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Love Story In Amsterdam

Short story By: Honeysuckle1310

Love can happen anytime, anywhere

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(Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân)

Morning 10th April 2013

A very strange perfume is flying in the air. It is as sweet as Ao Dai 's lap in the early morning wind. It is as sweet as caramel swaying in front of tongue.O, She can't find out a word to express that awesome feeling .

Hạ Du opens her widen eyes to see tulips are blossoming in the beautiful Keukenhof garden. The fresh atmosphere here is not the same one as the noisy horn and polluted grey air in Sai Gon city. The windmill looks like in story of Don Quixote de la Mancha are reappeared in this flower land. Hạ Du is too funny to laugh and run everywhere like a little girl. That's right! Nobody knows who she is and whether she has graduated high school yet. Hạ Du feels exhausted because of running in large garden. She regrets not to take camera, therefore, most the beauty of this garden doesn't have enough space to stay in her mind. She loves to watch ducks swimming on the surface water, they are free to live their wild life but she wonders does Dutch know about Peking duck cuisine?

Over one hour later, Hạ Du feels exhausted. She gets a bus to Amsterdam. Goodbye Lisse, the small town with its unique beauty in this planet. Hạ Du can't make her feet stay quietly on the bus. She is singing after the sound from the song Rolling In The Deep is singing from loudspeaker. Her legs are dancing , mouth is muttering , she is looking at through window, green trees stretch their shadow on both street, Dutch houses with their style look so nice and ancient. Some passengers are looking at that Orient girl with long silk hair and smile is singing spontaneously.

Bus stops. Hạ Du gets off quickly. She turns around and sees everything around her. So amazing! Houses in this city have ancient style from 18century and color decoration looks like delicious chocolate. Hạ Du decides to go to Anna Frank Museum, an unforgettable place for tourist s come to this canal city.

Hạ Du comes in the museum. She is reading carefully information in Anna's diary…Suddenly, she has an strange feeling…someone is watching her. Hạ Du turns back her head. A young man with curly brown hair is taking her photo.

-I am sorry for taking your photo without your permission. My name is Antonie. Nice to meet you.

He goes to close Hạ Du and shakes hand after his introduction. His voice is mixed between English and French sound makes Hạ Du become woozy.

- I'm Hạ Du. No need to say sorry but you make me surprised.

So, they make friend with each other. It is simple for start of a meeting by chance of tourist.

Antonie knows clearly Amsterdam. This is his fifth visiting to this canal city of sophomore student in communication in Paris. Hạ Du can ask him to explain everything from sky to ground and he also agrees to hide a bicycle to go around this city.

- Hạ Du ( his Vietnamese language is very ridiculous when call her name), may I know how old are you ? I am afraid that you are still in high school.

-Ha ha do you really think so ? I am older than this bridge's age.

- Tell me about your homeland!

-Well, that is a place where everybody can become a motor racer!

-Really? Antonie draws his eyebrows looking at Hạ

- Yes, it is true. Hạ Du answers glibly . Her black eyes becomes spark and her red lips smile slightly.

Antonie can't stand to knock lightly on her forehead. There is a little shy makes him turn his face to another sightseeing.

Hạ Du doesn't know about what has just happened with Anotnie. She speaks like a tailorbird looking at this side and others side and always speaks out loud "So beautiful! So great!"

Canoe runs slowly so that tourists can see sightseeing on both canal's banks. Sunset in Amsterdam is very beautiful. Evening clouds becomes red which are reflected under water . Hạ Du looks at it bewilder with undescribable happiness.

Antonie looks at that girl with long black silk hair silently. She has something very different with his friends. They have no innocence like this girl who is sitting in front of his face. Is it only a meeting by accident then saying goodbye? He wonders himself.

Antonie walks quietly on the street. He doesn't laugh as much as when sunshine still appears every corner of street, lights up bricks of those hundreds year old roads which printed feet of Dutch and tourist like him and Hạ Du and rises and falls of this history land. Darkness throws his black coat under this old city makes his foot more laden.

-Hey, why are you so sad? Are you tired? Let's go to that place to see artirst playing guitar!

Hạ Du pulls Antonie's hand running as flying to the corner of that street where two artists are playing guitars. The sound of Romance singing melodiously makes Hạ Du can't control her happiness.

-This is one of my favourite ballad. So awesome, they are talent artirst!

Melody of the song Can't Take My Eyes Off You is sung in the fresh wind. Antonie takes Hạ Du's hands then both of them go with the interesting dance. Many people gather to see the clang laugh of that young girl and professional dance of man. Some leaves are swaying in the air then falling slowly on Hạ Du's hair. Antonie kneels down to Hạ Du and look at her eyes:

-Maybe you got my heart!

Hạ Du is very surprised, she doesn't believe what has just happened and what Antonie's saying. Hạ Dug gets off Antonie's hands then running away that crowed people. She only hears wind blow strongly through her ears and the music just appears somewhere.

