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The Drug War

By: CallmeV

Page 1, My opinion on the War on Drugs

The closer we come to America's downfall, the more and more of our personal liberties and personal freedoms are being taken away from us citizens. A huge example of the disappearance of liberties and even the ideals that made America who it is will be the infamous "war on drugs", which has been a complete disaster for the victims of this unconstitutional unjustified laws, but a success to the politicians and authority enforcing them.
              The "war" began under the Nixon adminstration over 40 years ago, however this was not the first "war on drugs". During the 1920s there was a ban on the sale of alcohol, this wasn't only the most ignored law and unjustified law, but it also caused mobsters like All Capone to rise to power. History has shown us prohibition doesn't work! Its a great concept, but authority can own other people's body's in a free society.
              This endless, anti-liberty movement hasn't just destroyed families, and put innocent victimless "criminals" packed into prison cells, but also costs on average $40 billion every year. How could we climb our way out of an economic disaster, if we undermine individual's personal liberties.
              It's outrageous when a individual is charged with marijuana possession (I mean possession of a naturally grown herb) three times, they get life in prison, while rapists and murders can get out. How is this justified? Drugs are said to "ruin lives", so in order to prevent it, we must shove people into prisons to ruin their lives. Good luck getting a job and trying to move back into society after years in prison with real criminals. 
            We must remember, just because it's controversial, doesn't mean you don't have the right to do something.

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