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By: Jocelynwonders

Page 1, A comparison of the two.

"It is like comparing apples and oranges," the familiar cliche says, and so I take on the onerous task of making a comparison of the two edibles.

First, what is the apple; what is the orange? The apple is the fruit of a deciduous tree which favors a temperate climate in which to grow, while the orange is the hesperidium (a type of berry) of an evergreen tree that prefers a warmer clime in which to develop. The apple is harvested with its stem, while the orange is harvested without it. While the apple is firm and crisp, the flesh of the orange is soft and juicy. The apple, being solid in structure, provides a satisfying crunch when eaten, while the orange consisting of segments easily separated, provides a soft pulp to savour.

The skin of the apple is thin and edible, whereas the skin of the orange is thick and unpalatable. Moreover, the skin of the apple is smooth and shiny, while the skin of the orange is rough and pocked. The apple contains its brown seeds in a central core, while the orange scatters its seeds thoughout its segments. Furthermore, the seeds of the apple are poisonous, whereas the seeds of the orange, often ingested during gustatory enthusiasm, are harmless.

The apple when peeled, or cut, oxidizes immediately, whereas the orange, when peeled or cut, dehydrates over time. While the apple retains freshness when stored over several months in a cool room, the orange requires the extra coolness of refrigeration for freshness. Indeed, the apple can thrive for several weeks in a bowl at room temperature, whereas the orange would be fortunate to survive a single week at room temperature.

Weighing the differences between the apple and the orange leads me to conclude that the apple is the superior of the two comestibles.

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