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Homeschooling versus Public Schools

Article By: MAmberConrad
Editorial and opinion

I would love your opinions on homeschooling kids and public schools.

Submitted:Oct 3, 2008    Reads: 470    Comments: 25    Likes: 11   

It is 6:15 in the morning. The sun isn't even up yet. I've already showered, had a cup of coffee and threw some clothes on. Maybe even put on make up, if I have to work. It is that time. I quietly open the first door, second cup of coffee in hand, and turn off her fan. On comes the bright light. A muffled sound comes from under the covers. "Good morning, baby girl," I offer cheerfully. I see her hand slap into the air. "No."

I tiptoe out of the room and open a second door, which is not so quiet. I need to spray those darned hinges. Turning on her light, I say "Good morning, my big girl!" Not a single movement or sound comes from her bed. I sit beside her and rub her back. "Hey, sweet pea. It's time to wake up."

Christina is smiling from the door. "Hey, mama!" She comes running at me, arms open. We embrace like we haven't seen each other in years. This is one of the many great hugs I get from her. Pointing to my cup, she asks "Coffee?"I have to tell her, no. She can't have any coffee.

Claire is still sound asleep. She can sleep through anything. I grab around her waist and sit her up myself. Her long hair is everywhere. "Hey, babe. Where's that pretty smile? Eh?" I think she growled at me this time.

Taking Christina with me, we go to the kitchen. She helps me get some yogurt and juice. I get out the meds to dole out to them. "Ready?" I ask her. "Yeah, ready."
This happens five times a week, Monday through Friday, and it rarely changes. This is just a typical morning in the house. My kids go to public school. Currently, I am a substitute teacher in the neighboring public schools. I have been asked if I wanted to homeschool my children. No. it's a quick and simple answer.
I do understand the advantages of homeschooling. Studies show that home schooled children have significantly less behavioral problems than their public schooled peers do. Studies also show that home schooled kids have higher test scores than kids in public schools.
So, why do my kids go to public school? To be with their peers. To make relationships with people outside of our family. I believe that we learn about ourselves when we have these relationships.
Most of the sites I looked up on Homeschooling versus Public Schools seemed bias to me. I can understand the advantages homeschooling has for children. In my personal opinion, public school is not all that bad. As long as the teacher, parent, and child are all communicating and are on the same page, public school can be very effective.
If you comment on this, I have a couple of questions I would like answered.
How old are you? Were you homeschooled, or did you go to public or private school? Do you have kids? Are they homeschooled, or go to public or private school? I would love to hear your comments.


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