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Bollywood Top 10 Tax Payers Of 2008 - 09

Article By: lubusait
Editorial and opinion

They are the crem de la crem.

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Well, well. The top 10 list of Bollywood tax payers for 2008-09 gets interesting. There are a few upsets and few misses but it is quality that scores here. A few records too have been set. It is a premium list. And it urges everyone to declare assets and file taxes. It helps any country in its progress.
Bollywood stars have set an example before anyone, which is so easy to follow. They are the leading lights in not only acting but are the financial backbone of a nation on its onward march. Let's see where the stars are placed on the financial skyline. They burn bright and their light dazzles us.
1. AKSHAY KUMAR (9.9.64; 41): Tax paid 31crore
Khiladi Kumar has come a long way since 1991. From being a cook, karate kid to a Bollywood superstar, his rise has been truly meteoric. And now he has thrown another surprise at his fans. He has pipped past Shahrukh Khan (although only by a slight margin) and occupied the number 1 spot. Well done, Akki boy.
2. SHAHRUKH KHAN (2.11.65; 43): Tax paid 30.99crore
The King will always remain a king, never mind a minor upset. King Khan has been a number 1 tax payer in the past many years. From being number 1 at the box office to being number 1 as the tax payer, he has seen it all. So, this year's minor upset of being at number 2 will not annoy him. It will make him work harder to regain his top spot. He is already working towards it with IPL cricket, My Name Is Khan, endorsements, advertises, etc, etc. Looking forward to the next year, King. Sure.
3. AAMIR KHAN (14.03.65; 44): Tax paid 14crore
This finicky and fastidious Khan won't like this spot but what can be done about it. He doesn't consider himself second or third to King Khan. Never! But this is how things are now at the tax paying list. Although Aamir is ameer, he could only muster a third position. Still, we would say, not bad! For him, the only way is to go up and climb two more rungs on the ladder. The view is pretty good from there. Top class!
4. SALMAN KHAN (27.12.65; 43): Tax paid 8.6 crore
Even bad boys become goody goody before the tax man. Sallu miyan is no different. He has been nice enough to file his taxes on time and whoa! The result is amazing. He occupies the fourth position. Good, very good, I must say. If only his movies click at the box office, he will rise again from the ashes. Considering him, that is not a difficult feat. Don't be naughty Sallu. And no tricks, please. Only treats from you, Watch out for him in 2009!
5. RAJESH KHANNA (29.12.42; 66): Tax paid 6.87 crore
Probably, in the history of Bollywood tax payers, both the son-in-law (Akshay) and father-in-law (Rajesh) occupy the same list for the first time this time. Rajesh may not like his sixth position for he has always been on the top - the ultimate superstar. But his ranking is a surprised entry this time. No doubt, he is a rich man. But this year he has been in the list all because of him clearing all his tax arrears till Sept 2008. It must have been a great relief for him. And a pleasure too for upsetting Bachchan, who had upset him from his superstar throne in the 80s. Good going, chinky eye.
6. AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN (1.11.73; 35): Tax paid 4.75 crore
Her movies are few and far between (forget about hits). Her endorsements and advertising have been reduced greatly. There is stiff younger breed of competitors. She is ageing. God knows if she is paying taxes for only circulating in the media! Whatever, she has found herself here. So, here she is.
7. KAREENA KAPOOR/SAIF ALI KHAN (21.09.80; 28/16.08.70; 38):
Taxes paid 3.7 crore/8.63 crore
Hats off to the first live-in couple (or so they say) of Bollywood. It is the coming of age in Bollywood. Kareena's movies were so-so but her reach out to the youth is tremendous. She is a great one for style. So, altogether not bad for her to be in the race pipping past Katrina, Priyanka and Deepika. She deserves this spot. Kudos.
Chhote Nawab too has not done badly for himself. He has proved he is chip off the old block. He has been rock steady in his performance and listings. So, here's wishing this jodi to be here for a long time to come. Rock on!
8. ABHISHEK BACHCHAN (5.02.76; 33): Tax paid 3.2 crore
His films don't work. But he too is media savvy. Many wonder how he would survive without his famous last name. Is this all to him for acting-wise he will not find himself in any 1-100 list. His performance lasts till the media conferences. At the box-office his films sink faster than a ship. He should be in frantic search of the audiences. But then, he too is somehow here. Wonder how?
9. HIMESH RESHAMMIYA (23.07.73; 35): Tax paid 3 crore
He is a true wonder boy. From singing to acting, he has done it all. And he has endeared himself beyond the Gujju crowd. He does have that something in him. His money-making skills must be music to tax man's ears. And this is one song, no tax man would forget. They would want Himesh to be here permanently. Composing newer pricey tunes. What say, Himesh? Money money money. It's funny. It's rich man's soul. Ha ha.
10. AMITABH BACHCHAN (11.10.42; 66): Tax paid 1.25 crore
Of late, Bachchan has relied heavily on the media. That does help but not in pulling the audience to the theatres. His films have flopped big time. His reach on the media is strong but sadly the same cannot be said of his pull on the movie-going crowd. His performance had lost that pull and punch. He is all shadow and no substance. He is just going through the motions. He must pull up his socks or next year after number 10, he will not be seen in this list. Other more deserving ones will be here. Aah, how the 'mighty' fall!
So, this is it, guys and dolls. A big round of applause for these 10 tax-payers. They have set an example for all to follow. Bollywood has certainly come a long way since the days when there used to be mega raids on superstars' houses and huge booty used to be recovered. Not anymore. Today's stars are class-conscious and responsible citizens. Way to go!
Sadly missing from this list are Shahzada Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. But fikar not. Next year is not far. Who knows what that holds for these stars?


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