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Ideas...Because There's Not Enough Room In My Head

By: ShaunaLeigh

Page 1, These are my ideas- because there\'s not enough room in my head. Or my Junk Drawer. You see I write my ideas down and then I stuff them into the top drawer of my bedside cabinet. It\'s getting quite full now and I can\'t trust myself to remember all of these things that come to me. So here are my ideas. Some of them I might never breathe life into and some of them I definitely will. Enjoy lovelies!

Novel Ideas

Please tell me what you think lovelies! I'd love to hear your comments and criticism. As long as you're not mean of course.

Title: One Bad Apple Genre: Young Adult Likely to write it? Yes How likely? 8/10

Anovel about a girl called Addison who has anorexia. It mainly follows her struggling to hide her secret from her very large family, consisting of stepbrothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters and a step mother, her mother's boyfriend...anyway, it's a very large family. Her anorexia is the main storyline but there are subplots with themes like family love mental illness, relationships, money and what's socially acceptable.

A basic run down of the characters:

Addison-asecret anorexic.Her obsession with losing weightis spiralling out of control. Alisha- Addison's sly older half sister whosesecretely still withAddison's sort of boyfriend Elliot. She's up tosomething. And hiding something else. Jay- Addison's older half brother by day turned secret criminal by night. He thinks she's stealing his money. David- Addison's father, a businessman wrapped up in himself. He's not entirely what he seems. Stella- Addison's stepmother who plays the part of mother and housewife to perfection. She seems harmless- is she? Sarah- Addison's mother, a serial cheater. She's cheating on her boyfriend Mark. She has a plan- an evil one. Mark- Sarah's boyfriend, a genuinely nice guy drowning in guilt. Hehas feelings forAddison and they aren't fatherly. Tom (or Tom-Tom)- Mark's son and possibly Addison's future brother. He thinksthey bothknow about her mother's evil deeds. Martha- Addison's very glamourous and disturbing 'aunt' who's more than a little slimy. She loves stirring things up to the point of danger. Elliot- Addison's sort of but not really boyfriend. He's messing with her and Alisha and God knows who else. He's got a dirty little secret. Taylor- Alisha's ex best friend and the closest thing to a friend Addison has. She's pretty, manipulative and mentally ill.


YesI have cover idea. I'm thinking of having Addison looking very artistically depressed with an apple on the desk in front of her. Bitten. As in she's bitten it but then put it down because she's so obsessed with her weight she can't even manage an apple. It'll hint at a scene in the novel too. The scene was the inspiration for the title One Bad Apple which is play on words. There could be a mirror behind her in the background too. Just to hint at her self consciousness about her image even further.

You shouldbe interested in reading this because-

-it's not your typical story on eating disorders. It really explores the cause of Addison's eating disorder and educates people who think it's all about wanting to be thinner. The collection of subplots also gives it much more depth. It would be a multiple POV novel so you'd see Addison's story from everyone's eyes. It covers other things other than eating disorders too. I'm pretty certain readers would relate to at least one character in some sense because there's such a collection of characters.

The pic is self explanatory.

Series/Saga Title: The Imitations First Novel Title: *Untitled* Second: *Untitled* Third: *Untitled* Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult Likely to write it?I guess but in very far future How likely? 6/10

A series/saga set in a future where scientists are the enemy because of an invention that changed the world- Imitations. Scientists created these creatures, which are basically imitation humans but designed to be better and havefewer weaknesses. They were first invented to combat diseases and improve humankind but eventually the Domes in which they were made and tested became torture chambers. Scientists pushed Imitations to their verylimits. It became about creating 'superhumans', things beyond human.Years after their existence was confirmed they continue to live among humans but remain unaccepted by humanity. The series will follow the journey of Marnie who falls in love with Printer, an Imitation, and then has to go into hiding with a group of their friends and family (all either human or imitation) when war is declared on the Imitations. There are subplots, one being Marnie's younger sister Hazel trying to discover what happened to her in the past. There are loads of themes like love, family, relationships,humanity, class, social acceptance and racism.

