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Flavoredair Reviews: The Dark Knight (2008)

Article By: flavoredair
Editorial and opinion

A review of The Dark Knight the motion picture.

Submitted:Apr 15, 2009    Reads: 158    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

Take it Schumaker, take it and squirm. (Traditionally I love Sam Raimi but after Spider-Man 3...) Christopher Nolan should sit down and talk to any director who is going to attempt a comic book movie after this. All this time people were looking forward to seeing the Joker, (as I was) everyone knew Harvey Dent was to appear in the movie, with the chance of a possible glimpse of Two-Face. Who knew how big of a role Two-Face was going to have? Nolan did what Super Friends and Joel Schumaker aspired for, successfully layering villains. Christian Bale makes for an incredible Bruce Wayne, really spot on, but I'm still up in the air about his Batman. That my be because I felt Batman truly played second fiddle to the Joker. All the hype about the foul new evil that Ledger brought to Joker, I'm not sure I buy. The Joker was always a really good villain. Read about him, he's evil, there's no acting around that. What he brought were genius ticks that never came across before, it humanized him.... THAT is what makes this Joker scary. For the first time he COULD be real. Check out the continuous lip wetting, perhaps licking at old wounds? He punctuates his thoughts with nods and self reassuring "yup"s, that for some prime mortal reason, made me shiver. He became all the more interesting. I was proud that movie Batman had finally caught up with modern Batman. I never felt that Batman (the character) in the movies was all that violent. Check him in any other media, it's a bloody book. Batman, transcended, pushed a man out a window, we heard his legs break, just for some answers. Batman BRUTALLY beats the Joker. This villain-centric story brought me back to the Timm and Dini-verse. The Dark Knight is only as interesting as the people he faces. If you ever watched the 90's Batman animated series, you stand by me when I say, this is the standard all Batman will be measured by. I believe, we now have a new standard. I pity those who will work on the next one, you will have many sleepless nights. PG13? Don't take the kids. Do you want to explain where the pencil went? If YOU miss this movie, you'll miss a monument.


Thoughts about this movie? Who is the best villian, comic or movie? Tell me below.


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