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"About Abortion" is a lecture by LilithYggdrasil, HighPriestess of the Church of AboraMana, explaining why the right of free decision should be given back to the women. It is only 388 words long, easy to read, providing argumentative ammunition for women (and the men) who agree with her.

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LilithYggdrasil / Lectures / About Abortion / (LilithYggdrasil is the title - not the name - of the Chairwoman of the Great Council and the HighPriestess of the Church of AboraMana in my hometown AtlantaCaldera.) / We consider abortion a problem that belongs into the hands of women only, but not into the hands of men; and We will support every law that gives the Right Of Free Decision back to the individual woman concerned, without any interference by men. / Abortion is not a concern of The State and it's laws. / Neither is it a concern of morals, which change according to social preferences, mostly for illogical reasons. / Neither is it a concern of a religion, no matter of what belief-system, or under which name this religion honors the Supreme Being. / It becomes a moral, thus public, thus legal problem only, when one of the many One-And-Only-True-Religions (mostly run by men) use the State (mostly run by men) and it's laws to meddle in the private affairs of women. / // Abortion is the physical, emotional, and spiritual problem of the individual woman concerned-and nobody else's. / The body of the woman is entirely her own, and only she has the right to speak and decide for it. Thus it is her decision to end the growing life within her or not. It might be the concern of the man who dropped his seed into her, but it can never be his decision because he does not own the body of the woman, and he does not own his seed anymore. / The emotions of the woman are entirely her own, and she alone has to face them and live through them her whole long life; and only women who had an abortion can possibly understand her. No man will ever come close to understand the emotions of a woman in her condition no matter how clear his memories of a former life as a woman might be. / Her spiritual life is entirely her own, and nobody is entitled to interfere with it. She alone has to face what she considers her Supreme Being to justify her decision, and nobody is entitled terrorize her by substituting her Supreme Being with a judgmental God of a private belief-system to force the male point of view about abortion on the woman. / Yours truly / LilithYggdrasil /


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