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just an essay about the mis conception of God, women and religion

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yesterday i was talking to a few friends of? mine ,? they were of mixed religious backgrounds, some were muslims, some were rastafarians, others were hindis and many were athesists.

and while i was talking to them i found out they had a totally wrong view about the God i serve the god of? jews and christians.

let me start first with my muslim friends, while we were discussing God i? asked the question of how should we treat women,? for the life of me even though i read about how some islam believers treat and view women i was still shell shocked. i couldn't believe the answer.? their answer was women should always cover their bodies, never leave the house without a male companion. i was shocked. and those guys are my friends so when i asked them? how should i be treated remember those guys are my friends and are also muslims. they said i should be treated exactly like a muslim woman and? since i was cheating on my boyfriend ( not anything sexual? just a kiss i gave a guy) i should? be stoned to death because i committed the sin of adultery? though i'm not married. i asked how would allah? the muslim name god view this and they replied? he would think it just?.

then i asked about where do women go after they died where does allah take them

they reply the quran does not speak of a woman's fate when she dies but it does make note of a man's fate. the man will go to heaven where there's virgins waiting for him.

i was in total disbelief. then i asked do you still think? you and i serve the same God?

and they said yes we are spirtual brothers of abrahmn

but then i replied the God i serve has a heaven waiting for both men and women

?and he certainly doesn't have? virgins waiting for a man in heaven

and he certaintly does not treat women they way you treat women.

and then tried to confuse me about saying a fact about christianity that christians at one point treated their women horrible i agreed to that fact but i also said and showed that it was not in the biblical

us human beings interrupted the bible to? suit our interests

early christians and muslims makes God look like a evil sexist dictator who has no use for women

but the? real God is nothing like that he used women in his ministry

examples ruth, esther, deborah? and also at times he told abrahmn, issac and jacob to hearken to? voice of theirs wives which means listen to their wives

jesus had mary madagaline? has one of his followers and clostist friends

in fact after he rescuurated she was the first of his followers to see him

and there a few more women in the bible and God also sent his holy spirit to both men and women in the upper room in the? book of acts

but i decided to give? up? talking to muslim friends

they were really getting me frustrated and i thought they were different

but that's for another

i now move along to my rastafarian friends

now my rasta friends were not as frustrating as my? muslim friends, they didn't share those harsh rules. but we did have? strong differences in opinion

i ask them of their ganga or weed or what should i say marijuana smoking

they told me it? brings them closer to the father and that weed is only used in ceremonial customs. i also told that weed was unhealthy and? there was scentific proof that it could send someone crazy.

but then? they said that's people who don't know how to use it and those rasta friends said the ganga can be use foe medical reasons and i was? lured into listening to them.

i was so interested especially when they started talking about the back to africa movement and marcus garvey i was excited i did all those things in history class, i wanted them to tell me more but i got disappointed when he said that blacks are superior than whites

i was crushed because i had european ancenstry and my grandad is half white and i have half white cousins, white uncles and aunts in my family and i was more drawn to european culture although i had a wide interest in african culture.

then i asked about haile selassie and their claims that he's God, while they don't disrupt the fact Jesus was a prophet and sent by God, they claimed that haile selassie was God and a direct descendent of? king david. while the latter may? be true? i said to them selassie was of mixed hertiage he had indian and he himself said he was not God. so i decided to ask my? dread friends what do they think of this.

and the answerd the? late former emperor of ethiopia was being humble and he didn't mean what he said. and i said ok

and then i ask about God my rasta friends and i had almost the same opinion of God with exception of him being black and all for superioty of the african nation

now i must clear a myth about rastafarians many people seemed to believe that rastas are unclean, unruly because of those few who claimed to be rastas but i must say they one of the? neatness, mannely and honest people in this world

i must say while i was disapointted a bit i was very enlighten after my conversation with my dreadlock friends oh did i mention they are vegaterains

i wasn't? turn off about rastafariam if i wasn't christian this might? possible been a religion i would? go into.

i now move on to �hinduism. i always thought� hindiuism was� interesting religion


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