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Country: Cook Islands
Favorite book: the kind with covers
Member Since: Oct 24, 2008

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The Wizard of Sherbs: On BOOKSIE!!!!!!

Short Story by drama989
Posted: Apr 29, 2009
what happens when ur fav twos characters discover...

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The Wizard of Sherbs: On BOOKSIE!!!!!!

Short Story by drama989
Posted: Apr 29, 2009
what happens when ur fav twos characters discover...

Skid Row

Short Story by drama989
Posted: Oct 28, 2008
This is a fanfic based on the song "Skid Row" from Little...

The Flying Frog

Short Story by drama989
Posted: Oct 25, 2008
Frogs can fly if they really try!

Hobo Joe

Poem by drama989
Posted: Oct 25, 2008

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I'm drama989, and I'm gonna write stuff here... ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go figure. 

About me


Nickname: drama queen, Blondie, or even Abby!

biRThpLacE:  Then, There

Current LocatioN:  Here, There

Eye Colour:  green, im unique!

Hair Color: BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  not platnum, but enough so that i forget how to spell my name now and then.

Height5' 2''

Boyfriend?:  nope

Vehicle: lawnmower

Overused Phrase "that's great!" "idk" "joe the plumber's my best friend" "omg" "web alert!" "hey, that is creepy, you're creepy!" "bridge to nowhere" "im defying gravity!" "feed me!'  and many more.

My style:  whatever i feel like wearing, gosh!

Personality: optimistic, happy, funny, crazy, sarcastic, weird, random, apple juice!



Food:  burgers, wings, tacos, pizza, popcorn, yummy japan, and most of all... CHOCOLATE!  but i never stop eating, so i'll just go with whatever's in front of me.

Restaurant:  GorDanno's (in chicago)

CANDY:  CHOCCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number: 13

Color:  PURPLE!!!!

Animal:  kangaroo

Drink: water

Perfume: Be Dramatic, by icing

TV ShowI'm a Gilmore Girl, through and through!  i also love dancing with the stars, survivor, the office, 30 rock, snl, the secret life of the american teenager, and American idol!  david cook and I r getting married this spring!  srsly.

Song: Time of my Life (david cook,) living on a prayer (bon jovi,) elenore rigby (the beatles,) dancing through life (wicked,) disturbia (rihannah,) mary's song (taylor swift,) when you're gone (avril levine,) one step at a time (jordan sparks,) lida rose (the music man,) discovering ebay (weird al,)  jeez, i could go on all day!

Music Album:  currently, my "Wicked" soundtrack

Movie: r u kidding?  im a movie freak, iv never cn a movie i didnt luv! 

Actor/Actress:  hmm, probably kristen chenoweth, she really inspired me.  or amy poehler. 


This or That

Pepsi or Coke:  COKE!  the offical drink of chicago.

McDonalds or Burger KingMcDonalds, duh!


Hot Chocolate or Coffee:  hmm, i dont think i can choose!  it like picking your favorite child... or, in my case, cat.

Kiss or Hug: depends who it is...

Dog or Cat:  i <3 all animals, (but mice) but i'll go with cat, cuz i actually have sume.

Rap or Punk:  neither

Summer or Winter:  cnt decide

Scary Movies or Funny Movies:  i thawt i made it clear that i LUV ALL MOVIES!

Love or Money:  love, of course!



Bedtime:  dont have one

Most Missed Memorygoing to the beach everyday in new jersey.

Best physical feature:  probably my eyes, cuz they're unique.  im also pretty thin, i ges.

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: yup

First Thought Waking Up: yeah, like i actually have the ability to THINK when i WAKE UP!!!!

Ambition:  be a FAMOUS ACTRESS

Best Friends:  morgan, courtney, sammie, kara, elena, lydia(s), kaye, uche, natilie, my platipus, and joe the plumber.

Best friends on Booksie: morgan, courtney, sammie, kara, elena, lydia, kaye, other people who write, joe the plumber

Weakness:  i eat to much

Fears:  mice, roller-coasters, doctors/dentists

Longest relationship:  uhh, like, six or seven months.

Ever been beaten up:  hell no!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever beaten someone up:  uhh, im not aloud to talk about that anymore...

Ever Shoplifted: mean lately?...  jk!!!!

Been Dumped Lately:  nope


In A Guy

Favourite Eye Colour: blue

Favourite Hair Color: strawberry blonde (blondish/reddish)

Short or Long:  shaggy, but not long, long

Heighttaller than me

Style:  just, like, idk... himself?

Looks or Personality:  has the same intrests as i do, (acting, reading, ect.)laughs at random things, someone i could be friends with

Hot or Cute:  uhh, both?

Muscular or Really Skinny:  kinda in between?  not super muscular!

Extra:  doesn't pick his nose, or ask me how much i weigh.


More random

What country do you want to Visit: greece

How do you want to Die:  either in my sleep, or laughing hystericly.  i wouldnt be surprised by the second one. 

Mall Lately:  a couple weeks ago

Get along with your Parents:  yeah, our family is pretty close

Health Freak: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think your Attractive:  what kind of a question is that!?!  i suppose you want to know my weight, too?

Believe in Yourself:  HELL YEAH!!!!

Want to go to College:  yep!

Been in deep crap:  who hasn't?

Been in Love:  maybe

Do you Sing:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to get Married:  yeah

Do you want Children:  yeah, i've always want 4, idk y.

Ever embarrassed yourself to get his attention:  well, not purpously...

hate anyone:  i extremley dislike george bush.

what i want for christmas: a pony named jorge, or a wii

yes, folks, its that time of day, again.  time to paly... random smilies, (and other pictures)!!!!!

hey, that last one looks constipated!  ...and, we'll end on that note...

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