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satara silver blonde face lies

Article By: blackefriend
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Story of how drugs and sex industry turn aspiring actress against people who cared for her.One friends true account of the once aspiring actress Satara Silver. Intimate and shocking betrayals begin early on in this better than fiction account of Satara Strattons web of deceit spun for each man she loved. A petite blonde sweet faced girl from a small town looking for a dream to come true on the big stage only to turn to sex addiction drug abuse and lies to the world. Understand the story behind the lies she told. Soccer for sex . Drugs for pain. Mental illness? Maybe. Maybe not? Actress for sure. Satara Silver Blonde Face LIes

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__________________________________________________________ She told me her mom sent her to Australia alone at age 13 . She said her mother pimped her out to the neighbor for money then sent her to play soccer there with the same man. The sex was a pay off. She stayed and played soccer and did what her mother wanted . At age 15 her mother allows her to get married and then moves the husband in . He was unemployed. She said she was so screwed up in the head she started to take drugs as a means to get away . At age 17 shes left her husband and mother behind to go to new york. She vowed she wouldn't ever return because of how abusive her mother was to her. _______________________ Satara once quoted her mom saying " your stupid you know nothing ,nothing but yelling " she said after newyork she went straight to los angeles . There she hooked up with a few freinds who all did heroin -all but one . Fwd: Satara then got a day job at the seventh veil in hollywood. A totally nude gentlemans club making tons of cash . Then she got fired for giving a customer a lap dance,with her mouth. Call them up . After she lost her job she was evicted. This was right around the time she met and started dating jeff. They dated for about a year. jeff was a herion addict .As time went on stuff got crazy with them . Jeff landed himself in jail for a weekend . She had ust ike every other addict >start liquidating= more drugs..only not her stuff. jeffs personal property. Oh well. Until he gets out and finds her there in an empty house. She expressed how he went off on her and kicked her out and put her on the streets. they had been dating for a year did one thing - herion, every day. So after he kicked her out she met and started doing a dealer I will call K . She moved in with him. He was one of the biggest known drug dealers in hollywood. she moved in. He went to jail. She ripped him off too so she gets kicked out .Ultimately Satara becomes homeless on the streets of holllywood. She turned to a life of hooking. She would cry " what else could she do for money but become a street hooker she got picked up by la pd twice already". A few months later she moves in with a guy named brad . He puts her out after a year and and a half . shes homeless again. Terrible swollen staph infected arms. So so much heroin. I would ask her to stop. She would nod out. Still trying. I didn't know what to do . I did meth. So I left . She was arrested in down town los angeles felony posession of heroin. ______________Shoplifting @macys , so many more places she can't return to Cvs. I think twenty in all. One day she sees a friend of her freinds a guy named Paul. He was so concerned about her arms. He said "Be Careful-they my have to amputate them off ". Satara said he did this frequency therapy and offers to take her to free clinic to get the infection taken care of. She started the 3 sessions of therapy. It was a success . satara didnt have a place so paul offered her the couch. She was still using though. Telling her mom she has a job waitressing . She had one job in los angeles that I knew of, that was a nude dancing gig and then she would prostitute. satara had to get her herion from downtown skid row. since she didnt have a a hook up from "k" or jeff. And paul wouldn't help her get anything . He dropped her off at rehab three times that I know of and 4 hospitals . He bailed her out of jail twice. Satara Stratton is just doing what she does. She acts and does evil things she can cry on cue and draws you in. Being around her made me quit drugs. Evil little liar . People would try and help her and they would get burned. Paul cared for her. She drummed up the kidnapping plot in order to get out of trouble for missing three felony court appearances."Masterpiece theater" she would say. "At least he can't make me stop herion-its my life". Her mom always calls her. She never has answered ever since I have known her. Ever. She disappears sometimes. To work. Then she has so much stuff and clothes and shoes heels and makeup..and heroin. I stop trying to help her because I see where it leads. Her moms been calling around to see where she has been..calls paul to get his help. Then she shows up in los angeles saying he kidnapped her? What theWhat??? Lies and deceit starring Satara She borrowed money from paul then stayed with brad. She got busted at his house for possession again for herion. He kicked her out . So paul let her stay with him. She had about 5 felony charges pending. He only knew of three. She was always free to come and go as she pleased at pauls . Like freinds or family---_____________ Her mother came up with an idea to get Satara out of big trouble. Satara was gonna go along with it..Poor Dude, he didn't know how much of an evil schemer she was. Mom made satara say those things. Maybe because she was lonely .I never knew if she had married herself. But her abusive ways. Satara said she lived a hard life . her mother told paul, that satara was suicidal . satara went along with her mother. Only her mom used it later against her to set her up in court . She had her locked up. So on her last court date , satara went to court and the judge had recieved a call from her mother saying to lock her up she was a danger to herself..and that it wasn't her fault for being held against her will! Ha. Bull. We used to have to plan for an all day event when she had court dates. She would always miss them because she was getting high. Or she forgot. Never because that guy Paul didn't let her go anywhere. He worked all the time. She had run of the place. Spoke to the owners who Paul worked for. Guess it was her blonde hair. They didn't mind seeing her. Most were okay to me the black friend who looked like a muppet baby revisited in hollyweird..haha I'm okay with it. I just wish my blonde friend didn't tell so many bold face lies to get outa trouble. Sucks. At least I told the truth. But noone asked me.


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