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Short story By: shubham pandey


Submitted:Nov 26, 2010    Reads: 154    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Sometimes in life we meet someone and then we don't want thatsomeone to go from our life.
It was the first day at college when I saw her. Wide open beautiful eyes, the tiny nose ring, soft smooth cheeks and who can forget those black flourishing hair. I don't know if I fell in love with those eyes but I was surprised by herfirst few words that I heardwhen she shouted on her friends, "You assholes, where are you going, wait for me too." I had never expected such healthy words from her mouth but her voice touched my heart.
It was an amazing day as it was the first day of the college. I entered in my classroom and saw many new faces. My eyes roamed all over the classroom and then got stuck on that same beautiful face who was sitting in the second last row. After few minutes the classroom was packed with 40 freshers. Some of them were nervous about being ragged by the seniors, some of them were excited because of the same reason and then I was the third kind who was excited as well as nervous, don't ask me the reason. Strange world ,you know.
The introduction hour started and then came my turn to introduce myself in front of the other 39nervous lot and the seniors. I walked confidently to the stage and started my introduction. I introduced myself, "Hello friends, I am mayan sharma and I am from modern public school, I have …have..have." I stammerd when my eye balls met with her eyes balls. I continued stammering, " I have…I have." The seniors started to have fun as one of them said, "c'mon you looser! You did not had your breakfast this morning." The other joked, " I think there are many speed brakers on his way to home." They all started laughing and in a while the freshers too joined in the fun as I was left embarrased. Strange situation ,you know.
At last I got done with my introduction which was different in its own way. I ran to take my seat and heard my neigbours making fun of me as they giggled. The time came when that 'beautiful eye girl' stepped ahead to introduce herself. I was very curious to know her name,you better know the reason I think. My mind was doing the guessing work, "pooja, sheya, shenna, riya….c'mon tell me your name." As I got done with my guessing work , she started her introduction, "Hi friends, my name is Malvika Saxena..blah blah blah." Those rose petal like lips kept her vocal chordsbusy as she continued her introduction. I did not listen a word after I heard her name as I was lost in it so much.
Sometimes in life we hear a name and then we are lost in it.
After two days, the angel herself walked to me. She said, "If I am not wrong then you are the same boy who was stammering on the first day of our college." Alrite, she embarrased me and I did not had any answer. Strange moments you know. I managed somewords finally, "Yes, I was the one." She understood the situation that I felt embarrased and said, "But you looked cute…honestly speaking." I kept the smiling face but my thought process was on, "who the fuck looks cute while stammering." I replied, "Cute!..may be for you but at that point of time I was a laughing stock." She said, "leave that now…want to be by friend."I was happyas I replied, "oh I would love to be, I am mayan sharma." She laughed, "hahaha I know your name stupid." Ok, she again laughed on me leaving meembarrased but I was ready to get embarrsed in the coming three years to come.
I was new in the city and wanted to see some places in delhi. So, one day malvika and I started exploring the city. Well, it was me who explored the city as she knew each and every place in delhi. It was the Sunday morning when malvika and me roamed from one part of delhi to the other.
In the evening we went a restaurant to eat. She asked me, "So, you like delhi?" I replied, "Yeah, I loved it and thanks for the time." She replied, "shut up you ass, no thanks." I tried to joke, "so give my thanks back to me." She slapped me in fun and laughed, "here it is….hahahhahaha."
I asked her, "Do you have a boyfriend?" she replied, "Yes, I have and what about you?" I again tried to joke, "No, I don't have a boyfriend." She corrected, "Bad joke…..i meant girlfriend if you are still confused..tell me honestly?" I replied, "No, I don't have any girl friend." she joked, "gay or what?" I replied. "hey , I am straight….its just that I did not had any relationship." Obviously I lied.
