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Short story By: obsorber

A short written story based on one of the chapters in my upcoming book, Himura X Lovecraft.

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Moriaty left her family household to wander the streets of Hanford on her own. She felt alone, scared and needed someone to talk to about her anxiety. With Brock gone her life would change forever and she was used to his protective presence especially by her father's side. At times of emotional distress she would often confide in them both. However, the leader of the Lovecraft's had sealed himself away from everyone even his daughter who needed him the most. As Moriaty wandered the streets she could hear gossip from the town folk.
"Hey, isn't she a Lovecraft?"
"I heard she's from that filthy rich family"
"She sure is beautiful but why does she look so sad?"
"I think it's because one of their family members died"
"Apparently it was Confederates"
The voices heard were spoken from mere shadows from Moriaty's perspective. She took no notice of them as if they did not exist. It was because it would be difficult to do so with her mind so troubled. She was used to being publicly talked about and usually returned formal and cherry gestures to those who seemed to want her acknowledgement. However, due to the family crisis and tragedy she was not quite behaving or feeling her usual self. Moriaty notices another one of her family members in the distance. He is at a much quieter spot of the town gazing at the overview of the country landscape. It is Basil who you could not miss because of his frizzy hairstyle which made him so easily identified even a far distance ahead. Much like Moriaty, it seemed he was dealing with their loss in his own way. Her sight is limited with the large amount of people roaming around but she quickly power walks towards him hoping he would not disappear by the time she gets there.
"Basil…" says Moriaty faintly. He looks to his right to notice Moriaty standing beside him and does not usher any words for some seconds. He looks fed up, like he has not had any sleep and very frustrated. Moriaty can notice the strong odour emitting from his clothes which is a mixture of sweat and lots of alcohol. "Have you been drinking? Basil you stink..." she states.
"You should get yourself cleaned up" she finishes.
"If I wanted a lecture I would have asked you for one" he replies not ashamed by his actions.
"I know you're hurting, Brock was close to you" Moriaty tries to make conversation.
"You know nothing" he replies.
"Well I know drowning your sorrows with poison isn't going to solve anything" she explains.
"You need to learn to control yourself even if things get bad" she adds.
"It's what father would want" she summarizes.
"I am getting rather bored with your perfect attitude to everything, it's kind of pretentious don't you think?" replies Basil.
"Pretentious? I am only trying to help. We are supposed to count on each other" states Moriaty.
"Well don't. You never bothered before, heck we never really ever trade words so why now all of a sudden?" he asks.
"Because we're family, that's what we're supposed to do" she replies.
"Well technically we are not genetically related. The only reason why you want to talk to me all of a sudden is because you need someone to confide in. Brock isn't there to babysit you anymore and with Marimbo keeping to himself you've got no one to be a blabber mouth to" he coldly returns.
It hit Moriaty right then, it was true and she was looking for comfort. She had never really got to know Basil and this was probably the first time they had ever had a serious conversation since he became a Lovecraft 7 years ago. The only thing they had in common was their strong bond with Brock which she was hoping she could use to relate with him.
"I'm getting wasted. It's how I deal with my problems. I don't need anyone telling me that everything is going to be ok because I know it isn't. You're an idealist which is why you need someone to give you that. Well I'm not; I am a realist something Brock valued" moans Basil.
He faces the other direction with his back turned toward Moriaty having a sad expression on his face regretting being so harsh on her. Without anything to reply to the remark just made about her, Basil walks away deciding he will head to Hanford Inn Bar. There is a bench facing the direction of the luscious scenery in front of Moriaty. "Everything he said, most of it is true…" she depressingly thinks to herself slowly wandering toward it to take a seat.


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