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How to Be a Successful Writer on Booksie...Without Annoying Others

Article By: Christian Taylor
Editorial and opinion

How do you become a successful writer on Booksie? What does it take? Take a few tips from this article from someone who's been through it all!

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"How to Be a Successful Writer on Booksie…Without Annoying Others"

By Christian Taylor

For every poet or writer out there, there's a drive to show off the talents they hold and look for a platform to give their work an audience. As a writer/poet myself, my platform was a website called Booksie. In the few short years since I start, I've become a fan favorite with readers as well as awarded a coveted feature spot for one of my poems on the homepage of Booksie.

However, during this time I've learned many things while I've been a member of Booksie. Some of the things I've learned have made me a better writer/poet, but also get to know others. Many of them have become great friends to me and many of them have asked me questions about what are my secrets to being successful on Booksie?

Well, there are many factors that go into being a success on Booksie. Recently, I've decided to write this article to show people how to be successful, but more importantly, have proper etiquette! Let me start off with my first piece of advice…

  • Lesson #1: Promotion is the key!

When you post your work on Booksie, obviously you're competing for the attention of readers from all over the world. As a marketing graduate from college, I know that promoting your work is the key! No matter if it's a novel, a poem, an article, or a short story, promoting your work(s) is the key to getting noticed.

  • Lesson #2: Promote to the same group of people as you!

If you're promoting a poem…promote it to other poets. If you're promoting a novel…promote it to other novelists. If you send a request to a person that writes novels and you're asking them to read a poem, chances are they won't read it. By promoting to the same group of people that write in the same category as you, you have a better chance of getting comments/likes for whatever you're trying to promote.

  • Lesson #3: READ A WRITER'S PROFILE!!!

One of my biggest pet peeves is that I get spammed by individuals, who want me to read certain items, but I SPECIFICALLY have a notice on my profile that I ONLY read poems and articles. The point I am bringing up here is, if you're going to be promoting your work, PLEASE read the writer's profile, check to see if they have a reading request preference, and/or what kind of work they have been publishing! This saves not only your time, but it also makes things easier for the writers that are receiving the requests. READ THEIR PROFILES BEFORE SENDING READING REQUESTS!!!

  • Lesson #4: Return the favor!

If you do get a response from someone that you send a reading request too, you should be polite and return the favor by reading something from them. This shows the writer that you respect their opinion/review as you would when they do the same back to you. The next time, you get a comment from someone be sure to read something from them or at least send them a thank-you!

  • Lesson #5: Proof-read your work!

I admit it…I've been guilty of this as well. You publish something and what people usually point out is the errors in your piece. It's very important to double check your work more than once before publishing it. Misspellings and punctuation errors can distract the readers, causing your work to be less effective. Remember, ALWAYS proof-read your work before publishing it!

  • Lesson #6: Being 'featured' is a writer's dream, but…

Many of you out there have asked me, 'How did I get featured on Booksie's homepage?' To be honest, it's easy, but at the same time, it's kind of complicated. Booksie.com has reading material that talks about this same issue, but it too can be somewhat difficult to understand. Hopefully, I can make things a little easier to understand. There are several factors that go into getting featured on Booksie's homepage.

  1. # of views
  2. # of 'Likes'
  3. # of comments
  4. # of shares to Facebook, MySpace, etc.

In simple terms, the more your poem/novel/short story gets in terms of what was said above; the more likely your piece will be featured on the homepage. However, you're competing against hundreds, if not thousands of other writers so it's all in the matter of how good your work is and how you get it promoted. However, even with effective marketing, it won't guarantee you a spot in the homepage. Several of my earlier works were popular and despite a lot of attention given to them; I still didn't get on the homepage. Sometimes, it's just how the cards are drawn. Just don't give up on that goal!

Recently, I've decided to write this article to show people how to be successful, but more importantly, have proper etiquette! You learned that promoting your work is the key to success. However, always remember to return the favor, read the profiles for reading request preferences, proof-read your work before publishing, and understanding that being featured is not easy, but easy enough to achieve it. Hopefully, you've enjoyed my article and learned a few tips from someone who's been through it all. Keep writing and good luck!


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