One day I bought some chocolates for her as I thought she would feel happy as girls like them. I went to her and offered her some of them. She looked at me in anger and threw those chocolates on my face. My eyebrow got the companionship of bandage. The next dayI went to suhas who called himself someone who knew girls very well. He advised me, "give her a nice and cute teddy, I tell you dude, girls love them." He looked confident in his words so I bought a teddy bear and decided to gift it to malvika. I gifted her the teddy and this was my second mistake as the teddy was returned to me as if the poor bear went through many tortures. I came back to suhas and asked him, "your trick did not worked."
He advised me again, "ok, then…gift her a dress,,go for a pink one…pink is a girly colour, I bet you that this will work for sure or suhas will kiss your ass." I gifted her the pink dress and said, "please accept this, this is a lovly dress only for you." It was the time for suhas to kiss my ass as She opened the bag in which the dress was kept in and saw the pink colour. "what…pink?" she shouted on me. I replied, "yes, its pink." She shouted again, "I hate pink." Ok, so this girl hated pink too. Strange girl, you know.
Sometimes in life we apply all the tricks available to make a girl feel special but forget the fact that a girl needs more than a chocolate, teddy or a pink dress. I did not blamed suhas for all this as I was the protaganist in this act of stupidity.
After few minutes she came to me and said, "you are my best friend." I asked, "even then you are angry on me." She replied , "I am not angry on you, I really hate chocolates, and teddy bears…you don't need to gift me such stupid things to make me feel special….just be my friend ,,this is the best thing that you can do for me."I don't know about her but I felt very special after hearing those words. Strange words you know.
Times passed away very fast and nobody knew how these three years rolled away from our lives. We were matured , idiot gradutes ready to take on the new world where salary was more important than love, fake relatonships were more important than friendship.
Malvika and me were talking at the college entrance as we were about to leave our college. I asked, "after 10 years when I will come to delhi to meet you, then would you be able to recognize me." She joked, "you have any doubt about that…..of course not." We laughed loudly. She pulled my leg, "pity on you, you did not made a single girlfriend in these 3 years." I replied, "what about you?" she tried to joke, "I am not intrested in girls." I corrected,"bad joke….i meant boyfriend if you are still confused." She replied, "I made two..i am not a looser like you." We laughed again. The past days came rolling back in front of us when we went to that restaurant.
In these three years, I came to know about many things about her. She was cute, funny, loved to be clicked anytime, and yes she hated chocolates, teddy and pink colour. But more than that, she had a very serious side to her. A different girl altogether who was mature, sincere and sometimes serious .
She said, "but now, its enough, I passed through lot of pain whenever I had a break up, love scares me now." I replied, "the fact is that you never loved them because there is nothing like pain in love……ask me." She looked at me as I continued, "don't be scared of love because that's what makes our friendship special or we would need chocolates, tedddy bears and stuff like those to maintain a relationship." She laughed hiding the tears inside as she always did, not showing the emotinal malvika to anyone. I said, "I am again repeating, don't be scared of love….you will meet your love one day."
She hugged me as I was about to leave. sometimes in life we leave someone who is very special to us and then we realize the importance of those moments that we shared with that someone.
Afte 5 years, I went back to delhi to attend the college alumini meet for the first time. I had not talked to her for 3 years , maybe our mobile numbers changed. Strange reasons you know. I was waiting for her at the college gate, exactly at the same place where I saw her for the first time. I met many of my old friends but my eyes were searching that angel who was my best friend.
As I was thinking , a car came at the college gate and came out a girl of of the car. I looked at her as she looked at me. Those wide open beautiful eyes, the tiny nose ring, soft andsmooth cheeks, and how can I forget the black hair. She came to me and slapped me hard and said, "where the fuck were you…bitch?" Yes…..that was her ..malvika. I thought that she would have forgotten me but I was wrong and washappy to be one. I said, "you remembered me." She replied, "first tell me, how am I looking?" I answered, "As usual beautiful, you have not changed." She said, "you made a girlfriend or you are still single." I replied, "I am still a looser." She said, "I knew that."
Malvika and I talked for hours and were not really cared about time. She still holds a very special place in my life. This is why I feel that some times in life we meet someone and then we don't want that someone to go from our life. Iwill always love that gorgeous girl.
Strange story ,you know.


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