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A Gospel Of Love

By: Ari

Page 1, A Horse & Eve story droops into oblivion!

  A GOSPEL OF LOVE War is ceased to an end. Now the moment of return for the remaining who strive their lives from the gulp of annihilation! A decrepit Horse took the part of that swelling memento also. Just entering the World of Joy from anguish field where except “Bravo! Kill those Brutes” nothing can be applause; He became dumbfounded – Whether the seen picturesque is the demo of Joyous world or a brainstorm Knock of the MADDING CROWD. The dulia on God was again & again weaving from His soul, “Oh God, Dimwit! Why have you sent me to the hell? To see how much Monster could I be withstand? If so utmost pleas from my Heart now on don’t extract me from this paramount pleasure. I have passed already the trail. Please don’t send me again” Let us see what the Horse made spellbound.   Every Coin has two parts – Head & Tail; Black & White. Every human being has to pass from these two. Some one can’t sustain in either world & thus detained from the worst. A crimson smile afar is giving Him incitement with a word “Come to my world; No techno machinery butchery, no Socio-economic malfunctions here; rather only a rhetoric beauty of Love, Joy & smile”. His heart was pounding to see the retrospective Smile & silently sounded I am with you ever & will be for ever n ever but promise me you never be keeping me alone.  (WHAT) I LUK AT? – Her lively statuesque is the pragmatic melodrama of His journey through. This is not the so called traditional Love or attraction; rather a version of transposition from one World to Another. The Smile refers to the metabolic Symbolism of Eve who bestows the World over a mosquito of Joyous smile. Every Human being like him faces the same in His Lifecycle. The Horse is also a common amongst them. The war couldn’t detract all of his feelings still. At last the equity of Joy & pleasure drowns Him in Her own Shroud & He also went deep n deep – AFAR AWAY FROM THE MADDING CROWD.     Certainly A bell honked heavily into His Amnesia! “C’mon, we have to go to keep us Empowered at the best. C’mon, this is not a time for catnap….. Arouse quickly!” The momentary albino wells him up (WHAT) I LUK AT? – A panorama of Immature Beauty. The reverie never sinks into oblivion from his mind!Alas! It comes into reality & Might I go to the Climax of this beauty & be there for rest of my Life.     Everything when is going on Peak, Horse decided finally that He will not stay further & returned back to the Dream World. At one night He got the opportunity also & fled away from the Empowered Bristle to search out the momentary Albino. During the journey, saddos of nocturnal sojourn knocked the door & His heart was pounding thinking that Eve amongst covey is coming from His dream to His reality. At the moment He noticed Eve he really was spellbound through eerie scenario! The Pounded heart thought “Oh God! What I have seen through my hunch, is exactly matching with reality”. His mind automatically gave a smile on His macho thought which the Empowered field bestows over. Gradually He tried to commix His utmost thought with Eve. Time never stops & once come to the reality that Eve not a permanent pleasure to be recognizant Him with His Plea. Slowly the Macho found segregation between the Two Pages - between the two Livings as like as Head & Tail. He didn’t know why His Mind was beeping again & again whatever You have dreamed earlier is not all true. A panorama of Immature Beauty is foremost matured in reality. Certainly Eve twinkled Him “please go to Your real world - the Empowered Butchery again. I cannot give permanent paramount pleasure to You. I cannot extract You fully from Your demulsified Reality but if You feel ever dispersed in Machismo, always welcome for a certain moment to enliven yourself.”               1 ½ of Plebeian know what Fraction is! Horse slowly moved again to His real world where at least the motto never be diluted – The Dream through His Mind & Will be through dipped more.  

A story of unrealistic worship through a reality - Respected womanhood on Top of the Machoist World! 

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