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10 Ideas For Booksie.com-June 2013

Article By: sosnh
Editorial and opinion

I love the fact that Booksie are now updating the site to make it more better, and socially appealing. Here is a list of ten ideas to make Booksie better.

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I love Booksie. Every day I see myself coming on, even when I'm sick and don't post quotes or update my profile, and read articles/novels/poetry/short stories/song lyrics-etc. by the various people on Booksie. It appeals to me, and I am glad that Booksie has released Booksiesilk, so a minor can't come across things that are potentially explicit. The option to share on various media outlets and faster loading pages etc. have also made me enjoy my Booksie experience even more.

  1. Image Uploader/Editor-This feature had always been on Booksie since I began, but was removed for being abused. I think, and I do this on behalf of every great uploader on this site, this needs to be back, and quickly. When we do various content, we use images to show the audience glimpses into what we are imagining, and that needs to come back.
  2. SWF Uploader/Editor-I used to do "Fave Flash Games" where I would talk about a flash game, and have the game in there for the audience to test out. This was removed, but I would like to see it return.
  3. Themes-Users should be able to choose their design. There should also be an option to make your own theme, with, perhaps, a tutorial as to how you would do it. This would be great for one's own personal experience, as to some, the blue and white palette of Booksie may not be appealing.
  4. Background images-The background of your profile should be customizable for all to see. Once again, this is for appeal, introducing more users with thanks to these changes.
  5. Option To Create But Not Make Live-I would like to create content, such as a variety of poems, short stories etc. and have the option to not publish them right away in a similar fashion to how you don't have to publish all chapters of a novel right away, and you can choose when to make them live for people to see. This is useful as you can still post if you say, go on a holiday, and don't have the time to create content.
  6. Joint Uploads-What I mean by this is that if you co-write something with other Booksie artists, you have the option to add them next to your name under the title of the piece of content. For example if you write a novel with a friend, you should be able to add their name onto the author, and not just the default (your name), and it appears on their profile as a section entitled [username] colaborated on, or even have it on content they have in their writing portfolio. This is great for interaction between users.
  7. Notices To Fans-There is currently a system whereby you can recieve emails when a user you like ticks yes to receive updates. I would like to further this by having a better version. What I suggest is that all your fans should know when you upload content through a hub of some sort. You may also post updates about how you are going through the "My News" feature that is already present, but now, it could be possible that fans are notified when you update this.
  8. Support By Admins-What I mean by this is that users could send the admins messages asking if they can be posted on the front page. For example, I would like each monthly edition of DOSZE (Desk Of Superior Zombie Experts) to be on the home page, so people can check it out through there, but have this option open for the admins to choose, say, 5 other people, besides the tough (hundreds of reads) content that is always up there.
  9. User Of The Month-The front page should also contain a bio of an active, and creative user each month. The bio should be written by an admin and say whom the user is, that he or she is the user of the month, why this is and have a small list of what they do on Booksie.
  10. Have direct upload information-What this means is that you could connect your Booksie account to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and a notice can be posted automatically on the sites saying that " [user] uploaded ..."

There you go guys. If you have any suggestions, comment below. I will be more than happy to discuss them with you.


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