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How I hate Twilight..hate it hate it hate it..

Article By: ShadowsandMisery
Editorial and opinion

My take on the lameness that is Twilight.

Submitted:May 2, 2009    Reads: 826    Comments: 16    Likes: 3   

First of all I would just like to say to all of you who actually like Twilight, get your heads examined. And to all of you that hate and loath Twilight, thank God for small favors. I have not, nor well I ever read such crap as Twilight. I saw the movie, WORST Vampire movie I have ever seen, in my life. And I have seen a lot of damn Vampire movies..best one to me is well, thats a tough one. But hells Nosferatu, the first ever Vampire movie is better then Twilight. And Nosferatu is an old Black and White silent Movie for crying out loud. But back to my point..Twilight, Twilight this, Edward that.. Bella this, blah blah blah. Bella is not some Heroine, she is a weak, simpering little Daddy's girl. And Edward.. talk about robbing the damn cradle. This Jacob fellow, what an ass he is..some Werewolf, getting jealous over some weak-willed girl and her fucked up obession with becoming a Vampire.

And well frankly none of the characters in that awful movie appealed to me, the school kids tried to be all cool, and did a damn poor job of it. They all were a bunch of damn fools, sad and pathetic the lot of them. And that Father of Bella, what a fucking moron, could not even cook for himself, made his kid do it, or they went to that diner. My lord, a man that age should be able to cook, shit I am 33, and I can cook, and cook rather well. That Mother of Bella's seems damn overbearing and nosey, if I had a mom like that when I was a kid, I'd either shoot myself or put myself in a Mental ward to get away from that bitch.

As for the rest of the Cullens and the other so called bad Vampires... Bloodhunt for the lot of them. Yes I am borrowing from World of Darkness..which has much better Vampires then the lot in Twilight. I would never typically say this, but Stephnie Meyer should never write Vampire ficiton again. Spare us the horror of your shitty writting and your bad, kiddy version of what Vampires are. This lady insulted years of true Vampire and Gothic Horror fiction, Bram Stoker must be rolling in his grave over this woman's so called Vampire vision.

I seriously was beginning to think this site had turned into some twisted Twilight Fan fiction site after that damn movie had come out. I was thankfully wrong, as I have seen a number of people bash on Twilight. I am glad I am not alone in this. What also annoys me, is that all this Twilight attention as effectively crushed any other sort of far better Fan Fiction. Including my own, yes I know, bad form, prehaps, but its how I feel on the matter. Bad fiction is like junk food, it tastes good at first, but after a while it gets old, and does no good for the health. And as a Fellow writer on here said Twilight is like Junk Food. I completly agree with him on that point. Here is a thought, maybe people should lay off the Twilight Fan worship. All you are doing is prepetuating garbage, thats all Twilight is, garbage. Trash fiction that needs to be eighty-sixed before it stinks up the place.

I'll say this as well, if I was an English teacher and some student of mine wrote some story based off of Twilight, I would give that student an F, and tell that student to right another story. Writing crap, then writing more crap in some dumb homage to it, just weakens the mind and the imagination. So be a better writer people and write a better tale, don't fall in with the Hive mind mentallity that Stephnie Meyer's shitty Vampire books are the End all Be all of Vampire fiction, its not. If you want to read and then do Fan Fiction based off of it, read some Anne Rice. Or even Bram Stoker's Dracula, good damn book and Movie. Or Hells, read some Ravenloft Novels, anything with Strahd Von Zarovich is always good. I recommend Knight of the Black Rose and I, Strahd. These are far better novels then the spewed garbage rantings of a Lady that can't write Vampire Novels for shit.

Thankyou and for all those who hate Twilight, keep the up the good work and fight the lameness that is Twilight.

Sincerely, Shadow.


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