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Ming Na Wen-(Kilo's Classic Disney Movie Challenge for Mulan)

Short story By: mommy3

This is the story of Ming Na Wen(Mulan). I was told to do a rewrite of Mulan and this is what I came up with. I hope everyone enjoys.

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Once upon a time there was a young teenage girl named Ming Na Wen. She was asleep in her bed but supposed to be up and getting ready for her matchmaker appointment. Her father comes knocking on the door and says "Ming it's time to get up. You slept in and should already be up."

Ming wakes up and leaps out of her bed and gives her dad a hug and tells him thanks I will get ready. She quickly gets dressed but stubs her toe in the process while trying to put on her t-shirt with jeans. She is a tomboy and can't stand putting on any dresses of any kind.

Ming runs down the stairs and rushes out the door to get on her horse and gallops quickly so she can get ready. Once she arrives there is leaves and twigs in her hair.

The stylist along with her mother looks at her with disapproval. "What I rushed to get here?" Her mother says what took you so long. "I slept in I didn't mean to sorry."

The stylist says "this is what I have to fix up she looks like a tomboy." "Well I have seen worse we will make you look like a princess."

Her mother takes her clothes and gets her ready for her bath. Since Ming was late the water was freezing cold. "It's freezing." Ming said. "Well if you were here on time it would have been warm. Shame on you for so being late." Her mother replied.

They scrub her down and her mother notices some writing on her arms. "What's this?" "Just some notes in case I forgot something."

They were getting her ready to wear a dress and tightened her dress to make her waist look skinny. Ming wore makeup, pretty white bead necklace, and a beautiful comb with a decoration of a flower given to her by her mother.

Ming ran to get there so she would not be late and ended up falling into the entire line of girls making them all fall over. She was so embarrassed. Please just kill me now. She thought.

The doors slammed open and the matchmaker looked over the mess. Matchmaker asked "who is responsible for this mess?" All of the young women pointed at Ming with glares. They were so upset and wanted her gone.

The matchmaker decided to pick Ming and see if she would pass the test. What a mess. She thought. While Ming was getting ready to walk in she tripped on her dress and accidentally knocked the matchmaker into the fireplace causing her to get burned on her bottom. Immediately she rushed over to put the flames out with water.

As soon as this happened the matchmaker was furious and wanted her gone. The matchmaker realized though she needed to finish the entire test. So she gave Ming one last chance.

Ming was told to pour tea and recite the phrase which she did both sucessfully. The matchmaker grabbed Ming's arm to see if there was any writings to check if she was cheating. Unfortunately when she did this the writing from the black ink went onto the matchmakers hands not realizing this of course. The matchmaker touched her face and the black ink went onto her face causing Ming to giggle. The matchmaker asked what was wrong. She said nothing which infuriated the matchmaker.

Ming was just about to get graduated when the matchmaker walked by a mirror. She was livid and told Ming to leave. Ming rushed out of the house but stopped when she saw her mother. The matchmaker came out and told everyone that Ming was a disgrace and would never get a husband.

Ming ran crying and rushed home but then saw her father and ran faster to hide from her dad. While she was getting undressed to get ready for dinner another serious event was happening.

Shan Yu decided to attack the china wall with his army of Huns. He climbed the great china wall and killed all the men except one to make sure this one man could tell the king of his attack.

The man came rushing to the emperor's palace banging on the door. The emperor wondered why there was someone banging on the door at this time of the night. He wondered if something was wrong.

The man came to the emperor and told him Shan Yu and his army of the Huns attacked the wall. "Impossible no one can climb the wall." exclaimed the general. "Nothing is impossible with Shan Yu he is determined to prove me wrong." said the emperor. "Your highness we will send troops to guard the palace." "No send the troops to my people they will be in danger."

Later at dinner at Ming's house there was tension. Ming's father asked "What happened at the matchmaker?" "I don't want to talk about it." "Why not? Was it so bad?" "Yes can we please just drop it?" "No I want to know what happened." "Fine I was a disgrace and will never get married." She pushed her chair away quickly causing it to knock over and ran into her bedroom.

The next day there was an announcement going on about how Shan Yu and the Huns attacked the great china wall. They were asking for people to enter into the war. Ming got up immediately and rushed to see what was going on. All the families were getting called to serve the war. She noticed that some men had sons but her father did not. She heard her father's name get called and immediately jumped in and asked for him not to go.

Her father told her to be quiet and if she did not stop talking she would disgrace him. Ming stopped but had to bite her tongue. She really didn't want her father to go so she quickly came up with a decison. Her decision was to go in place for her father and join the army.

She took her father's suit, sword, and letter to leave and join the army. She hacked off her long glorious black hair to make her look like a boy. She also wrapped her chest to make sure she looked more boyish. She went onto her horse and galloped away into the night.

Her grandmother wakes up and senses Ming is gone. She wakes everyone else up to let them know. Her father goes to look for his sword and suit and finds it gone. He rushes outside and sees the gates open and realizes his daughter is not here.

