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Today, Maybe not tomorrow...

By: Lady Annabella

Page 1, Why shall we put off for tomorrow what we can do today?

Today, Maybe not tomorrow.

Today, because there may not be a tomorrow.

Why shall we wait another day to complete what we can do today? Tomorrow the world may be gone. Everything we know today could be so much different tommorrow. Time changes; but do we?
Why do we put off the seemingly small tasks for tomorrow when tomorrow comes and that task would have resulted to be so much success? Why do we lower ourselves? Could we be more than we see ourselves everyday in the mirror?
If we tell ourselves nothing but positivity, will we change as people?

I wonder everyday if life can change the most broken persons' perspective. Is it possible to save the most broken individuals? Shall we even spend the time and effort to help the unfortunate since tomorrow is not promised? Selfishness is just as bad as being a broken person. Selfishness, I see as the worst personality.

Being the angel of the broken is a gift of mine, but its not always the best gift to hold within. If only they knew the real me. If only they noticed their true potential. If only I could see my own and pursue such.

Have you ever asked yourself why there is so much pain within a person?
It seems like something we can never truly fix. It almost seems like they can only fix themselves at times because we cant ever understand the feelings they carry.
For example, when you just lost a loved one and someone says, "Im sorry, I know how you feel." The last thing you should ever say to that person is that you understand what they are going through. We may see things the same way at times, but we never feel the same way. We are all different, but same as well. Does this make sense?
Why cant we all just drop the negativity and look at only the positive in life? Maybe then there will be happier people in the world. Maybe we can complete our visions of our futures that we envision for ourselves.

So, why wait for tomorrow when nothing in life is promised?

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