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Our generation is falling behind

By: maystar

Page 1, I was inspired to write this when I read piece by khano

Is our generation of kids lazy? This is a question I wish to find the answer for. Personally I agree to the statement above. It is quite true. Right know I am in year eight, well in seven weeks from now, year nine and recently learnt about pi. I found it a bit tricky, but fossils actually show, that hundreds years back, people, much younger, than I now, were doing it im ease. A main contribrution is technology. It has dominated all our lifes and now it is something mosr of us have got addicted to. But did you know that we are going backwards rather than advancing? How is that possible? Did you know that without binaries, there would be no electrical things and binaries were invented in the ancient egypyian times. Also in one of the pyramids there were a set of instructions on how to make a light bulb. Also electricity was found in one of the pyramids. They discovered that two chemicals mixed could make electricity. The victorian kids did more work than us now. They were beaten if not up to high standards or simply "replaced". I think that the drive to work, was one of the things that made them to achieve as much as they did. But when beating was stopped and forced hard labour was banned, you realise that the way they conducted theirselves changed. Also children now tend to grow up older. By grow up older I mean understanding. And when people understand they do not go over it, most prefer to play games instead of learning basic life skills. So, to conclude our generation I as not as advanced as it seems and so in a way, we are in fact going backwards.

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