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Catastrophe in Connecticut

Article By: Russ Teed
Editorial and opinion

An opinion about the tragic event in the Sandy Hook school.

Submitted:Dec 16, 2012    Reads: 10    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

'Coward', 'satanic' and 'evil' are connotations that can be applied to perverse machinations, but this was clearly a mentally unstable man culpably violent. Sane humans do not afflict such vile acts on so many and so young. The Genesis to these sorts of ambitions are undoubtedly the construed desire for notoriety, disillusioned anger and the infusion of control and fear.

The lack of relevance, lifelong failures and mental struggles confines them to exponential deviance. We can't make sense of nonsensical events or people; we can only morn as justice can not be earthly served here. So morn for the lost, learn from the grievous calamity, and let fear not rule our daily lives. Succumbing to fear will only placate to completing the assailant's goal and punishing thyself.

Any parent would offer their own life to be taken in the stead of their child. The loss of a six or seven year old is near unbearable to muse. The harrowing parental unthinkable happened to twenty children and has affected most everyone. No more will there be the yearly measurement of height on the doorway at home, never will they have chance to be cool or feel awkward in high school, no first date, Christmas gifts that may never be unwrapped, no first kiss, they won't be told to clean their room ever again and thoughts of grandchildren have now vanished.

Mere hours after the slaughters the 'gun control' radicals were hard at work hoisting their anti-gun picket signs proving they will let no travesty go wasted. The guns had no comment on the matter and weren't aware of the arch rival haters. The belief that stricter gun laws will stop a madman from unlawfully obtaining guns does not seem feasible - There are more guns in America than there are people.

I also think that debate and discussions on the topic is a healthy ideation. This psychopath or sociopath stole the guns from his mother and had no license to carry firearms. We should instead become more diligent in the mental illness epidemic that is growing precipitously in this country. Apparently this twenty year old had several disorders, amongst the known are Aspergers, personality disorders, and was on the spectrum of Autism.

Neighbors said he was an isolationist and proclaimed him to be a 'ticking time bomb'. This is a teachable moment and there will be speaks of gun control, teachers carrying fire arms, armed security, police presence and metal detectors on school grounds in the days to come. Discourse will resolve which path is just but all this anarchy was caused by one wayward mentally disconnected man. We all saw our children differently that tragic day, I hope it lasts, and I hope it fades.

This egregious cataclysm was foreseeable by many, herein lies our problem, and our duty. Cliché'd cliché, if we see something, we should say something.


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