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Afternoon Ramblings -1-

By: kissthemoon

Page 1, Is it just me, or....

.... are phones going extinct?

I know what you're all thinking: "Uh no. I'm reading this on my phone right now."

What I mean to say is, the art of telephoning. What is the primary need for a phone? The first answer our brain goes to is to call people. But nowdays,the more likely answer is to stay connected.The great-great grandparents of texting and instagramming and facebook were conversations--the sound of people's voices travelling through a heck of a lot of wires to get somewhere. That's a pretty incredible thing to think about from time to time, especially when you look at how effortlessly we all expect communicating to be these days.

Little Miss Chatterbox was my favourite of the Mr. Men book series as a child. I was exactly like this character! Talking came naturally to me and I always loved a good chat. In fact, most employers have that to say about me today (and for some reason, always accompanied with a disapproving eyebrow raise). Movies and magazines would portray a typical teenage girl as one who hogs the home's only phone line with endless calls to her bff. At school there was detention or being sent outside the classroom for talking too much. This was a natural occurence for many. When you were so obviously not paying attention because you were engaging with someone else, you got called out for it and had to sit in silence. Being able to break that rule with a portable device that could send your words virtually and silently, well, that's just evolution baby. When you speak to someone face to face there is a level of attention you are giving that conversation. When you send a text message, you can spread your attention over several conversations silmutaneously. Still, there seem to be fewer and fewer Chatterboxes as the years go on. It's tiring to have to spell everything out for people (literally). There isn't really a place for a Chatterbox in the virtual world. I'm not having a moan, I'm merely observing a collective human trait whilst stroking my chin.

I can understand why talking on the phone is a very tasking task indeed. You must take the mobile deviceyou have there in your hand and continue to use it but away from sight. You can no longer multitask, you can only sit/stand there and wait your turn to speak. But that slow, one-dimensional way of communicating is over now and let us rejoice! So what if landline phones and phone plans themselves soon serve no purpose? We have what we need at the touch of a button and a slide of the finger.

But don't you just love a good chat?

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