A basic run down of the characters:

Marnie- she's adopted and stubborn sometimes selfish and completely fierce. She loves Printer but he's an Imitation. She loves her sister but finds it hard to show it. Printer- he's kind caring even tempered and an Imitation. He was one of the Imitations who were pushed to their limits in the Domes. He runs abnormally well. He loves Marnie. Hazel- she's Marnie's sort of little sister. She wasn't adopted, she was a miracle baby.Her parents had her after adopting Marnie. She's childish naive hot tempered and a bit of a dreamer. She falls in and out of love and changes her mind again and again.

There are more characters but there are so many (think Harry Potter or Hunger Games with all those Tributes) that I can't list them all plus most don't have names yet!


Not really but something will come to me!

You should be interested in reading this because-

-it's a mix of science fiction fantasy romance young adult...everything under the sun really. It's a novel series I think the guys could enjoy as well as the girls. There'd be plenty of twists and cliffhangers to keep you entertained. You'd probably get involved to the point where you'd cry when a character you like dies! At least I hope. I love upsetting people by killingcharcacters off.I'm quite scared of this idea because I get so many ideas about the plot that I don't want to start writing it in case it does't turn out how I want it, but I'm sure once I write it I'll get over my fear.

How cool are the pictures?! They're from that TV programme on Fox Dollhouse that's been cancelled now. They're so perfect for this novel and I'm so happy I thought to type Dollhouse in Google Images because I remembered catching a bit of it one day and seeing the character Echo geting her brain rewired and everything!

Novel Title: Criminal Minds- *Untitled* Genre: FanFiction Likely to write it? Yes How likely? 8/10

This is a Criminal Minds FanFiction which is set in the time before JJ leaves. It's 100% Spencer Reid-centric. The idea; what if squeaky clean Spencer had a secret 13 year old daughter? Eliza Reid shows up at the BAU one day and drops a bombshell on the team. Turns out Spencer was with someone way back when, and that someone hadn't heard of contraception. Spencer didn't stick around to be a father because he had his whole life ahead of him and he ran off to join the FBI. Eliza and him started emailing back and forth in secret when she contacted him two years ago. And now she's here in Quantico. Spencer has some explaining to do! Subplots...thinking of writing about Emily Prentiss' desperation to become a mother. Maybe something with Hotch too. He'll be angry with Reid big time. Hell knows Morgan will too.

A basic run down of the characters:

A run down isn't needed as long as you've watched Criminal Minds or have access to Wikipedia. There is Eliza though. Eliza- the thirteen year old daughter of Dr Spencer Reid. She has a photographic memory as well as an eidetic memory. Basically a child genius. She's like a young female Spencer except more capable with all things social, and very stubborn with a short temper. Very fun to write actually:D There's also her mother but she won't be in it as much so she doesn't have an identity at the moment.


Yes I have an idea, sort of. Pretty basic, just Spencer and Eliza with the team in the background. The BAU logo will be in the background too. So nothing fancy just very simple.

You should be interested in reading this because-

-it's Dr Spencer Reid! Why wouldn't you be interested? If you love Criminal Minds you must love Spencer. I think you should want to read this because it has the potential for some very interesting scenes. Think about it- Spencer has a teenage daughter. Cue Morgan having to rethink everything because the virginalkid genius has a kid of his own, Hotch being totally angry about him abandoning Eliza because of Jack, Rossi being Rossi (I don't really like Rossi, I miss Gideon),Prentiss kicking his butt then arguing with him about how to bring her up like some sort of ex wife, JJ being sweet and loving and kind about it (as she is) and Garcia becoming a sort of eccentric Fairy Godmother! Then there's Mrs Reid finding out she has a granddaughter and all this panic about schizophrenia being genetically passed. Oh don't even get me started on how much Spencer is going to argue with his father because Mr Reid walked out on him just like he walked out on Eliza. And to finish it's kind of a cool idea because it's so far fetched but realistic at the same time.

By the way this is how I got the idea- I look like Spencer Reid if he was a teenage girl. Well I have different hair now so I don't know if I still do. Anyway my father said I looked like him and I was like actually you're right. I was thinking I looked like his daughter maybe then I got the idea! The bonus is if this ever becomes an episode or maybe a movie or something then I'd probably be in with a chance for the part of Eliza I like to think!

Novel Title: X2 (Times Two) Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance Likely to write it? Hm, no clue How likely? 4/10- it needs more developement plus may be part of a series.

