psyche. It's Greek for soul.

Kaia: I like that. Psyche. Psychey.

Princess Psyche: (Smiles) Cute.

Driver: Miss we are here.

Princess Psyche: Thank you Harry. Well this is farewell. (Whispers to Kaia and Andy) Come over to the palace anytime you like, I like you two.

(Andy gets out then helps Kaia down)

Andy: Good-bye Princess Psyche.

Kaia: Bye Bye.

(Driver carries on and leaves)(When chariot passes Joseph is starring at Andy and Kaia with arms crossed)

Joseph: What type of trouble did you get in, on your first day out in public?

Andy: You lied to me. (Walks passed Joseph)

Joseph: About what?

Andy: (Turns around to face Joseph) About males not being able to go into public until they are 19. I saw little boys in public.

Joseph: I had too!

Andy: Why?

Joseph: You were different.

Andy: I seem perfectly normal.

Joseph: You're not you have a (lies) brain defect.

Andy: No I don't.

Joseph: Y-

Andy: Stop lying to me! I know what I have problems with and what I don't. I have nothing wrong with me.

Joseph: Hmmmm.

Scene 5

Enter Andy, Joseph, and Kaia

Andy: I'm going out dad and I'm taking Kaia with me.

Joseph: Glad you and her are finally getting along.

Andy: We got along as soon as I got out into public. (Leaves with Kaia)

Kaia: Are we going to see princess Psyche?

Andy: Yes. (Picks Kaia up then puts her on her shoulders)

(At the Castle)

(Andy and Kaia walk up to guards)

Guard 1: Halt. (Andy and Kaia stop) Friend or foe?

Andy: Friend.

Guard 2: Who are you here to talk to?

Kaia: (Clears throat) Princess Psyche, Sir.

Guard 1: She is not to see any one.

Guard 2: Yes she was sent to her chamber for getting dirt and blood on her dress.

Andy: Oh ok. Come on Kaia. (Kaia and Andy turn around and start walking)

Princess Psyche: (Hiding) Psst. I'm over here.

Andy: (Pulls Kaia over to Psyche secretly) What are you doing out?

Princess Psyche: I said I did want to see you right?

Kaia: Right!

Princess Psyche: Uh huh. Now let's go. Follow me. (Andy and Kaia follow) Shh. (Presses back against wall and Kaia and Andy do the same) Give me a rock.

Kaia: (Hands rock to Psyche) here you go.

Princess Psyche: (Throws rock and guards run over to it) Run!

Scene 6

Enter Kaia, Princess Psyche, and Andy.

Kaia: Can I pretend to be a Princess?

Princess Psyche: Of course. I don't see why not. Dress yourself in my clothes. I have too much.

Kaia: Where are your clothes?

Princess Psyche: In the closet but get change in the access room.

Kaia: (Grabs some clothes then run into access room) Thank you!


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