Ming gets ready to go into the army and sees a big dragon shadow on the rock. Ming yells "AHH… who's there?" "It is I Mushu the great dragon warrior who has come to help you out." He walks out and ends up looking like a little lizard. Ming says "my great grandfather's spirits send me a lizard." "I am not a lizard I am a dragon."

So while her horse and Mushu get prepared to go into the army camp she notices how gross men will be. Mushu tells her to slap someone on the bottom they like that.

Ming does but in return makes the guy angry and was about to get punched in the face. She ducks to avoid getting hit, which caused the guy to hit someone else. She tries running and has to stop quickly but ends up running into the men making them all fall over.

Meanwhile in the tent the general Li is talking to his son telling him that he is in charge while he is away. His son is excited and gives his father a hug. His father prepares to leave and captain Li whispers goodbye father.

He steps out of the tent and notices the mess. He yells soldiers "Who did this?" They all point to Ming. Captain Li asks "What is your name?" Ming listens to Mushu whisper to think of a name and hears Ping. "My name is Ping."

"All right everyone since you all think this is fun. I want each and everyone to run five miles and then do sit-ups when you are done."

Everyone looked at Ping with hatred and all wanted to beat him up. Mushu says "we really need to work on you with getting friends."

Every morning they get up and practice with swords, catching fish with your bare hands, archery, and fighting. Ping is not as strong and falls behind every day. Captain Li fed up with Ping's lack of skill tells him to return home. Ping wants to prove him wrong and is determined to show Li that he can still be in the army. So Ping climbs the tree trunk with weights on his wrists and ends up climbing to the top. Everyone was getting up and noticed Ping was at the top. Ever since that Ping was doing well with the skills. They all were and were getting ready to fight for the war.

Meanwhile back in another village Shan Yu destroyed the village and the general with his army. He was getting ready to attack the palace to become emperor. He couldn't wait and laughed evilly.

Captain Li and his men came across the destroyed village and were in shock of what they saw. One man saw the general's helmet and gave it to his captain. The captain buried his father and told the men that they were the ones who will have to defeat Shan Yu and his army.

They decided to cut across the mountains to try get at the palace before Shan Yu and his men. Mushu accidentally lit one of the fireworks off giving out their position to the Huns. Everyone saw all the Huns and Shan Yu and were prepared to fight.

Ping saw an opportunity and grabbed a firework and ran up in front of the other army. He lit the firework and hit the big mound of snow at the top of the mountain making an avalanche. Shan Yu swung his sword at Ping across the chest and ended up getting injured.

Shan Yu and his were buried into the snow. Ping saved the day but ended up fainting from the injury. The doctor came and noticed that Ping was not a boy but a young female. Captain Li saw this and was mad.

Captain Li told her to leave and not to come back. So the army left her all alone and went to the palace. While they were at the palace some of Shan Yu's men and himself came out of the snow. Shan Yu yelled making Ming realize he was still alive.

Ming decided to go to the palace to warn the others. She showed up in the parade for the soldiers for celebration. She told them to look out and keep a close eye on the Huns and tried telling them the Huns and Shan Yu were alive.

Except no one was listening to her because she was a girl. The only person who listened was Captain Li. He was watching closely for anything to happen. The emperor came down to congratulate the soldiers on a well deserved victory. He was just about to give him Shan Yu's sword when a bird swooped down and grabbed it. Shan Yu was on top of the roof of the palace when the bird gave him his sword.

All of a sudden six men jumped out of the dragon decoration which was behind Captain Li. He was attacked but Ming came up to help him with the fight. They were both ready to counterattack when Ming was hit in the back of her head knocking her unconscious. Li was trying to attack but was overpowered by the men and they all grabbed the emperor.

In the palace Shan Yu was telling the emperor to bow down and make him emperor. The emperor did not and Shan Yu brought out his sword and threatened him. He took the sword and told the emperor to bow down or he will be killed.

Back outside everyone was trying to get in to save the emperor. They used everything to break down the door. Nothing seemed to work. Everyone was starting to lose hope. Except for captain Li he was determined to get in.

He decided to climb up and get onto the roof. He ended up climbing up the roof and getting there just in the nick of time. He saw Shan Yu swing his sword at the emperor and was able to block the blow from killing the emperor.

Shan Yu was swinging his sword at Li and Li ended up knocking the sword out of Shan Yu's hands. Except Shan Yu was a cheater and called his men for help. Li tried fighting off three men but he was no match for them. He ended up getting knocked down hard making him unconscious.

Shan Yu picked up his sword and demanded the emperor to yield. The emperor would not so Shan Yu swung his sword and killed the emperor. Shan Yu ended up being the emperor and everyone was at his mercy.

Meanwhile the people of China were trying to get enough people to overthrow the Shan Yu. Captain Li and Ming were the leaders of the rebellion and hoped to get rid of Shan Yu. Everyone was trying so hard but it almost seemed impossible Shan Yu and his men were very powerful. Will the people end up getting rid of Shan Yu or will they suffer for all eternity?


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