No names for the characters at the moment but I'll make them up for now- I quite like these ones actually so who knows I might stick with them. When Leo leaves his girlfriend Arizona behind while he goes off on dangerousbusiness he never expects to come home to find her dead. He doesn't. He comes home and all is nomal. But the girl he loves is dead- he just doesn't know it. When Arizona died she was Replaced by Ronnie.Ronnie entered her body when she left and took over. Usually when someone Replaces someone else they become convinced that they are that person but Ronnie knows who she is and is fully aware she's in a strangers body. Now with the help of Dean who knows her true identity she has to keep Leo unaware she isn't really Arizona and live Arizona's life for the rest of it. The thing is Arizona herself leda double life. She cheated on Leo who she never loved, and had started falling for anotherguy, anex boyfriend. As if Ronnie didn't have enough problems.


Honestly noclue because this is such an underdeveloped idea. Maybe...a close up of Arizona's eye then another eye within it- very Photoshop don't you think? ;) Then the title (if I stick with this title) X2 very big and bold on top of it or something.

A basic run down of the characters-

So not sure yet but here goes- Leo- your typical popular guy but this isn't high school. He's involved in some dirty business and things bigger than him. He loved Arizona and has no clue about the cheating or the fact she's dead and now Replaced. Arizona- she is or was the girl you wanted to be. Beautiful and mysterious. She didn't love Leo thought she loved the guy she was cheating with then as soon asLeo left started falling for yet another guy. Then of course she got killed. Ronnie- Ronnie didn't live too far away from Arizona and Leo but never met them. She was killed in a car accident two years ago and when she Replaced Arizona she knew she wasn't her, which is unusual because most believe the body they've inhabited is their own. She's a bit of an outsider and always feels a bit awkward but she becomes braver when she becomes Arizona. Dean- I don't know too much about his character yet but here's his story. Dean knew as soon as he saw her in Arizona's body that something was up. When he discovers her secret he decides not to tell Leo, knowing he'd think he was crazy and helps her instead. He's full of himself the way I'm seeing him, kind of sarcastic. He finds it hard to be honest.

There are more characters but this idea is quite new.

You should be interested in reading this because-

-the way I'm seeing it, it'll be full of some cool scenes. You can have a lot of fun writing a story with some cheating in it. Seeing as Ronnie is quite different to Arizona and never liked the way she was she's going to have some fun pretending to be her so that'll be awesome to write. Who wouldn't feel a bit more daring if they were in someone else's body right? Also this will probably be part of a series that I might call the Replacement Saga/Trilogy/Series or maybe the Reincarnated orSecond Series, and it won't be the first novel in the series so if you read the first novel you'll want to read the rest won't you? Well hopefully, unless the first novel is crap!

The pics are from Heroes. The character Nikki sees her alter ego in mirrors. Her alter ego Jessica takes over her sometimes. Ronnie can't see a ghost of Arizona or anything but the pictures still fit and I like them anyway so I don't care if they don't :P

Novel Title: 2nd Place (Second Place) Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult/Romance Likely to write it? Yeah actually. This would probably be the first in the series that X2 might be part of. How Likely? 5/10

This might be hard to follow but try! A girl called Elizabeth was due to start at a new school but before she did she was murdered. She found herself in a place that wasn't Heaven because apparently things don't work that way. She went to the courtroom in the sky and explained to them what happened on the night of her murder. Then she was told not to return to earth as a ghost to find her murderer whose identity they wouldn't reveal to her. But she did. When she returned to Earth she found a guy who could see her, Nate. He says he'll help her find her murderer. Instead they find her body- her living breathing talking walking body. Like she never died. Elizabeth was Replaced by someone whose convinced that she is Elizabeth. Elizabeth introduces herself to her, saying her name is 'Elle' and she's a ghost. The girl who thinks she's Elizabeth now has an unwelcome ghost helping her find out who she really is and even though she thinks 'Elle' is crazy she can't ignore the strange things that keep happening, and the coincidences that just can't be coincidences.

A basic run down of the characters-

I'll give it a go- Elizabeth or 'Elle'- Elle is an unhappy ghost who wants to rest in peace as stupid as she finds the saying. She's kind of mean harsh at times and doesn't take crap. Some scary ghost huh? Elizabeth's Replacement- think of Elizabeth like the kind nice girl at school who doesn't talk much. Then give her a mean streak when she's angry and a temper that disappears seconds after it appears. That's Elizabeth's Replacement.

