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a bird without wings is grounded

Short story By: kirra niner

Tags: Thought

a bird without wings is grounded Jake, sometimes you have to grow your own... and fly.

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I remember sitting there as the rain drops fell onto the car windows and slowly washed away again just to be replaced by more. As we drive along the coast all I can see is the road in front of the headlights, the music drowns out the crashing waves at the foot of the narrow cliff we drive along. I stare out the window into the darkness and wonder on what brother intends on doing next, my eyes skim to him and watch as the tears dry and dissolve on he's face as if they were non-existent .the bruise on my cheek still pains me, but I would never complain not after what josh had been through, a knife put to his throat by he's own father, his own drunk father. I never want to see that man again, the hard ship he put this family through, and our dear mother. We pull into a drive way of a motel, josh turns to me "please wait here Jake ''. I always envied that in him, he was such good actor barley anyone could look through him. I nod; he walks into reception and starts to talk to the woman at the desk. I wonder if I'll be going back to school with all this going on.

The morning unpleasantly dawns on us. I decide to go have a look around the town, I turn to my brother, with bruises all over him and bags under he's eyes he deserves this more than anyone. I step out into the cold morning air; it all most feels like I'm breathing water. There's a small convenience store across the road but that's about it. I decide to head down the beach. My mother always taught me to look both ways before crossing the road, but I seem to do that with everything lately. I throw my shoes onto the sand and look out to sea, I've always imagined one day that I would grow wings and just fly out until I hit the end. I look to my right to see the beach almost magically disappearing into the mist, and then I look left to see a girl! With white long glistening hair, she holds her shoes, and with her glazed over blue eyes she looks out to sea. Her eyes search the water as if she is almost looking for something. I stop for a minute, I realise I'm staring. '' Jake, what are you doing down here, you shouldn't run off like that, I'm not going to lose you'' I hear josh say. I turn "I'm sorry; I'll come back now'' I explain in a soft tone, he ushers me to follow him. I grab my shoes and have one last look at the girl, but she's gone.

We give the keys back to the woman, a tender looking lady, with almost a permanent smile on her face. "Thank you for having us'' josh says in that sweet tone. '' two sweet boys like you", she quickly scurries to her desk and back carrying a few $10 notes, she places them in joshes palm and closes he's hand. They both exchange smiles, that's all he needs to say. We climb back into our rusty old Subaru and drive on. I look to the beach trying to see if the girl is still there. '' we are just going to the town up the road, I heard it might have some places where I could get a job'' josh says quietly. '' were not going back home are we?'' I ask. I see josh hesitate, he looks up to the clouds, and taps his finger on the wheel. "No Jake, were not going home quite yet''. I write on the fog that covers the window. A bird without wings, is grounded, it was a phrase that mother always used to say I never fully understood what it meant. We arrive at the little country town, it's a bit larger than the other one but not by allot. It has a little school. '' doesn't that look nice Jake?'' josh asks, I don't really know how to answer him, so I just nod. I've never seen my brother so lost before; he's always been so precise and confident. Another motel is waiting for us as we pull in.

He leaves me in the room, telling me he had something to do. I step outside and decide to follow him through the little village. I try to silence the gravel I walk on as I follow him he walks in the occasional puddle but it doesn't trigger anything. He first goes to the quaint little school. He speaks with the teacher for a while, another nice lady with thin glasses, and a taste for brown. He then walks to the 1 room police station and chats with the officer, the officer seems confused at first but then nods and agrees. I dash back to the house and by this time it's already dark. He walks back into the room with a bag of fish and chips, he's smile fading, he looks like not only he's smile but himself will break apart. That night was the nicest time I had had in a very long while. He tucks me in; he sits on the side of the bed. '' I love you Jake, and everything is going to be alright for you from now on..'' he says, " and it's going to be alright for you as well right?'' I ask. He looks out the ground and covers he's mouth with he's face, then turns to me and says '' yeah, it's going to be fine''. I find myself falling asleep still with his eyes on me, and just in time to see he's smile crack.

The next morning, was a blur, I couldn't find josh. I walked out of the motel to try and look for him; I turn around to see the police man coming in to the room. Things start to swirl in my head, josh my brother. '' he's waiting for me at the beach, at the beach''. But when I get down there I'm not greeted by him but the girl, she turns to me, and starts to walk up to me. '' have you seen my brother? I know he's down here'' I don't even know this girl, but I still talk. She grabs my hands in hers; she looks at me with her blue eyes, a small smile on her face. "He's waiting for you on the other side, a bird without wings is grounded Jake, so sometimes like your brother, you have to find your own wings… and fly.''


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