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The magic of the written words!

Submitted:Jan 23, 2009    Reads: 131    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

It has been slightly over 4 months since i last sat and out of free will, decided to write something; 4 months since i last picked up my virtual pen, and jotted down what this head of mine has been thinking off.

But this self enforced sabbatical of mine, made me appreciate writing, made me miss it; and as i went on to read on and on for others, i felt every time brought me closer to writing again; it was not for the lack of thoughts, ideas or things to write about, but more about how i didn't feel like writing.

And now as i regain the feeling of awesomeness of the phenomena that is, words meets paper; the stupendous process of thoughts being translated into words; i come to find myself asking, why is it we write?

So why do we write!? why do we share thoughts, opinions, advises, stories and experiences through the written word, and not just use the word of mouth. And aside from the sole purpose of saving info or knowledge on paper; we tend to express our selves via written words more strongly and accurately than we do vocally.

I believe words say and have it all, you can express feelings otherwise unexpressed by sounds, written words are always true, no matter the pretense or the facade been put, you can always find parts of the writer in their own words; i myself have came to know some people better through reading their works; you see, you can never lie to that piece of paper in front of you; and why should you; you can show it love, happiness, joy, hope and it will accept it all, no questions asked. Similarly show hate and that white piece of paper will accept it, show it vengeance, ugliness, evil, perversion and it will still accept it all, also no questions asked.

We tend to use that generous nature of the white piece of paper, and we scribble on it all of our inmost desires and secrets, jot down all of our fears and hope, write in it our wishes and dreams; and use it to communicate with others of this world.

Words are magic; civilizations are written in history, and history is written in words, and if not in words, were drawn on walls. Written words are there to stay, to be constant, to always have effect.

I believe we write because we feel the power of the written words; reading words and hearing them are totally different, when we read the stories we live their worlds, we embrace the heroes, we become the words we read, imagination runs free, not limited by other senses of vision, touch, hearing or even smell. While reading, your world is the extent of your mind, and the mind can cross spaces of time and distance, bend realities and makeup new rules, that we actually can't do. When i read about war, i can imagine my own custom settings of that war, even with all details given to me by the writer, i still can manage to make it my own, while in films, you are limited to what your vision interprets to the brain, if you see a red tank, you cant convince yourself it's blue.

Writing is a matter that can be very intimate, like a journal or a personal dairy; or can be very public like a column or an article.

That brings us to the question at hand, why do we write? do we write, because we have something to say, or do we write because we have too, maybe we write because we have talent to do so, or we write because we just can, i know we definitely write so we can share, share our hopes and dreams, our failures and successes, share our falls and our raise, our defeats and victories, our hate and love, or simply just share our thoughts.

I write these words, to write, because i missed writing; i write these words to speak with all you reading this, i write these words to share my feelings.....

So why do YOU write?


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