New idea equals not much on the characters- apologies lovelies!


Cover cover cover.... Elizabeth's face but half of itslightly opaque. The solid half is Elizabeth's now Replced body and the opaque half represents ghost Elizabeth or 'Elle'. Photoshoppy!

You should be interested in reading this because-

-it's got a twist at the end. That's not it though! I have written down some dialogue that's popped into my head and what I have got is quite funny. I don't like saying it's funny because I don't want to be bigheaded but I think it is, and I have to give a few reasons for you to want to read it. I'm 'promoting' my ideas. Yeah there's plenty of opportunity for funny scenes because of Elle's sarcastic nature and she's a ghost- there are so many jokes that can come out of one of the characters being dead! I'm sure you know what I mean by that. It's not going to be a comedy though, it'll turn out kind of sad but nice if it goes the way I want it.

Oh the pic is from the Black Swan film. I just thought it was cool because she has a sort of evil twin if you get me. Natalie Portman is too old to be Elizabeth though so don't think this is what she looks like. No offence to Natalie who is very beautiful might I add.

Novel Title: Unknown BUT this is all I need to say- Leaving Amber Sequel! Genre: FanFiction Likely to write it? If Leaving Amber Fans want. I'm so calling you LAF's from now on. How Likely? Up to the LAF's!

If you're a LAF then you know the whole storyline for Leaving Amber. Seeing as I haven't finished Leaving Amber yet maybe it's a bit early to talk about a sequel,because I don't know if it will end up as more of a stand alone FanFic, but it's definitely possible so I had to put it here. It will probably continue from wherever I left off with Leaving Amber or perhaps a year later. Maybe several years later so things have changed a lot- how dramatic would that be? It's probably most likely I'll do a One Year Later type of thing though.

I've mostly mentioned the possible sequel here because I want to know if you LAF's expect a sequel, if you want a sequel or if you like Leaving Amber on its own. I know I haven't finished it yet but I'm wondering if maybe those of you who like it as a stand alone now will want a sequel after reading the words The End. So what are your thoughts?

Pictures of the characters! They are, in order, Kyle, Amber, Ryan and Leah.

Novel Title: Borderline Genre: Young Adult/Romance Likely to write it? Probably How Likely? Depends on how well research goes.

Wood has been the new boy at posh school Pokeley for a year now and for whole year he's somehow unintentionally managed to not meet Jenny, the girl everyone intentionally avoids. When he finally does he finds himself unable to look back. Jenny is off the rails and the more Wood gets to know her and the more he sees of her unexplainable behaviour, the more he wants an explanation. The feelings between them get more and more complicated and as they do the closer Wood gets to the answer the surer he becomes that he doesn't want to know. No matter how many times Jenny insists there's not always an explanation for everything sometimes there is one and you wish you'd never looked in the first place.

A basic run down of the characters-

Wood- James Wood has an above average IQ and got into Pokeley on scholarship, unknown to Jenny and the other posh students that go there. He treasures his relationship with Jenny and wishes that she'd allow for something more. The closer he gets to finding out why she behaves the way she does the more he wishes he wasn't so desperate for an explanation because he knows once he finds out he'll know once and for all why they can't be together. Jenny- she's never questioned the way she is but knows something's wrong. She does want to know what it is but she's too scared and sometimes feels like it's all Wood cares about. She gets violent mood swings, one minute she's ecstatically happy and the next she's spitting angry. She's perplexed as to why Wood is so amazing at times but then so awful she can't stand him, and she's terrified he'll leave her. She gets confused about who she really is and what people think of her and then there's the dangerous things she does. Running across busy streets, stealing, drinking and eating until she's sick.

There'll be other characters but they won't feature in the novel too much.


Hmm I don't know. Probably black and white because Jenny has black and white thinking. Maybe it will be a brain split in two or a girl cutting her hair off. You're probably thinking what the hell but basically I can't explain it because you find out in the novel what's wrong with her. Once you know what's wrongwith her the cover ideas make sense trust me!

