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Newspaper assignment

Article By: Sam Smith
Editorial and opinion

A college assignment.

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A shocking study by journalist Sherree DeCovny in CFA Magazine has uncovered disturbing information about Wall Street workers. The reckless gamblers of the financial world are harbouring mentally unstable people among them without a care for the consequences. In light of this bombshell of a revelation it is easy to see why the economy has crashed so spectacularly.

Psychopaths such as Patrick Bateman of the movie American Psycho, who interestingly is a Wall Street worker, are notorious for their lack of empathy and thrill seeking ways. A person like Bateman will do pretty much anything for the next high heedlessly and without care for consequences or for anyone who gets hurt along the thrill ride. An undercover inside source says that his co-workers are "Very much like drug addicts. It's all about the thrill of the risks." He also states that "They compete to see who's the most reckless. It's like a badge of honour for them… much like a battle wound I guess. It's utter madness. I don't know how these people got hired." He then lowered his head in sadness and repeated. "Madness."

Madness indeed and if someone does not put a stop to it, things will only get worse.

As the Primary continues to get more heated and the smear campaigns get more vicious it could be said that the Republican Party is self-destructing. For moderate Republicans the Primary must be difficult to watch as one scandal after another comes to light and the candidates statements get more and more extreme.

Even Ron Paul who advocates cutting the United States' bloated military budget and is anti-war and in favour of limiting corporate influence has policies that are extremely right wing and make him a difficult candidate to vote for. He is a bigot who discriminates against women and minorities and an opponent of same sex marriage. Paul is also against the separation of church and state and gun control regulation. It says a lot about the Republican candidates that among them Ron Paul is considered 'moderate'. The others among other things wish to either significantly lower corporate tax rates or abolish them altogether and are highly religious and pro war.

As the Republicans go after one another more information comes out about their dishonesty, corruption and even their personal lives. Many of them are making shady deals with corporations and living lives that drastically contrast with the public personas that they have created. For example Newt Gingrich who runs on family values famously cheated on his wife while she was undergoing treatment for cancer and divorced her. The republican candidates are beating each other bloody and all Obama has to do is watch.


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