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Why we all are wasting our Present to improve our Future.

Article By: ravneetpurohit
Editorial and opinion


Use your present, forgot about your past it will automatically repair your future.

Now days i am seeing all we are constrained on the future totally ignoring the present value of our life.

I am not professional writer i can do mistakes in that may be i can hurt some one so please forgive me just you all forgive you son,brother or friend in which category i can fit.

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Hi Friends,

In a middle class life to upper class, 40 year aged person to 16 year child, an employee to a businessman everyone is want to achieve them goal in future.

But the problem is in my mind I am not abling myself to think my goal & leave in my heart for achieve them in future. And when I come in that stage my goal will be totally change & I forgot to achieve that goal & create one new goal to achieve in a next stage of my life.

And all of those process I get one conclusion,IN MY WHOLE LIFE I CAN'T ACHIVE ANY THING TILL TODAY CAUSE I AM SOVOLATILE.But this is not right that I am volatile. This is because I have no value for my present I made always plan for future and get failure.


I have done one survey on my close environment.

Survey location=Jodhpur.

Survey stories.

In my survey i ask some person three question.

Question 1. What are you doing now days?

Question 2. Why you are doing these now days?

Question 3. Do you really want to do that in that time?

Answer by students & YOUTH

1 question answer- 1) MBA

2) CA


4) Engineering

Or some other courses.

2 question answer- i) I want to reach the top place in my field one day.

ii) I want to get married with my girlfriend & she is also doing these.

iii) I want to get clerical job after 27 year of my age.

iv) My father is also doctor so I want to be doctor.

3 question answer-i) not @ all i am doing because i don't get admission in BCA.

ii) Not @ all i tell u before i want to get married with her & she is also doing these.

iii) No my insist me for doing MBBS i want to go for architecture.

iv) No I want to do job in IT field but my father insists for MBA.

Friends are this is enough to perusing courses for future. No friends we are a person in an age where we can improve as well we canStudy in particular field this give us only the theoretical knowledge of subject if we study then only but mostly we even not get the theoretical knowledge of the subject. This cause we only want to pass the course except these if we get practical knowledge of anything whether study, art or even a game we have option to improve us at least in one field. This field, game or art whatever work for you as your satisfaction field. But what we are doing exactly create dissatisfaction which leads some day to depress you or it is like you will always be in stress.

Everyone wants to be the top places why friends why we do these. Friends a supervisor, a person who works on callcenter, or a nurse, a worker even a beggar have value they are satisfy. But i see the person with degree not satisfy they think they want more quality of job, they think they should marry with more beautiful girl, they think they should get more attention then his friend.

Please friend it is just like you can't measure yourself. Please leave the dream & live the real life. There are only 60 or 70 year (average year ofnormal Age) to prove yourself don't try to over expect start proving you each of the day you leaving these days is also from it start proving @ any field where your ethics allow not any one else dream want to see you.

Request don't think negative for these some things-

None of the father/mother wants his son/daughter travel by foot or in a bus, but with condition you have to do. Then your first duty is give the smiley face when you come after the travel & prove that you are satisfied.

None of the father/mother want his son/daughter earn too early but with condition we have to do. Then do that don't fell ashamed when you earn less feel proud at least you earn & self dependent person.

None of mother wants his son/daughter sleep hungry but we have to do with condition. Then please don't feel them that you are hungry feel proud them that this is your first hungry night in your whole life.

None of father wants his son/daughter take cheep mobile but we have to with condition. Then please don't feel your feel them that you have apple iphone.


Friends i am too negative @ my whole life but I no that i should not do that MY FATHER/MOTHER do lot for me but i find the mistakes but @ public i can say i have the best of these universe.



Question first answer-i) Waiting for marriage

ii) Taking rest

iii) Perusing MBA

iv) Taking coaching.

Question second answer-i) I am waiting for my marriage and then i put myself again on job.

ii) I have done five year job in Dubai so now I am taking rest after two month I'll again go for Dubai.

iii) I have done engineering after that two year I done job now a day I am doing Mba that's why I leave all my part & full time jobs.

iv) I want government job that is why i am not going for private job and trying to get government job.

Question three answer- i) No I am not actually want to married but my family insists after that I'll try to get job.

ii) No I don't want to go Dubai but there I have job surety here I have no job surety.

iii) No i don't want to done MBA but by this i get back my college life also so I am enjoying then I will try for campus interview

iv) No i want to be writer but my wife insists me for government job that is why i am doing that.

Sir/friends in that you can also think for your future only & the doing something which you don't want to do the problem is that you have one time these when you firstly take decision to do engineering or all that & now you doing other these types of activities hoping that they will now helps you to get better future no sir please these your second innings in your life to improve yourself or get better or worst but @least satisfaction in your life.

You thinking for better future now again making your present so freely and unplanned. An only think I can comment no one get better future whose not respect his present. Respect present; forget about past & simply remove you mind from future. This is only things we can do with our life.

The reason beyond all of these two generation to disappointment they are not agree that they put themselves @ wrong place & now the are in highly disappointment & they are after experiencing that wrong decision they put themselves again same proceedings.

Enough guys please don't again yourself to get dissatisfaction because you can not get third time to reveal take a wisely decision do that which you can do. It is not like that leaves your study. Live the study if u sing better, live the study if u painting better, live study if u love politics, leave study if u think you want be in defense services, live study if u think you can use resources to create building, live study if u want to write.

And please do not be silly to think that you are pursuing MBA that is why you will be a manager one day and you perusing MBBS you will be like good Doctor which in your dream. No it is absolutely wrong you will not sure fully it may be you are leaving in dream because you only hope that you can & all of your surroundings only can hope that you can. But you don't have to prove only your surroundings but also that world which can see you they have to major you by your work not only by emotion so please you should positively think that once in a day you have to leave your surroundings to prove you best or excellent & that time if you have dissatisfaction with your profile how can you prove how can you even stand infront of the reality.

Life will never come back to you like i can't write this article again life can not come it will never rewind please stand & fight it is your right. Every minute you kill. It is just like a kill one part of your life don't be a murder. It is also a killing of time you do not want to study & you doing just because your father will beat you. It is also like a kill of time you do not want to go school & you go. I am not saying don't go school or college go but take your mind with yourself don't left any mind at any other place and it is better don't go when mind don't want to go with you.

Study is necessary but don't study when your TV serials not allow you to study or i can say your mind not allow you to studying. And please don't' think that study can make you doctor, manager or engineer in the life no it's absolutely not.

I agree today's world is all for competition but don't interpret this is as competition of studies no it is competition of skills, talent & a person honesty and dedication those are seems like fool who think that a study can make man competitive.










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