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Tags: Human, Ego, Opinion.

Senior paper.

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Humans think that the world revolves around them. Our entire existence is based on ourselves. Music, movies, art and literature are based on humans too. I personally think that the human race has a huge ego, maybe too large for our own good. You don't see cats and dogs walking around like they own the world. We may be the most advanced creatures on earth, but we are also a very small part of the universe. There may be another race that has lived a thousand years longer than us and is 100x smarter than us and we would still think that we were better. Sometimes when I'm drawing, I think about why I always draw people. I try to draw other things instead. I don't want to have a huge ego because it can sometimes blow up in your face.
Its not that I'm ashamed of the human race, I just wonder what it would be like to see the world through an animal's eyes. Maybe animals think that we're all stuck up. There could be an animal smarter than us that just chooses not to show it, and our beliefs in science could all be incredibly wrong. Humans think the can learn every little thing about our world and don't realize that we know nothing in comparison of what we could know about the rest of the universe. We will never know everything, not unless we were immortal, and even then we wouldn't know what death is like. Humans are not meant to know everything there is to know; we would go insane knowing all of it. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to hear things millions of miles away and I used to try when I was little then I learned that human hearing only goes so far. If you could hear things miles away like a dog what would you do with all that information? A dog doesn't understand most of human language so it doesn't bother them, but if we could we would hear everything people are saying about us. Humans don't have the best vision, hearing, strength or abilities that other creatures do, so why do we think we're the greatest? Because of an insignificant thing like our mind or that we can walk upright and use thumbs.
Dolphins have hearing 14x better than humans and are the second smartest animals on earth, the first being humans. Their brain is relative to their body size and they have a more intricate cortex than we do and feel emotions and have their own language of clicks and squeaks. If dolphins could walk and leave the water and speak our language, what do you think would happen? Humans would either try to study and examine dolphins or destroy the new competition. Considering all of this, why are dolphins evolved to be so smart? Are they destined to catch up with us? We teach them tricks and think nothing of their intelligence when a killer whale, part of the dolphin family, killed a trainer at Sea World in 2010 out of what is to be believed as emotional anger.
I have always loved animals and have kept the thought in my mind that they aren't as dumb as people believe them to be and have respected that they may know even more than we do. I know for a fact that they know much more about life than we do, they mature much faster than we do and their minds develop at incredible rates compared to ours, we have to actually educate younger humans when animals learn from experience. Like the elephant with its great memory, you would think that they are much wiser than us at the ends of their lives because most humans lose most of their memory when they get older. We don't have claws like a lion or the survival abilities of a camel, if the human race was decimated by an epidemic, animals would most certainly take over and there would be a new leader of the world, maybe dolphins or chimpanzees after they had time to evolve. Chimpanzees are 98% identical to us genetically and could take only centuries to catch up to humans mentally. I wouldn't doubt that could happen, because if I did I would have a big ego too.
Ego: The fallacy whereby a goose thinks he's a swan (anonymous)


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