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Prometheus- A Movie Review

By: John Stark

Page 1, My review for the new sci fi movie Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott.


Let me start this review by stating that i absolutely loved prometheus. I feel absolutely mesmerized by all the negative reviews this movie has been getting. Prometheus began as being a prequel to the movie Alien, by the same director (Ridley Scott), but was later changed to a spin off.
   Now, Alien is probably my favorite movie ever. With that in mind, does this movie live up to the hype? Absolutely not. But, can this movie stand by itself as an enjoyable, thrilling, sci fi adventure? YES! Yes it can. 
     Here are some of the positives that this movie presents: stunning visuals, a great mood and atmosphere, an interesting cast (Fassbender and Theron are both amazing in this movie), an amazing soundtrack and some pretty disturbing moments. 
    Some people are complaining about one dimensional characters, which i didn't really notice. Apart from the minor characters, everyone appears to have a motivation in this movie. 
     Please, ignore the one star and two star ratings this movie has been getting. It does not deserve in any way that score. Keep in mind, this is not Alien, and you will not be disappointed. And if you have some doubts about your feelings, maybe watch it twice or more. This movie will get better with repeated viewings.    
I give it: 8 out of 10 stars.

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