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This is an insight into naturism. These are my own experiences designed for own knowledge and decision making based on facts.

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Name: Kimberley Craigie

Age: 20 years old

Hobbies: Building and repairing stringed instruments, British Sign Language, Evolution of Machinery, Vintage Cars, Fashion and Helping People.

What is Naturism?

Naturism or nudism is a cultural and political movement practising, advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public. It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

Several other terms ("social nudity", "public nudity", "skinny dipping", "sunning", and, recently, "clothes-free") have been proposed as alternative terms for naturism, but none has found the same widespread public acceptance as the older terms "naturism" and (in much of the United States) "nudism".

The naturist philosophy has several sources, many of which can be traced back to early 20th century health and fitness philosophies in Germany, though the concepts of returning to nature and creating equality are also cited as inspiration. From Germany the idea spread to the UK, Canada, the United States and beyond where a network of clubs developed. The model of German Naturism is to promote naturist family and recreational sports, with the German Association for Free Body Culture (DFK) being a member of the German Olympic Sport Federation (DOSB) French naturism developed on the basis of large holiday complexes. This in turn influenced Quebec and the United States. A subsequent development was tourist naturism, where nudist resorts would be built to cater for the nudist tourist, without any local base. This concept is most noticeable in the Caribean.

From early days, clothes-free beaches and other types of ad-hoc nudist activities have served those who wish to take part in naturist activities without belonging to any clubs. In the UK, this is termed "free-range" naturism.

Naturism can contain aspects of eroticism for some people, although many modern naturists and naturist organisations argue it need not. The lay public and the media often oversimplify this relationship.

How did you become involved in naturism?

When I was 10 years of age, my dad went to his first naturist swim. After that, he started walking about the house in the buff. I was shocked but eventually got used to it.

I refused to go with him to the swim in Haddington, Edinburgh until I was 13 years old. When I went, I was extremely nervous. All these naked people and I hadn't felt very comfortable being nude in the mirror let alone infront of others in the first place.

Let me just side step for a moment. All my life I have been bullied for being 'stupid' and 'slow' but last year I found out I actually have dyslexia and got kicked out of college for it as I couldn't keep up. I was also bullied for being ginger and fat, (even although I was seriously under weight) even my sister who I don't talk to any more bullied me too. I hated myself, my own body and due to a mix of other personal problems, I developed depression and anxiety. I'm not going to go into detail as I don't feel comfortable enough to do so but I can assure you that what's happened in the past is pretty horrific by some peoples standards.

Anyway, I went to the swim, stripped off somewhat reluctantly and went into the pool where there were all older people. This wasn't a problem for me as I love history and these people were full of it! They were able to give me such great advice and sometimes, I wish I had listened to what they had said. So I'm in this pool and it's freezing cold! It's that way so that you're forced to swim to keep yourself warm. Eventually, I was too nervous to even move especially since the two life guards were fully clothed making me feel uncomfortable. Now I know how it feels the other way around.

So I got out of the pool and followed my dad into the steam room and sat with my knees up to cover myself as I felt somewhat uncomfortable. Let me just point out that all naturists have to sit on towels for health and hygeine reasons, that's why I didn't use mine to cover myself.

The steam room was lovely and warm, best ever! Then I go and sit in this room with tea, coffe and biscuits which is between the pool and a gym hall. The people were so lovely! I still felt really uncomfortable so my dad gave me his towel and I wrapped it around myself to hide my body behind it. The last ten minutes, I felt so comfortable that I took off my towel until "Hey, so you've decided to take your towel off." so goes back on the towel. Thanks dad.

Here's a tip: whenever someone does something new for the first time, don't congratulate them until it's over. You make them feel very self concious again!

Not one word was said negatively about myself. A lot of people said that they loved my ginger hair. That was a huge surprise. Although if I remember correctly, my hair was still down to my waist as such:


Flash forward 5 years down the line and a lot of things have happened, ending up with my own flat. The SANER (Scotland And North England Region, including Northern Ireland) Chairman from British Naturism comes to my house with my dad as I told him I was interested in naturism. The reason I done this was because I was fed up of adults thinking they know better than you simply because of their biased ideas.

More tips: telling your children your opinions instead of researching the facts isn't going to win you any respect points.

I found out about naturism through my dad, specifically British Naturism and I wanted in. Before I became a member, I had become what was called the "SANER Youth Officer" at the time. I get my BN membership and then the newspapers want to interview me so I agree.

I was in the "Love It!" magazine and few newspapers and not a single one got my story right. They were even lazy enough to miss out "SANER" and just put Youth Officer of BN. Now, we already had a BN Youth Officer so you can imagine the issues that caused.

Anyway, it was changed to representative and it is now co-ordinator.

