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Country: United Kingdom
Favorite book: Watership Down - It's so SAD! Sob.
Member Since: Jul 10, 2011

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Love with Unconfined Wings

Novel by Dizzylily
Posted: Jul 10, 2011
Jude has always been a 'bad boy' but when he moves to a...
Tags:love, romance, friendship, teen, drama, girl, boy, young adult, high school, grace, popularity

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Evolution vs Creationism

Essay by Dizzylily
Posted: Jul 16, 2011
Ever since the theory of evolution came out, it has been...

Love with Unconfined Wings

Novel by Dizzylily
Posted: Jul 10, 2011
Jude has always been a 'bad boy' but when he moves to a...


Isn't this nice, a page for me to ramble on about nothing but everyones favourite topic - ME!! YAY!

My Name is Holly and I live in the rolling hills (or the slippy hills, since it never seems to stop raining, and I never seem to stop falling) of Lancashire in England. But I don't sound like I come from here, while everyone else sounds like they are going to grow up to be farmers, I sound like I should star in Mary Popins with my Oh So Posh voice.

I'm not emo, but I am cirtainly that way inclined, and my favourite pass time in going to see emo's sing/scream in conserts, e.g. I've just been to seeTaking Back Sunday and I gave the actual leadsinger an actual hug! Plus I've got The Blackout in November - Whooooo!! *Does little dance then pokes self for being so rediculously embarrassing*. But thats not all I've seen; I heart me some Framing Hanley, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance and many more! *Does little dance for the second time then swoons over multiple lead singer fitness*

Me? Well I'm about 5ft 5, have mad curly purple (It tries to be red, but the dye said purple) hair, and am attempting to stay pale so that I can continue to suit me emo clothes. Dam you sunlight! I cannot have a tan, so I have decided to fix this problem by replacing outdoor activitys; such as walking the dog and adventuring in the forests,with Booksie. Yay! And you will all be glad of that, of course.

But don't get me wrong or anything, I do like other music *wonders if subject change was a little abrupt then decides CBA changing it, especially after writing all this bussiness in the funny stars that mean 'multiply' on spreadsheet*, I think Reggae is spankin' and sames with ska music (don't ask what it is, if you really care, look it up - it will further your education. And don't give me roobish about not having time - you're on Booksie reading me woffle on about well, me. Clearly you have lots of free time, either that or you're procrastinating - in which case, carry on, I do it all the time. Anyway back to speaking a little sence...). I am a siamese twin, attatched by the ears to headphones, and have a three scars on my right hand all along my index finger. One from camping, and getting a bit enthusiastic with pegs, one from falling of a horse - on my first go I might add, oddly enough I only went back once after that. Oh, and one from laying snap wih a person who had very long nails.

I called named myself Dizzylily after two of my five cats. The picture is of Lily. The other four are called Billy, Disaster, Calamity and Fat Laurence. As you do. Picture the 'Crazy Cat Lady' from the Simpsons in her teens with purple hair, and you've got me.

Favourites? Well, books wise? I love 99% of them, the only ones I could never get were the Jaquoline Wilson ones, they all seemed really wingy, but hey, no one can like everything. Except the happy little elves. Sorry for randomness there, anyhow, I love 80's Cult Films, Horrors, and (I'm so ashamed to admit) Romcoms, because sometimes I need to let my mind melt and think about nothing but some horrible soppy story line. Still filmwise - Jurassic park and Shallow Graves cannot be beat. Oh - and before I forget, my computers pretty bad with spell check, and my spelling age won't improve above thirteen - so I thought I'd just say a huge sorry for anything I do spell wrong, even though I have gone through this and tried to respell many words, many times.

I love acting. And animals, I also have a dog, two guinnipigs, several fish, Bearded Dragon and my little brother. Ok, I know saying he's an animal is the oldest joke i the book - but seriously? Who eats off the floor? We eats Weatabix by liquadising it and slurping it through a straw ?Who forgets to wash their hands after the toilet so settles for wipping them on YOUR skinny geans when YOU remind him! I will never do that again. Who? I know it was a rhetorical question - but my toady little brother. This is why my bedroom is out of bounds to him: not because I am mean, but because of hygiene resons. 

 I'm a vegetairian, and I can't stand those veggy people who try to convert carnivoures into herbivores. Jeesh! Live and let live - OK? And while I'm on rant worthy opinions, I'm for Cannabis to be legalised, not that I've ever done it, *looks left and right nervously, as if, I dunno? Lying?*. Jokes. seriously, I haven't.  Well if you've read this far then go eat a cake or something, because reading my words must be very tiering, * Pauses, moves cat from infrount of computer screen, then realises cat has got her two frount legs stook in collar. Proceeds to free cat, then watch as it eats collar. Sighs, prevents cirtain cat death, and continues writing.*. You need nurishment otherwise my words may become too much for you and your feeble mind. Lol. You know I really don't like text speak - but I can't help but use it, as it is contagious.

That will do for now anyhow. Have a marvolous day.


P.S. Read some of my work while you're here. Pretty please. I don't do it seriously; just for fun, so say what you like in your comments. Oh, and Reading Requests are welcome, I'll try to do as they ask, but sometimes I am a little too shy to comment, or CBA to do so. Sorry about that - but hey! At least someones reading your work, take what you can get!

 This is Calamity, and my lizard called Diln. Sigh, look harder. Where - you say. On the left of the looming evil cat, there he is! He was meant to be called Dylan, but at the age of 5 when I got him, my version of Dylan, was Diln.

 This is the Fat Lad, the remarkably slim Fat Laurence.

You know I must look like this is my only interest, (Yay! Cats!) but everyone else has pictures, so I need to put something. So look at them and think 'cute'.

This is Lily.

 And thats me.

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