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Things That Bug Me About Booksie

Article By: Lacy Cornwall
Editorial and opinion

The things that have come to bug me about Booksie writers.

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Things That Bug Me About Booksie

This isn't easy to write. First of all, as a writer, I don't mind some constructive criticism. That's why we're here, right? And I can't say that I've ever seen a comment on a piece that says "Your writing sucks, man!" Thank God people here are civil. There are some things about some writers on Booksie, however, that don't make me go screaming and running for a gun, but definitely bother the begeezus out of me. So just as a way of venting, here's some of them.

Romance Stories

These things bother me. A lot. Not that I dislike romance in general. Heck, I can be as romantic as the next person, given half a chance. No, what bothers me is the concept of romance as it appears here on Booksie. I'm sure that there's some adult, intelligent romances out there, but why can't I find them? Invariably, once I start reading, I'll find that the story is about a outsider teen girl who meets an outsider teen boy and they fall in love in high school.

Granted, that doesn't sound so bad, but if that's ALL you can find around here, it gets old, quick. Does no one have a romance in their 20's? Their 30's? Does romance begin and end with high school? The best romances in my life were when I was in my 20's and 30's. High school is when a girl write her "married name" over and over in a notebook. (Mrs. Jim Walters Mrs. Jim Walters Mrs. Jim Walters). In high school, you THINK you know romance, but trust me, you haven't a clue. Romance, like every other experience in your life, involves conflict. Conflict, in the case of romance, is not about fighting external forces, it's about GROWING to love each other. It's not always love at first sight (which is VERY rare), and it's not all perfect (which is even more rare). It involves give and take and getting to know each other and being disappointed as well as elated. It's a story. Give me a story. I'll take a side of conflict within that relationship, please!

Vampire Stories

Okay, sure, Twilight is big. Mega-big. There are probably aliens on other planets who worship the Twilight characters. But come on! Be original. Right now, vampires are being done to death (and trust me, that pun was totally unintended, but also unavoidable). That will change, but while it's the Big Thing at the moment, use the time to write something that doesn't involve characters who sparkle in the sunshine. If you've got to use a vampire, make him a bloodthirsty killer, just avoid making him a count!

Fan Fiction

You knew this one was coming, didn't you? Fan fiction is, by its very definition, bad. There are people who can escape or even elevate the genre, but those people are few and far between. Most fan fiction is crap, full of your favorite characters getting it on with your Mary Sue or Gary Stu. (Look those up if you don't know what they are.) If the main character of Doctor Who had the sex life he has in fan fiction, he'd already be dead, even with 12 regenerations! Fan fiction is bad. Stay away from it if you can't write a story that has a plot.

Speaking of Mary Sue...

Fan fiction is NOT the only place you see Mary and her brother Gary. The above romances mentioned involve teenage girls who are outsiders for no good reason. How about an outsider who's not an idealized version of the teenage girl who's writing it? Hey, maybe she could be failing a class? Or maybe she drinks? Or (gasp!) SMOKES? I'm playing these for laughs, but seriously, a protagonist with some flaws would be a welcome change. Something that says "I'm human." Surprise me here!

Does Anyone Have An Adventure After High School?

Now granted, not much can be done about that here. If you're a teenager, you're going to write about teenagers. I get that. But am I the only person on Booksie over the age of {cough, cough}? Where's an intelligent, realistic romance by a forty-year-old woman? And no, I'm not talking about the stories you read that have Fabio on the cover. Here, I'll give you a story idea I've yet to find on this site. It's yours for free. If you can do something with it, go for it! Just be sure to let me know when you have some of it posted, because I'd love to read it:

Jessie is a 20-something who has just broken up with her boyfriend because he found her in bed with another man. Jessie has to re-evaluate herself as a person. She decides to get away from it all with a vacation to New Orleans, so she and her best friends, Lana and Steve, hit the road. Once there she meets the handsome and enigmatic Jason La Fleur, which makes Steve jealous because he's always secretly loved Jessie, but Jessie can't see that.

Now in this story, it turns out that Jason is NOT perfect, NOT a teenager, and NOT (I repeat, NOT) a vampire!

Wow, what I wouldn't give to read that!

Now in all seriousness, there's probably a story so close to that here that someone could sue me for plagarism. But danged if I can find it. Which gives me my biggest gripe about Booksie itself: The search system sucks!

Peace Out,



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