You should be interested in reading it because-

It's interesting in general- at least I think. I think it's quite an interesting idea even though I don't really know much about it. Basically it's about personality disorders and even though I have no personal experience with them they fascinate me. Disturbing I know. So I'm taking what I know about one in particular (the title gives it away so I don't know why I'm being so secretive) and writing this novel about it. If things like psychology and mental illness fascinate you then you'll probably like this. Those of you who like the Romeo and Juliet sort of stuff- you know forbidden love- will enjoy because her personality disorder means it's impossible for her to have a healthy relationship with Wood.

I know the pic is strange but it represents how Jenny sees herself or how she feels.I know it's a guy in the pic and not a girl too by the way!

Novel Title: I Can't Say I Love You (But I Do) Genre: Young Adult/Romance Likely to write it? Yes, I wrote it as a short story but I'm making it into a novel How likely? 8/10 but it's a question of when.

Sam is a good guy, as cool and ordinary as they come. He goes to a school for troubled problem teens so he's never fit in, despite being popular. So when he spots Tiffanie on her first day looking so innocent and normal he's overjoyed to have someone like him. But it turns out Tiffanie isn't all that normal. She doesn't speak. Ever. She has selective mutism but such a severe case that she only ever says a word in her own home and even then it's never a sentence. Sam won't give in though and the two form a strong bond of friendship that leads inevitably to love.

A basic run down of the characters-

Sam- his father who was mixed race died when he was two, shot by a racist neighbour. His mother brought him up single-handedly. He's a nice guy one of the best and everyone at school wants to be him or know him. He loves Tiffanie or Tiffie as he calls her and wants more than anything for her to start speaking again so she can leave his school because she's so unhappy there. The other students give her a hard time. Tiffanie- her father 'left' as she put it when she was six. She won't tell Sam what happened exactly. That was when her selective mutism really became severe. She switched to Sam's school becauseher old one couldn't deal with her problem. She loves Sam but feels like the entire school and the rest of the world is against them being together. The students call her a freak and ghost girl and say you dropped your voice box. Pauline or Lina- Tiffanie's older sister. She's depressed and self harming. Tiffanie doesn't speak to her. She resents Tiffanie a bit because she gets all the attention. Alex- he's Sam's mate and he's a totally slimy creep. He tortures Tiffanie when Sam's not around. He's really evil and Sam can't really stand him. Jamie- a bit of a thug but he's alright really. He's really loyal to Sam and Sam is loyal to him. He doesn't pay much attention to Tiffanie.

Those are the important characters, and there are more but I'm not listing them all. Pauline never featured in the short story version of this but I always intended her to be in it. She plays a really big part which I find so weird because when I first thought of her she was only in one scene. But she grew on me. You know how TV shows have a guest star for a few episodes and then they like them so they make them permanent? Well it happened like that!


Probably a girl with her fingers on her lips. Or a girl with her lips parted so then the title would be at the top: I Can't Say I Love You, then the rest of it: But I Do could fit between her lips or on them. Or the title could be scribbled on a notebook on the table between Tiffanie's elbow and Sam's. It hints at a scene in the novel.

You should be interested in reading it because-

Selective mutism is a really different subject to write a novel on and I didn't even know what it was called when I got the idea even though I'd heard of it. When I finally found out what it was called I researched it and even though the way I write about it isn't totally accurate because selecive mutism children do speak at home, I still think I've done okay. I've just said her case is severe. And it's not so much that she can't speak at home- she's comfortable speaking at home she just doesn't want to. In social situations she can't speak and the rest of the time she chooses not to. For you Romeo and Juliet fans it is forbidden love in a way because Sam's friends (Alex really not Jamie) don't like Tiffanie and everyone thinks she's a freak. There'll be plenty of awwww moments and then some really dramatic ones and maybe a sequel but I'm not sure if I'm going to add the sequel to this and make a longer novel. Anyway it's something different so I think you should be interested. I know about two novels on the subject one called The Weight of Silence and the other One Child but I haven't read them.

The pic is cute! Tiffie has blonde curly hair too so I thought it fit.

Novel Title: Untitled Genre: FanFiction Likely to write it? Not really How likely? 4/10 I guess maybe more. I like it but if I write it it won't be for a long while.

