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Tags: Sad

I am Gabrielle. Lone Gone. Forever.

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Gone Lone

Gone lone, far, far away.

Swinging her long hair,

Gone lone, far, far away.

With not a second to spare.

Gone lone, far, far away.

Her breath speeding up,

Gone lone, far, far away,

No brunch, no meal, no sup.

Gone lone, far, far away,

Her legs trembling to the most,

Gone lone, far, far away,

Her body shivering in the frost.

Gone lone, far, far away,

There is no turning back now,

Cause death penalty ever and forever,

Is never a false foul.

I wandered down the deserted land, my hands and feet bare. My hair swinging all way, raising goose bumps on my neck. I dragged my legs through the cool sand. It was a horrible thing to recall what had happened.

I was forbidden from my own kingdom.

But ever, did that make sagacity? What had I done?

It was then, on my eighteenth birthday. Was it just a day ago? Father had arranged a big celebration. Light green, being my favorite shade, was put in splashes. My mother was busy with the guests. The streamers tangled with titanic chandelier, making it look prettier. I wore my new glittery ball gown, and my favorite tiara with a beautiful fleur- de- lis pattern carved on it.

I stepped on the 'Gendior', the royal carpet to the Great Antechamber. A roar of ovation and cheers filled the hall. I blushed. My friends applauded for me, as if it's my wedding.

My glass heeled shoes, clanked to the floor. A group of flawless ballerinas pirouetted in the facade. My father, King Frank III offered me a dance. I whirled in his strong grip gracefully. He had put his usual headdress with phoenix embossed on it. My mother waited for me at an aisle where a huge cake rested. After the dance, I went down the aisle.

"Gabrielle, you may cut the cake." She said when the whole hall had silenced.

"My pleasure," I said.

And I took the delicately handcrafted stiletto and pierced it in the cake.

Again, a bellow of ovation colored the hall.

But suddenly………

"Gabrielle, Gabrielle!" An elderly voice called out. My eyes opened weakly. I cringed, and that pained. My face felt bruised. The unblemished old lady was none, but my grandmother.

"Grandmother, what had happened?" I asked anxiously, my brain having memory.

"They had come."


"The Blackians."

Then it came to my memory. When I cut the cake, "STOP!" A voice had yelled behind me. A man in decently clothed appeared in my rear.

"Stop, we want the princess."

It flashed better now. Two shocks beset my mind. To begin with, he'd said I was an adopted child, I didn't belong to this land and my mother didn't deny that. Secondly, I was working under these Blackians (our foe kingdom), and was planning to kill the King. I was dead sure that this was a lie. I didn't need to even think that as possibility. I might not be their daughter anymore, but I surely loved them. My mother of course, didn't believe him, but then he brought an alibi. Tabitha.

Any wretched thing! Why on earth, will my best friend accept that?!

"Tabitha, is that true?" My mother asked calmly, but uneasily.

"Yes." Tabitha stuttered.

One person in the crowd said angrily- "Why will we believe the Princess? She not even ours!"

And then my hopes drained. Forever.

My no more as parents' expression changed to hard rage. Again, after a small bicker, I had been defeated. And the Blackian caught my hand. I gripped the too-decorated pillar tightly, but he pulled me out. I shouted and shrieked but none showed concern. Then Gregory, my really good friend, clasped the man and they began with their punches and kicks. I was hurt, physically. My dress had turned sleeveless. My arm was bleeding and my feet were aching after a fall. I lied helplessly on the ground while the other were doing something with Gregory's defense. And then something grabbed my arms and pulled me away as my eyes shut.

Grandmother rubbed my back now. It hurt more after being recalled.

"What's with Gregory?" I asked grandmother.

"I am sorry, Gabrielle, we lost the child." She said softly.

"No!" The lad who tried to secure me was dead. This shouldn't be reality.

"And," She said even softer.

"You are sentenced to abandon the kingdom." Her words were hardly audible.

Tears started to roll down my cheeks fiercely. I cried more and more.

And two guards pulled me out of my Granny's secure arms. "No! Granny, hold me! No!" I cried as they carried me away. My Grandmother's face turned into sorrow. She waved me goodbye. "NO!!" I shrieked loudly.

My mother's face, in the courtyard, was indecipherable. She was grave. Father was angry. His face exhibited anger and wild rage. I was hated.

Gran didn't like me either.

And finally, the guard pushed me out of the kingdom's gates………..

A stone under my foot struck me back to reality. The desert was over, and a waterfall was approaching. I could hear its bubbling sound.

I missed a step. My foot got stuck in a fissure. I pulled my foot back with so much force that unwillingly staggered behind and abruptly, I was no more in gravity.

I was falling down, in the huge waterfall. I fell and fell. I'd dedicated my last breath to Gregory Calvin, who'll I'll meet soon.

I never stopped. Never breathed. Never ever then. Never Forever.

-June Martin


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