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The Twin Towers - How and Why ?

Article By: donkylemore
Editorial and opinion

thoughts on a conspiracy theory .. could it
the exactitude of the fallen towers collapsing into their own footprints..
How ,
Who gained ,,
was Iraq a country just personified a geographical area which might suit the description of the Terror Country .
too convenient ..

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As conspiracy theories go , this latest - the suggestin that the Twin Towers were deliberately desrtroyed by a force determined to justify the war on terror , may seem the most out rageous.
Nonethless , a major quiestion arises concerning the manner in which the towers collapled.
Some scientists who have disputed the fact that the two planes alone could collapse the towers into their own footfrint have been dismissed from the White House staff,
They raise a very valid query .
How is it that the towers colapsed so conveniently into their own very foundations. - their footprint.
Consinering the fact that it requires hundreds of meticulously placed , and precisely timed explosives, orchestrated with such exactitude to fell a civillian building in a non agressive manner the manner in which the towers collapsed require some consideration.
Additionally a third tower which was not struck by a plane also collapsed .
There is some speculation as to the nature of the findings of the investigative team found at the Pentagon scene .
There is now a discussion opening up regarding the use of 'nanno explosives'

One way or another the assault on USA citizens led directly to the war on terror.
'War on terror ' is as ambiguous as the war on obesity or cancer. It lacks any precise definition.
Naomi Klein has written extensively about the Military Disaser Complex / Industry
She speculates about the 'winners ' in the event of major catastrphies .
Included in her theorem would to speculate as to who might be the benificieries of the New Orleans flooding disaster .
In all of these cases someone 'gains'
The causal relationship between disaster and profit would be patently evident in the case of the response of the WHITE hOUSE to the attack on the twin towers.
Halliburton - a company with which Cheney was closely related to - were immediate in their preparedness for the provision of food and sustenance to the troops in Iraq.
Cheney and the neo cons were determined to wahge a war on el Quaeda .
But El queda cells were not proven to be associated with the regeimen in Iraq.
Iraq had nothing which has been proven , to do with the attack in the twin towers.
It has been dressed up that way , but never proven.
But take a simplistic view . Let us say that even General Powell knowingly advocated an attack on Iraq , and knew that the Brits would ultimately support the USA , he failed to convince the UN of the justification for the war.
The UN did back the war eventually , but this may have been a consequence more of convenience than one of conscience.
The problem in Iraq is that the invasion and regeimen change has been a failure .
The military did not fail in so far as their mission was defined .
General Powell subsequently resiled his position on the justification for the invasion. He has addmitted that the evidence which was adduced at the UN conference was dubious ,if not manifestly tendentious .
The Brits have also conceeded that their support for this war was also spurious .

So the focus now follows el Quaeda into the Afgani- Pakastani borders and the treacherous regions of the Tora Bora mountains.
Is Bin Laden alive . A man who had renal problems could scarcley survive a week without vigalent medical care . Could this be provided in the desolate region he is now thought to reside in ?

I know none of the answers .
But I am now very much in doubt as to how the twin towers - and a third collapsed into their own fotprints on the fuel of two airliners alone .
If if did happen just as is reported - How did it happen?

I dont know ..
Tell me how ?


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