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Kilo's Disney Challenge-Sleeping Beauty

Short story By: Mistress of Word Play

My short story for Kilo's Disney Challenge.

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There was a darkness that crept across the Kingdom of Roses, the good King and Queen had remained childless for such a very long time. It was their heart's desire to have a baby to raise and someday to name heir of the throne. Try as they might the couple remained barren until one day the three fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather presented the Queen with an elixir that would help the royals to bring forth a child. The Queen drank the magic potion and sure enough she became pregnant within a week's time.
Nine months later the King and Queen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She had hair the color of the spun sunlight and her eyes were bright robin's egg blue. The joyous parents opted to name her Aurora, because the beauty she displayed was that of the dawn's aurora. A great celebration took place in honor of the little princess' birth and invitations were sent to all the people and fairies in the land. All were invited to share in the festive event save one lone fairy whose name was Maleficent. She unlike the other fairies had a cruel and vicious nature, because of this she was left off the guest list. Maleficent was very angry for this slight and vowed her revenge against the entire kingdom.
The celebration day came and each of the three fairies arrived and blessed Aurora with special gifts. Flora presented Aurora with the gift of rare beauty and Fauna gave her the gift of song, but before Merryweather could offer up her gift Maleficent appeared uninvited. Anger was written on the evil fairy's face and she cursed the little baby.
"My gift," she crooned staring at Aurora, "is this. Before her sixteenth birthday your child will prick her finger on a spinning wheel spindle and die. I give her this gift to repay the injury you have done to me."
With this the hostile uninvited guest fled before the King's guards could apprehend and detain her.
All seemed lost and the King and Queen wept over the princess' cradle. Flora having remembered that Merryweather had not yet given her gift to the child whispered in Merryweather's ear.
"You can help," Flora whispered to Merryweather, "you have not given your gift yet."
Merryweather shook her head in acknowledgement and then stood thinking for awhile how she might undo the spell Maleficent had cast.
"I have it!" she cried to the crowd of people, "I cannot undo her wicked spell but I can keep the princess from dying. My gift to you Aurora is simply this, if you do prick your finger before your sixteenth birthday you will not die, but sleep instead as will all the Kingdom of Roses. You will not awaken until you are kissed by your true love."
With the blessing of three fairies and the curse of Maleficent the celebration continued. The King however decreed that all spinning wheels in the kingdom be destroyed so there would be no chance of Aurora ever being exposed to the threat.
Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather had plans of their own to keep the prophecy from occurring. They spoke with the King and Queen and told them of an idea which might protect the princess from potential danger.
"Let us have the babe," Flora said to the King and Queen, "and we will raise her in safety until the day after her sixteenth birthday. We will live as humans with her and guard her from any harm that might befall her."
The King and Queen consented and soon Princess Aurora was whisked away by the three kind fairies. They would live in quiet seclusion just outside the kingdom and live as humans. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather renamed the princess and called her Briar Rose, because she was as beautiful as that particular flower.
Briar Rose grew more beautiful each day and her voice could be heard ringing through the forest as she sang her happy songs. She was never told of the danger surrounding her existence, because her fairy overseers did not want to worry her as she grew up.
One day as she was singing and picking berries near the forest a single traveler on horseback heard the song and followed it to her side. The traveler's name was Prince
Phillip and he found Briar Rose's voice enchanting.
"Hello," Prince Phillip said to Briar Rose tipping his hat slightly.
"Oh! Hello," Briar Rose answered.
"You have such a beautiful voice," he said smiling radiantly at her.
"Thank you," she answered a glint of red blush appearing on her white translucent skin.
"Well I must be off," he said flashing a smile, "but I hope to see you again. My name is Phillip. Could I ask you what your name is?"
"My name is Briar Rose," she replied curtseying, "the pleasure was all mine."
Prince Phillip rode away humming as he went. It seemed his trip had not been a total waste after all.
Maleficent realizing that the princess' sixteenth birthday was fast approaching decided to check on her. When she saw that all the spinning wheels had been destroyed and the babe had up and disappeared, darkness overcame her. Anger rose in her throat like foul undigested food. She sent her evil minions out to find where the princess was hiding.
"Go!" she screamed at her winged spies, "Go and find where she is hiding!"
Within two days her accomplices came back with news of the princess. Maleficent flashed an evil smile and plotted her revenge. Maleficent had hidden away an old spinning wheel just in case of such an emergency. She immediately pulled it from its hiding place and clapped her hands in anticipation.
The three fairies unknowingly made a trip to town the next day leaving strict instructions that Briar Rose was not to open the door for any reason until they returned from their errands.
"I promise," she replied to her three guardians, "I will not open the door to anyone."
Soon after the three fairies departed Maleficent disguised as a humble saleswoman knocked on the cottage's door.
"Who is it?" Briar Rose called through the door.
"I am a humble saleswoman," Maleficent answered, "I have something very unique I am selling today. I am sure you will be interested in it."
Briar Rose being young and full of innocent curiosity opened the door. There stood an elder ill clad woman with a device she had never seen before. She allowed the woman to enter the cottage even though she had promised just the opposite to her guardians.
"How wonderful," Briar Rose exclaimed, "whatever is it?"
Maleficent explained to her how the spinning wheel worked and what it could do. She then encouraged Briar Rose to sit on the stool and give it a try. Briar Rose completely enchanted by the new found instrument did just that. All went well until Briar Rose pricked her finger on the spindle and immediately fell into a deep sleep. Maleficent still not satisfied that her plan would go as outlined carried the sleeping Aurora back to the castle.
The whole Kingdom of Roses froze as well, for the prophecy had indeed been fulfilled as it had been foretold. Time stood still for the princess and the entire empire. Large vines broke through the earth. They were no ordinary vines but rather the vines from briar roses. Each long runner had razor sharp thorns that ran the length of the vines. No one could enter the kingdom and all seemed lost.
Stories drifted to other kingdoms of what had happened to the Kingdom of Roses and soon Prince Phillip learned of the strange occurrence. He also discovered the girl he had met, Briar Rose, was really the Princess Aurora. He would have to go and try to save her. He traveled for days until he arrived at the kingdom's edge. Just as he had been told briar vines had encompassed all of the structures, the castle, and all the people. Valiantly Phillip chopped and hacked his way through the tangled mass of shrubbery and found his sweet lady sleeping. Maleficent was there waiting as well. She cried out in anger to the Prince and transformed herself into a dragon. Phillip took his sword and drove it deep into her evil heart. Having slain Maleficent the Prince went to Aurora's side.
He wept as he took Aurora's hand, for try as he might he could not awaken his little princess. Feeling as if there was no hope he stooped down and kissed her cold lifeless lips. As he kissed her he could detect warmth flowing to her soft red lips. Aurora's eyes fluttered open as Prince Phillip stood in wonder watching the transformation.
"I had the nicest dream," Aurora said smiling at him.
"Oh," Phillip replied smiling, "what was it about."
"I dreamed you came to save me," she replied, "and asked me to be your wife."
Hearing these words Phillip picked Aurora up in his arms and kissed her once again.
"That was no dream," he answered.
Needless to say our two young lovers became engaged and pardon me for saying this, lived happily ever after.


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