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Writing is nothing but to communicate. I write as I wish.

You will find some comments in there. It cannot be described. Just read and let your mind sink in as much as it can hold.

For you may understand it now nor tomorrow or ever. Maybe someone will.

I cannot tell you what it means and to know why I cannot you have to read.

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Call me Czar; sit at my table of triumphs settle your sheltered ego for the night, for tomorrow I cannot hold it. Light the candle and gasp at the sheer mass better yet ponder at the copious amounts of food laid before you. You should be nothing to the greatness of I, yet bringing it proportion into the mist of universal space travel I am a spectrum of nothingness.

Let's get to business.

The world deems on the helpless, so do you and I. The world hates difference yet praises those who are different, so do you and I. The world takes what you do and pushes itself up and lets you shrivel on the blanket and the call it your fault, so do you and I. The world puts its back to those beaten even if they deserved it, so do you and I.


Damn nostalgia, it does nothing for us but bring a sense of filth stricken fat created from memories. The question is do you remember the good or bad?

The world laughs at slammed humor that does nothing but neglect, yet the world slams back when the one part does it to another. Calling the second part blasphemers to the universal spin, so do you and I. The world takes so called ingenious instruments and can reflects them to compact greed. This greed goes beyond money, goes beyond possession. This greed is power, so do you and I. The world is quick to judge, so are you and I.

Right before the fourth quarter

"The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern." Lord John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

Who is one man? Who are 2 billion people mashed together forced to control. How am I anything, why would the gods bring me above you?

The world makes us lose are minds, as do you and I. The world is young, so are you and I. The world can end in a split second into something either so small in comparison to everything, but to the things close it's a grand explosion. The world changes all the time, so do you and I.

To be confused is a necessity. Space cannot be measured in meters, nor can understanding come in seconds or minutes.

Interpretation is the essence of humanity.

The world reads this article as it wants to, so do you and I.

Can you pass me the wine please? I am a bit thirsty after our talk.

Next time I hope it doesnt make a leader to make you think.


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