-Hạ Du, I am so sorry. If I made you scared of me, please forgive me …we are still friends, aren't you ?

Antonie catches Hạ Du up when she runs at the small bridge on the canal.

-Why do you have emotion with me when we just met today ?

Hạ Du looks up Antonie's face with her sparking eyes. She is trying to hide a strange mixed emotion with happiness and sorrowness…

-To tell the truth, we met in the Keukenhof this morning . I followed you on the same bus.

Antonie looks at Hạ Du's eyes embarrassedly.

- Look at these pictures, I took you. I followed you in order to make friend with you in Anna Frank museum ….I …I…

Antonie hesitates..he gives camera to Hạ Du then watch her attitude.

Hạ Du is surprised while looking at her pictures taken by that man.

-I just thought that you are my model by chance so that I can take a shot for my photograph but …I don't know why...the more I follow you, the more I am sunk in your innocence…I..I…

- Do you know what that model is thinking in this picture?

Hạ Du find another topic to break the ice.

- Were you thinking about the beauty of this land?

Antonie tries to have a suitable answer.

-Haha wrong. At that time I was thinking how to make soup with tuplip. Maybe it was very delicious.

-What? Are you kidding me? No one is watching tulip then thinking about eating like you.

- Yeap, that is real. I think about tulip soup and Peking duck cuisine.

-Oh my God, if any tourist thought like you, Keukenhof garden would be died.

-Hihi ...Nobody knows if you don't tell them.

- Hey, look! Did you take this picture when I was on the bus ?

-Yes! That is my favourite picture of you. At that time, it looked like you are looking at invisible place. You were here but I could feel you were going to turn into nothingness at that moment.

- Look at the flying bird!

Hạ Du tiptoes then kiss lightly on Antonie's cheek.

She turns to see another sightseeing awkwardly.

Antonie smiles, he can't imagine he has just been enticed to kiss first like this.

- It too late now. I take you to the hotel then tomorrow we can hang out, is it ok?

- Yeap!...

They walking on the street hand in hand. Amsterdam is very beautiful at night and it seems to have write a new love story.

- Here! You go!

-Ok, you come in first then I will go.

-No! You go first! I stand here to see until when you go out of that corner.

-Alright! See you tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock.

Antonie put a soft kiss on Hạ Du's cheek. He turns back to go away. Sometimes he turns to see and waves her.

Hạ Du looks at until when Antonie gets out of that corner. She takes Antonie's camera. Eyesdrops are falling on her cheek…Amsterdam night has no cloud..A sad piece of music is singing in the air…Amsterdam at night…Is there any night like this night?

Antonie gets up earlier than normal. He wears a jean and an blue shirt which Hạ Du likes the color, his black Converse shoes make him looks very sport and he doesn't forget to bring his guitar. Antonie is very eager to go to the hotel De Oude Tareerne at 6:30am. He plays some ballads which Hạ Du likes because he will give them as present for her. 7 am then 7 :30am …time likes a huge stone are running slowly on the road…8am..Antonie is worried " Is something happened to her?"

-Excuse me, Can you help me ?

- Yes, May I help you sir ?

The girl at reception desk with blonde is smiling with Antonie.

- Could you help me to tell a Vietnamese girl name Hạ Du, she is tourist stays here and we have appointment at 7am this morning?

-Oh sorry sir, our hotel doesn't have any guest from Orient. But last night, there was a beautiful girl with long black silk hair asked me to give this letter for a man name Antonie.

-Yes, I am Antonie.

"See me in I Am Sterdam"

Antonie leaves hotel quickly. He is running as a wind in the crowed people. "Why? Why did she tell lie to me?"

Antonie goes to the lake in front of the museum, he sees the wall of letters I Am Sterdam appear imposingly, but where is Hạ Du?

Antonie goes around the lake , he feels the heat reflects. "Is she kidding me? Why is she kidding with my emotion?"

A noisy under the character "I". Antonie runs to that place.

-There is a small gift: From Hạ Du to Antonie. Who is Antonie?

-It's me!

Antonie raise his hands to get that gift from a middle woman. He opens the orange gift slowly " Am I afraid of something?" A blue tuplip with morning dew and a picture…That is his taken picture of Hạ Du sitting near the window and looking at nowhere on the bus.What she wrote on the picture makes Antonie go on the Amsterdam's road without destination.

"Do you know why my name is Hạ Du? Because Hạ Du in Vietnamese means wandering in the summer. If we meet again someday, meet me in Paris where we can write more about our love story, my Antonie".

-Hey Antonie, do you know about the girl on the bus in your picture?

-What, Mark ?

-I have just found out this news on the Google.

" Oversea Vietnamese student Hoàng Hạ Du has been missed on the road Keukenhof to dormitory of Hogeschool Van Amsterdam university on 10th April 1990".

Antonie stands speechlessly… "See you in Paris, My wandering gir"!


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