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Where do we place the blames?

Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 7    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   


Why are we so quick to place blame before we see both sides of a situation? We blame a runaway teen for being rebelious against the "perfect parents" when we dont really see what happens behind the scenes. So how can we place blame?
And, we are quick to blame a troubled teen before we see the deeper reasonings. A person does not just wake up in the morning and say, "today I'm going to go get high, drunk and crash my parents car. Or maybe I will ruin my life by taking a life whether by murder or rape." There is a deeper reason in why someone would make such a decision. It all goes back to lack of parenting honestly. Think about it for a moment. You see a child at the grocery store screaming and throwing a fit. Why didnt the parent do what it took then to correct the problem? To teach the child at the young age how to act in public instead of just ignoring them thinking the child will temporarily shut up. And thats exactly what that is, temporary.
Then you hear about the "child spanking" argument. Well, my opinion on that goes both ways. I believe a child does get too old for spankings from my own experience. A young child sometimes cant comprehend anything more than yes or no, right and wrong. BUT... thats where you start. Thats where they learn and its okay to give the child a little tap. But, once they hit their young teen years thats when the spankings should end. Not only does laying a hand on your teen piss them off, but then they rebel. Depending on the teens personality and behavior, thats how you should figure how to punish their bad behavior and such. In my experience, when my mom layed her hand in me as I was a little older it did nothing but piss me off and make me rebel more. It didnt make me stop that behavior. I never liked my home life anyways so I left at a young age and did my own thing. My life is going well and on the right track.
My point, if you are a parent dont take the easy way out when it comes to your child. Being a parent is a job all to its own. Its a job you can never just quit because since the day of conception, it is your responsibility.


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