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Signs and Signals

Short story By: Johnny Finn

The coming of "them."

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Umar Habib

Period 5

"Signs and Signals"

There were signs and signals. "Are aliens true Mom?" "No honey, their fake." "Mom, what happens if they were real, will they come and eat our face?" "Don't worry honey." Their have been reports of paranormal activity everywhere in the city. Some have died but we don't know how they got killed. People say that they hear ghosts saying "they are coming back." Some say that every ten thousand years, "they" come back and they start annihilating and destroying everything they see, is it true?

When I woke up, I just remembered that I forgot to do my History essay. Thank God , it was only Sunday. It was around three in the morning. I looked out my window and I see a guy standing outside, looking at me, I was frightened. I said to myself, what was that guy doing out at three in the morning looking at my window. All of sudden my bed started floating and I immediately jumped on it. I looked outside my window and that guy was gone. I ran to tell my parents what happened and they said to me that I was just dreaming. I agreed that I maybe was dreaming. I went back to my room and I see on my wall written in blood that "they" are coming. I ran to my parents room again and I told them. They went to my room and guess what, the writing is gone. I told my parents that I really wasn't dreaming this time and they said to me again that I am dreaming. They decided to sleep in my room for the night. Nothing happened after that. It must've been my imagination the whole time.

I woke up around ten. My parents were at work and I was thinking about last night. Who is "they?" It must've been my imagination so just ignored it. I started to work on my History essay. I was brainstorming on what to write about. Should I write about The Jazz Age or World War 2? Jazz is to entertaining and World War 2 is to bloody. I like gore so I will just write about WW2. Once I finished my essay, I had to do my chores. I felt lazy so instead I watched T.V. While I was watching T.V, it somehow turned off. All of the lights in the house turned off. It must've been a power outage. All of a sudden some guys appeared coming out of my room. One of them looked like the guy I saw last night. Their were around five of them. One of them surrounded the entrance into my house, one to my room, one to my parents room, and the other two in front of me. I was scared and I yelled for help. "What you have seen, you must be dead. Our brothers are coming back again " said Mysterious Man. They took out a gun and shot me and that was the last time I saw them.


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