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Topics Im tired of hearing.

Article By: City Of Evil
Editorial and opinion

Currently on a different site, i got in an abundance of arguments due to these particular subjects. I honestly don't give a shit about how you feel this is how i feel and i would rather not fight more about it.

Submitted:Jun 9, 2010    Reads: 285    Comments: 25    Likes: 4   

RELIGION! I am personally an atheist. I like to believe what is scientifically proven more than i like to listen to people talk about some big invisible man in the sky who is all knowing, all powerful, and decides what happens when you die. SEXUALITY! I am straight. But i have gay/ bisexual friends and I accept them for them, i am fine with someone no matter what their preference are. GAY MARRIAGE! why the hell not, i think the people who are so damn insistent that gays should not get married are assholes. And just think, the way you love the opposite sex are the way that they love the same sex so imagine you want to get married cause your in love with someone, and then not being allowed to... sucks, dont it? ABORTION! This one causes a lot of fire!. but for me, I'm Pro Choice until the baby starts getting more developed. It should be up to the woman what happens with her body. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! If a girl hits you... HIT HER BACK! no im not saying freak out and beat the shit out of her, im simply saying that to take punches from a girl, because she's a girl is stupid, and if they're fighting so hard for equal rights... give them equal rights, they hit you you hit them... sounds pretty equal to me. WORLD PEACE! It isn't happening anytime soon people so just let it be, there are going to be fights no matter where you go, but i do think that randomly bashing (flaming as some call it) people on the internet is just plain stupid and just goes to show that some people have no life. THE OZONE LAYER! people, i have hair almost down to my waist, and with hair like that i meed A LOT of hairspray to hold it down, i'm genuinely not concerned about the Ozone melting away. #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*' I will probably put up more when i have the time, but as of now... this'll do


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