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EnVy "self Pity"

By: prison

Page 1, who decides whether you will be happy or unhappy?

Who decides whether you will be happy or unhappy? The (final) answere is "YOU DO"

-Peolpe are just about as happy as they can make up thier mind to be.Ob course you can be unhappy if you want to be. Its the easiest thing in this world to do. It takes no effort, no brains, no strength of characters. You just go around  telling yourself  that life stinks, that nothing ever goes your way, that you never catch a break.

-You creat your own unhappiness by thingking of unhappy thoughs.Maybe you feel that other people are getting thing- good thing- that they dont deserve.You may feel, too.That you are not gettingt what you deserve .Lookingt at life this wayproduces envy.Leads to self pity and eventually misery.

- When you develop the happiness habit,life become a continual feast of opportunities and positive thougth.

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