So, I'm in the media and my mothers side of the family decide that they think it's wrong. Some friends stopped talking to me and even strangers went out of their way to look me up on Facebook and send me really nasty messages which included such words as 'whore', 'prostitute' and 'slut'. I was really hurt and upset. I had been bullied all my life and the only people who hadn't bullied me so far were the naturists and I wasn't expecting random people to turn against me and actually take time to send me such horrible hate email.

Personally, I think that if your family is pathetic enough to put their own opinions before the facts, they shouldn't be in your life. My mothers side of the family didn't support me so I didn't want anything to do with them. I don't need friends like that let alone family. My dads side of the family I kicked out of my life for different reasons.

So now I'm 'all alone' in this 'big bad world'. I didn't care. I had my self respect and dignity. I was brave enough to stand up for what I believed in and that was all that mattered to me. I can find new friends and more respecting ones. I can tell you now, only 4 friends out of 25 had told me they didn't want to know me any more and blocked me on Facebook. The rest are still my friends today and I respect that. I don't mind peoples opinions but don't try and force them upon me.

My second time at a swim, I was really nervous. I could still remember in the back of my head what the Haddington swim was like but I also remembered that nothing bad happened. So I go to the Western baths swim club in Glasgow and I felt so comfortable. Oh, I should probably mention that at my first and second swim I didn't know where to look. I had never seen so many people naked in one building before in my life! It happens. Believe me. You're looking absolutely everywhere trying to get used to these dangly bits and it is hard the first time but people understand. I said to my dad "Where do I look? It's so weird to see all these bits and bobs. It's hard not to stare!" and he just told me to chill out and get used to it. Look as much as I needed to take in the fact that they are all naked.

The reason I like naturism is there are no fakes. I don't mean that in a discriminatory manner. Let me expand on that... a 17 year old female is walking around town wearing a short dress, strutting her stuff or even a buffed man strutting his stuff in a tight shirt but it's what you don't see when you start to understand.

There's some people that you'd be surprised who have warts or moles, birthmarks or scars and even bits shorter than the other. I do that soemtimes. I usually wear baggy jeans and a shirt and sometimes a baggy jumper if I feel extra insecure so when I do dress nice, I make sure to cover up my flaws. Some people may even be getting beaten by their parent(s) or someone else but no one knows because they're usually beaten where no one will see.

I'm 20 years of age and I have had a horrific life, by some peoples standards and still have problems even now and I'm not looking for your sympathy but letting you know that I am a sympathetic person. I have been there, done that and I know how it feels. I'm usually an ear for people. I listen and give advice based on my own experiences.

Tip: If you feel like your life has been a total waste of time and you hate yourself and your life, remember that you're the one that's the most sympathetic compared to someone who hasn't been in your position at all. You're the one people will respect for coming out the other side and taking life head on!

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm 20 years of age and I have stretch marks on my legs as, over the past year, my depression and anxiety has increased and I have been comfort eating, mainly satsumas which are high in calories. over 100 in just 6 satsumas and I used to eat twice as much or more each day. I was terrified about going to the Glenmorag Hotel this April but it was fantastic! Not one person mentioned or even stared at my stretch marks. Even I forgot I had them. Try walking on a public beach and getting no reaction. I even walked around with Sir Bearington (my brown bear from build-a-bear workshop) and no one cared. In fact, they loved him and as well as putting Scotty Mac Doon up for grabs through a fun game over the weekend, they wanted him too. He's so awesome! Although I had to take off his star wars jeans and Yoda jumper for him to be a naturist. Lol. Just kidding but I did actually do so eventually. He's my comfort bear. =3

So naturism really is for everyone. There's lots of different people there and lads, you may get an erection but it's natural. No one cares. They all know you're new and your body just reacts without your consent sometimes. Just put a towel around your waist. It's very rare for that to happen actually because usually, you're too nervous and thinking about that happening and the outcome of the situation therefore you end up not having an erection because you're too nervous to get one. So don't worry about it.

I cannot stress enough that this is not a place for swingers. We simply enjoy being naked and we are not interested in anything like that.

Also, singles and couples are more than welcome.

If you want the facts, please go to: www.bn.org.uk

If you're over 30 years of age, please go to: www.bn.org.uk if you'd like to sign up.

If you're under 30 years of age, please go to: www.ybn.org.uk if you'd like to sign up.

If you're interested in donating to BN or YBN, you can do so on either site. All donations are gratefully received.

I also have an anti-bullying website which is open to everyone and anyone and is non-discriminatory: www.anti-bull.org.uk

Just take a look for any information about the site if you're looking for answers to any questions.

If you want to message me personally, I'm on Facebook and you can message me through the "Contact Us" on my site in the bar at the top of the site.

And I'll finish with these inspirational photos:



So, that's my review. Thank you for taking your time to read this information. It's much appreciated.


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