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Immigration Discrimination

Article By: Romano
Editorial and opinion

With all the hoopla about immigration, ask yourself this question is it fair to all or just a select few. "Judge not that you may not be judge, so with the same measure you judge then it shall also be judged unto you"

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Discrimination towards immigration that is the question. Since everyone seems to wonder and want to talk about immigration laws and the fairness thereof, it's time we address the issue at hand. Many people would love to deport immigrants back to their country of origin, yet it's the struggling immigrants that make up the poor, low and middle class of America. The immigrants that make up the wealthy class; well let's just say the topic seems to elude them, for whatever reason they are just excluded. If I am right, along with the immigration law not only will America deport all immigrants back to their country but they will also cut them off from having any means of work in this country. Ok, since we want to be so hard on immigrants in the poor, low and middle class of America, why not deport all immigrants and cut them off from any sort of income and work in America. Don't be so hypocritical in our discrimination toward immigrants, if we are truly going to punish immigrants let's just deport them all.
America is run by the wealthy and those investors who so diligently invest into the economy of their products or inventions. The sad part of it all is that many of Americas investors are immigrants, many of the wealthy are immigrants. Many of Americas Entertainers and Health officials are immigrants with visa's to legally be here or no visa just residing in the country. The main reason as to why America won't deport these folk is simple; why deport what also makes me wealthy and causes me no harm, because we all know many of America's youth don't invest in our colleges or education system to keep me wealthy. The goal has shifted from "get an education, get a job, live the American dream" to "what can you do for me, and maybe I can help you get a job". For this matter Americans whom want to punish any immigrant for whatever the situation and have them deported need to not discriminate toward any immigrant, if you buck a certain class you need to buck them all. This shows and proves that America is still racist and discriminate, "What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways", America is definitely unstable in all it does. We would like to focus on the little immigrant, and turn our heads from the ones that make a difference in investing. Instead of focusing on the immigrant that live among the poor, low and middle class, let's focus on those whom commit crime and deport them and quit wasting tax dollars on them in our prison system. I do believe in chances, yet when you land yourself in prison from chance after chance after chance you have exalted your last chance, now you have become a risk and menace to society and must be deported back to your country of origin and threaten as to not enter back into America and if so you will face death. We have enough issues with taming our own youth that we are not going to continue to aid your demons for we are still warring with ours.
Understand what I am saying, I am not against immigration in any way shape, fashion or form, yet when it becomes a risk to strengthen our own whom are failing then yes we must get rid of those bad seeds to save ourselves, but not discriminate against a certain group of immigrants. We all deserve to make our lives better and should be given that chance to do better, yet when all anyone seems to do is stay in the judicial system because they don't want to change then we must act, as we do with our own whom have that same manner of thinking. America is one big melting pot, yet we are weak because of greed, selfishness, and pride. We'd rather offer anyone who is not an American citizen ways to get better and aid them along the way, yet when it comes to aiding many American minorities we turn the other cheek, and I don't mean the cheek on your face either. For America to be so rich we are still poor, we backstab, slander, cheat, lie and cover what we feel we should or need to, to assist our own personal agenda for team "me". So before you decide to choose a side and just jump and run to side with the support of the new immigration law, just think about the injustice American politicians are suggesting. They would rather get rid of the minority immigrants and keep the support they have from immigrants that fund their campaigns. Discrimination is discrimination, doesn't matter who you are if you wrong you wrong and there should be no indifference toward any immigrant on any level. For decades other countries have pushed their families and love ones to come to America and live the American dream. They have been told to come and join the ranks of those who want to live better and live in a country that allows you to better who you are and gives anyone the opportunity to succeed in life. Now they are all being told that one day they may have to leave or that their children or grand-children won't be able to have what they have had the chance to do. Change America from the" land of opportunity" to the" land of dream killers", a land that's ran by crooked politicians and greedy billionaires who agenda only accommodates them for their reasoning, a land that praise drama and allow racism to be displayed in any form of fashion and then hidden behind discrimination immigration laws.


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