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I am an Artist.

By: ashi17

Page 1, Dedicated to all artists like writers, poets, painters etc.

I might be considered as crazy because I spend hours silently looking at the sky, clouds, rain, flowers, plants, rivers, sea or anything that belongs to nature, so the calmness would not be disturbed by my words ………..

I may be immature, as I love to dance in rain, smell aroma of mud, love to see flying butterflies and playing with kids .............I am not ambitious nor do I dream big, as my rewards cannot be measured in monetary aid. My death might come as a disappointment to my close ones, who would get just few papers filled with black ink, sketches and mysterious paintings of mine……….But my greatest satisfaction comes from the work, for which I will never be paid. Not that I want to be, my emotions being my most prized possession in the whole world.

For some, I am an emotional fool, who smiles without reason, cries in solitude, I believe in emotions which give both pleasure and pain…….I love without reason………..

I might be annoying, as I walk separately from the flock and break those social norms which are ill-logical. I stand alone away from the crowd may be because of my phobia that I may end up losing myself………

I am not a next door girl, I don't enjoy all those stupid things done by the typical ladies, I might be abnormal or not exactly what I should have been but this is what I am…… who I am. No matter loved or ignored…

I am a writer, a poetess, a painter , who writes and paints to express herself, to say all that which has been left unsaid.

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