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Consider this an Anti-Rant. These are some of the writers I like on Booksie and why I like them.

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Writers I Like On Booksie

I recently wrote an article on here about Things That Bother Me About Booksie. This pithy little soliloquy was intended as a rant about the sameness of some ideas that seem to constantly appear and reappear in the stories on this site. Looking back on it, it seems to boil down to one thing: The writers who bug me the most are much, much (much) younger than I.

Now some of you know (and some of you don't) that I'm a fictional character. That's right, Lacy Cornwall doesn't exist, except in the diseased mind of one of the writers here. I (the real me) am a writer here and I write a lot -- every day -- in hopes of one day being a Serious Writer(TM). Lacy appears in a book series that I write, and she also, along with her sister, write my fiction blog for me. I greatly appreciate that. I created this Lacy Cornwall account because I wanted an account where I can just read and comment if the whimsy hits me, without people having to read my stuff in return. This is especially useful if I think my comments are going to sound a bit harsh. I try not to let that happen, but when I see Twilight- and Hunger Games-based stuff, written by people who change the names around and present it as original, little streams of smoke come out of my ears and I turn into a 7-foot tall green She-Hulk. (There IS such a character as She-Hulk. I checked.) I don't want to ever tell a writer here that they suck and honestly, I've yet to meet one who does. It's just two things:

  1. Their choice of subject matter for a work lacks originality.
  2. Their insistence that said work IS "original".

Seriously, some people wouldn't know originality if it bled to death on their front lawn.

But I digress...

When I started writing, my writing sucked. There are some who would argue that it still sucks, but I can hold up some of the first stuff I wrote and point out that it now sucks less. Writing is a craft, like making a violin, and it's the craftsman who can elevate that skill to art. There's only one Stradivarius, just as there's only one Neil Gaiman. So I can't be too hard on newbie writers. I was one myself.

Just one more thing to note before I get to the meat and potatoes: Never ask me to read poetry. I have never developed an appreciation for it and that's a shortcoming on my side, not yours. Most of the poems I've enjoyed start with "There once was a lady from Venus" or words to that effect. If I read it, my eyes will glaze over and like viewing some Japanese anime, I will go into epileptic shock and fall to the floor. It's beyond my ability to process. It could be the greatest thing ever written and if it's in verse, it will go straight over my li'l punkin haid. Be forewarned.

Having said that, there are writers on here whose output I consider art, and here's a list of them and why I like their stuff. (No, I am not any of these people.) This list is in no particular order and Your Mileage May Vary:

Kelly Marino

Kelly was the first person to comment on my stuff, so I thought I'd reply in kind. Although she only had one story up at the time, I was delighted to find that it was intelligent, thought-provoking, and just a little crazy (well, the one story anyway) and I absolutely loved it! Spelling and grammar are a big turn-on for me, as a reader, and Kelly has her stuff down pat. The story I read, "Into The Hourglass" (now on Amazon (shameless plug)), is a fun mixture of time travel, romance, destiny, and defeating the bad guy. Highly recommended!


Only one story up, and nothing new posted in months, but what a GREAT concept, written intelligently and with flair. "Confessions of a Single Lady" tells the story of an affair from the "other woman" POV. It's not all peaches and cream for her either, and it makes you think. Whitney has a snappy style and I'd really like to read more of her stuff. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Sexy Scarlett

I was probably two chapter into her "Samantha: Book One" before it dawned on me that this is essentially The X-Men, but it's presented in an interesting way. This is how you write teenagers intelligently. Samantha's not perfect, but everyone wants a piece of her because of her strange powers and she's just a pawn between the bad guys and everyone else, even her stepfather. (That's gotta suck!) Scarlett's other stuff is good too.

Sasha O Rowan

Her "Dark Hunter" takes awhile to get into, but that just means that there's more to read. Descriptive and nicely phrased, it escapes its genre roots and draws you in. And that's a Very Good Thing.


I just recently discovered this writer and I'm much impressed. I like fantasy and his "A.S.P.T." is a wonderful tale of an aging superhero, his daughter, and an evil entity that lives in his head, eager to take over the hero's power-filled body as soon as said hero croaks from his weak heart. Four chapters and counting, so far, and worth every sentence.

Scribe Scrawl

Mr. Scrawl (May I call you Scribe?) asked to become a fan after my initial complaint about writers, so as can be expected, I checked out his stuff. Mostly poetry, but as I pointed out, poetry is not my cup of tea. So I checked out a beautiful little piece called "The Social Pretense" and it was everything I could hope for in fiction. It's not a long short story, so I won't comment too much about the specifics, but you should read it. It's tense, funny, and romantic, all at the same time. It's grounded in the real world (my own stuff is too, but I always throw in some minor quirky stuff, like a dead aunt who just won't stay dead) and it literally charmed me.

When I was young, there was the concept of anthology television: no regular cast or writers, just a different story each week. Think "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", or more correctly, the now forgotten "Dick Powell Show". This little story would be perfect for that. No boogie men, no monsters, no fantasy, just well-written, thoughtful drama. It soothed my weary, vampire-filled eyes at just the right time.

So there you have it. A short list of some of the writers here that I admire. I felt that this served a better purpose than listing the ones that make me want to poke out my eyes with a vampire's fang. If you're so-inclined, check some of them out.

Please and Thank You.



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