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Ever felt superior to someone because of the music you listened to? Ever had friends that felt superior to people because of what they listened to? Do you stop liking things because other people like it? Read up.

Submitted:Apr 25, 2010    Reads: 82    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I DO NOT WISH TO OFFEND ANYONE BY WRITING THIS. ITS GENERALIZED, which means it talks about an "all", and doesn't stop to make particularities or take people out. I had actually written this for a friend who couldn't stop talking about how everyone was listening to Giving Up the Gun by Vampire Weekend (even the *preppy girls*[his terms, not mine]) and he was very upset about. So people, don't start rambling about it, or complaining or saying its not true. It's your opinion, and I have mine as well. People do judge, and people DO judge on music tastes. So! Having said that, enjoy the article and show me your opinions too! :)

We are not unique. We are not indie. We are not underground. We are not better than them. We focus on what we like. Dish everyone else's tastes. We imagine what the words mean. We give sense to the songs we listen to. We put words on the mouths of so many artists. We have a vision of their work. Most of the times, it's wrong. We despise listeners. We despise fakers. We despise masses. We box our opinions and sounds. We look for the unseen. We speak of the unspoken. We listen to the unheard. We actually SEARCH for the underground. We are not underground. We are not indie. Music never comes to us. We seek it. We seek the hidden. And we find it, make it our own. And claim it ours.

When the masses find it, we curse. We curse its popularity. But what are we doing, if not bursting that popularity? Who are we hating, but not hating ourselves? Aren't we listening? Aren't we downloading? Listening to the infamous doesn't make us better. Discovering the secret, doesn't make us known. Who are we, but the masses? We are part of the masses. Cause we are not alone in the liking something. The liking it's not ours alone, but the world's. Global. We are not one. We are not unique. We are not the biggest fans. We are just a miniscule part of the listeners. And the singers have heard it all. And the so much style we seek, the so much style we try to portrait. The words we include in our throats, they don't make us unique. We are as fake as them. But we are so much worse, because we believe we're better when we're not.

We are all fools listening to fools. Misunderstanding. Pretending to understand. Music is property of everyone. No one has the right to lock it, or proclaim it their own. Liking the infamous, the unheard doesn't make us big. And just because the masses listen too, doesn't make them wanna be's. Aren't we ALL wanna be's? Don't we follow the styles we see? Listen to the sounds they make and promote? We don't create anymore: everything's been created. We remaster. We remix. We change. We follow their leads, and they follow ours. We are not unique. We are not indie. We are not underground. The underground is fake. The world has gone global.


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