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Did You Found My Friend?

Short story By: FlameandAxe

Dan is a weird boy. He got a friend named Jack. They were playing under the snowy hill. They ran and shouted. Shouted...?

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I have a brother, his name is Dan. He's lonely and weird but he has one loyal friend that will always be there for him and is available for him any time. His name was Jack. l remembered the time where we invited Jack and his family to accompany Dan in winter holiday playing in our grandma's house for several days. Our grandma's house is right under the hill and in that time, the top of the hill was full of snow. It was several years ago when Jack and Dan were playing under the hill. Me, my mom, and Jack's mom helped grandma to cook and prepare for the next day- Christmas. Jack's dad and my dad were chatting and preparing the table. As I finished part of my work, I looked outside to the merry children who were running and shouting. Wait... shouting? I realized that they were playing under the hill that was covered with snow and now they were running upward the hill. I ran outside in the wintry temperature trying to get them both. But I was too late. The snow started to shake and then there's an avalanche. I ran towards them thinking that there still a time to save them even though it would risk my life. Too late. Jack realized what happened and then pushed Dan so that he fell rolling on the snow and goes downward and land safely. Jack tried to run but then the snow came rushing to him in just a second and carried him away downward. Dan ran towards me and I ran towards him. The avalanche stopped with Jack buried alive under the snow. Because of the suspense and crashing down from 100 meters high place, he got wounded and fainted on my arms. All of us from my grandma's house came out running outside. I saw Jack's mom crying and his dad brought some big shovels for us to dig the snow and find Jack. We dig and dig but we didn't found anything. Jack's dad cried.

The next day, Dan woke up and asked me: "Where's Jack?" I didn't answer anything, but just bow down and cried. Dan get off from his bed and get out from the room. Nobody's in the house. So, he went out and saw Jack's family, grandma, our mom and dad. They were standing in front the place where Jack died. Then, he pulled grandma's hand and said "Grandma, tell everyone to get in. Why is everyone crying? It's Christmas today! We are suppose to be happy! Let's go in everyone and did you know where Jack is? Did you found him? The last time I saw him is that he got carried with the snow." Everyone didn't move a single movement or said a single word. They just cried and cried. Dan felt an uneasiness and asked again "Did you found Jack? Did he freeze under those snows? Did he die of cold? Please answer me! Is Jack still alive?" he started to cry a bit. "Jack! I know you're there! Don't play tricks with me! Please I'm very worried! Are you playing hide and seek?" there are no response. Dan knows Jack a lot and he would come if he heard the word 'I'm worried.'

Dan started to cry. He sobbed pulling everyone's jacket asking where's Jack to every single person that was there. I went out from the house and then Dan started to run towards me while sobbing. His little hand pulled my jacket and asked with a faint voice, "did you found my friend?"

"He is gone."

That day, Christmas is cancelled and from that day- every year- in Christmas time, we would invite Jack's family and celebrate the heroism of Jack and Christmas also in grandma's place and we would place a Christmas tree right on top where Jack lay. There's always sadness behind every happiness but it always end up to a full happiness if we let it pass.


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