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Who made YOU the judge?

Article By: Khano
Editorial and opinion

just an opinion-aired article. Please tell me what u think.

Submitted:Nov 15, 2010    Reads: 144    Comments: 26    Likes: 8   

Who put YOU as judge?

Have you ever noticed the irony of life? When a person is alive, people mock at them, taunt them, laugh at their every flaw, critisize them, and basically...make their lives a living hell. And then when they die, at their funerals, suddenly everyone is all "oh yes, he was so generous, he was so sweet, he was so charitable and amicable..." ?

This is the sad thing about people. We are so fast to judge. Yet so slow to correct ourselves.

It's a fact, people never look at the good in an individual [or rather, very few], but instead search for their faults. Of course they find it, since we all stumble sometimes. They won't say "did you know how sweet he is to his mom? Did you know what a treasure he is to his family? Do you know how he stuck up for his friends?" No...what comes out is "Do you know who he slept with? Do you know what his girlfriend is saying about him? Do you know why the head shouted him?"

But what about ourselves? Are we perfect? Do we always do the right thing? Are we so immaculate that we are allowed to pick on things that are none of our business?

No. We aren't. And if you object, and are currently crossing your arms and calling me names, then you're just in denial...and you can't accept the truth. And you should just exit and go away [bye!].

People who gossip, always get gossiped about. It a vicious cycle. Gossip Girl times a billion. And anyway...what good does it do? By speaking badly about someone, how is it doing anything for you?

Obviously when someone does something to you it's natural to want to swear them in every single language, so we usually end up venting it on our friends [I know, I'm a victim]. But I've learnt, why waste time on losers who do stuff like that to you? It'll come back to them.

Islam teaches a muslim to "conceal the fault of a person" as does every religion. And even for people who aren't "religious" pe-say, it takes a person of intellect to know that we 'shouldn't judge a book by it's cover'.

What I am trying to highlight here is how important it is not to judge people. If someone comes across as quiet, and moody. Take the time out to ask them what's wrong, offer friendship. We're all brothers and sisters in this world, nobody is superior, and nobody is inferior. Because what happens when you become the inferior one?


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