Basically a prequal to Leaving Amber. It would tell the story from Cameron joining Sam's pack all the way up to returning to La Push. It would cover everything from why they left to how Ryan met Amber then the two of them falling in love then Amber coming with them and of course inevitably Kyle changing for the first time and imprinting on her before all of the crap with Ryan and deciding to go back home. I think it would be fun to write but if I happened to write it then I'd have to write it after the sequel to Leaving Amber and who knows maybe a sequel to that sequel...but that's way too far ahead! Anyway I think it's a good idea especially because you'd get to know Amber a bit more the way she was around that time. And Ryan- he wasn't always so bad. Kyle was even more full of himself back then too.

For those of you who aren't LAF's- Cameron joins Sam's pack only to find it's not what he imagined. The wolves that follow him feel exactly the same. When it becomes too much Cameron convinces them and other guys he knows are about to transform to break away from the pack and form one of their own. They go on the run where one pack member finds love in the form of a human girl called Amber Courtney. ButRyan doesn't imprint on her. He saves her from her life of sleeping rough under bridges and she joins the pack, moving around the country with them. But can their relationship survive when it isn't tied down by imprint?

By the way I've put some pictures up of what the characters look like. Anyway the characters are, in order, Sam, Cameron, Ryan, Amber and Kyle. The actors in the photos are whoever plays Sam in Twilight then Jack O'Connell from Skins, Steven Strait from The Covenant, Sasha Pietersefrom Pretty Little Liars (thanks for the recommendation Jessie I love her!) and then Luke Pasqualino from Skins. I love Skins!

A basic run down of the characters-

You know most of them except for well a lot actually but I'm not going to go into it because you'll learn who the pack is further into Leaving Amber. You know Ryan and Kyle and Cameron and Amber and Tobias too but I don't think I've said his name in the novel yet. He was the one who talked to Leah in the woods when Amber was attacked but I think he only said like three words. He went pale? It doesn't matter if you remember him he features quite a bit in Leaving Amber in future chapters so you will meet him. You all know Sam and the rest of his pack and then Jake's pack so that's it. You know everyone!


Totally! It would be Cameron then Sam's face would be on top of Cameron's but opaque. Then on one side of Cameron's face there'd be Kyle and Amber like close together, him holding her or something then on the other side Ryan and Amber in a similar loved up couple pose. So that way the conflict story between Sam and Cameron in covered but then the love triangle is too. That would be so fun to make on Photoshop...

You should be interested in reading it because-

If you're a LAF you'll get to know what happened before the pack's return to La Push and why the pack hates Sam so much. You'll get to find out exactly how the love triangle between Kyle Ryan and Amber happened instead of picturing it. Think about it- you'll get to see the Amber-Ryan era and fall in love with them and then have your heart broken when Kyle imprints on her. Then you'll see the Ryan that I know you'll love go crazy. You'll have to be interested if you're a LAF and if you think it sounds interesting and you want me to write it but you're not a LAF then, well tough. You'll have to read Leaving Amber :P Actually no which is the great part. You don't have to have read Leaving Amber to read this. You can read this then Leaving Amber. Brilliant huh?

I'll add more when I get more!

Also if I create any trailers for any of these novels I'll put the Youtube link with it. I created one for Leaving Amber but I've got Sony Vegas now instead of crappy Windows Movie Maker so I'm going to make another one. If any of you want to make any trailers for my things, you know if you do a lot of that on Youtube, then go ahead just let me know so I can check it out and comment on it! Same goes with posters/novel covers or anything like that, I'd be psyched if you wanted to make any for my stuff. If you have any suggestions about literally anything, maybe you don't think something should be a series or you know about an actor/actress who fits any of the characters let me know!

Let me know what you think of my ideas, if there are any you really want me to write or if you like the sound of one or maybe you have any questions about them. None of these will definitely get posted on Booksie. If there's interest in one then I'll give it a go or if I decide I really want to write one then I will but please don't expect to see all of these on my page any time soon!

Oh and if anyone has any song suggestions please tell me! By that I mean if you know of any songs that fit Leaving Amber or any of the above ideas I'd love to know. I'm compiling a sort of playlist for Leaving Amber which I'll post in the future. And I like to listen to music while I'm writing :D

I love these songs by He Is We- Give It All, Kiss It Better, Blame It On the Rain (version 2 from My Forever Album) Prove You Wrong and Fall they fit the Leaving Amber storyline and vibe! If you listen to them you might pick up on little hints of what's to come in the novel, Blame It On the Rain Prove You Wrong and Fall especially! Go and play detectives lovelies!

Love you lovelies!

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