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Top 10 Games Of 2013

Article By: sosnh
Editorial and opinion

2013 was a fantastic year in Gaming. But which 10 games stood out above them all? Read to find out. I have my personal Top 10 list, and the list of the 10 most popular games of 2013.

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Gaming is one of my biggest passions. Whether it is creating a base on Minecraft, or making a team on Pokemon, to shooting opponents and Zombies, I love to game. 2013 saw the release of the Playstation 4, and the Xbox One, and a new crop of games and possibilities have arrised. In this article, you will find both my personal Top 10 list, and the 10 most popular and interesting games of the year. And the only ones in my list are games I have played. Some games I wanted to play, such as The Last Of Us and Battlefield 4 but haven't had the chance, and therefore are not on my list.


10. Zombie Killer Squad

Zombie Killer Squad was a game created by YouTube sensations SeaNanners and The Syndicate Project, and these guys are some of the most hilarious, most entertaining people I have found. When news spread of talk of a "Zombie" game, I was definately into it. The Zombie genre, as some of my long time fans will know, is something I love and hold on to dearly with my heart. Zombie Killer Squad was released first for iOS and is now also on Android. At no cost, this game is a runner type game where you can ride giant cats, shoot zombies and try to beat your friends.

9. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

I am not much of a Call Of Duty fan, but I love the special modes that have on the games, particularly the Zombie modes in World At War, Black Ops & Black Ops 2. I decided to go halves paying for the game with my younger brother, who is very good at the games, and clocks in many hours a day spent playing it. The game can get addictive, which I like, but it is also repetitive. With a new engine, it was just fresh enough for it to be given a try.

8. Slender: The Arrival

Oh, Slender. I love that mythology. It creeps me out, as I'm sure it does to many other people out there, but Slender is a fun game, and I have never got as scared as some of the other people out there, most manlier than me, but it does get your heart pumping, and the game has the right noise, creepiness and atmosphere to draw you in. When I found out Arrival was coming out, alongside all my friends, we watched its progression through until release. Since, I haven't played it much, but every time I do (Maybe once or twice a month) I love seeing the reaction on my face, and my friends' faces when they try to act all tough in front of us, while playing the game.

7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

As most of you know Pokemon is something that I am personally a huge fan of. When I heard that another Mystery Dungeon was being released, the first one on the 3DS, I was amazed and happy. The game itself, while a bit dumbed down for the younger generation has an excellent and compelling story. I feel, however, that the game did lack the ability to be continuously played with missions, like, for example, Explorer's Of Sky could.

6. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead is my absolute all-time favourite show. This isn't just because of the Zombies, though they are factored in on a large scale. I love drama, and the show is all about the drama that would take place in a Zombie Apocalypse. Therefore, that is two things I love put together in perfect collaboration, making my favourite show. When images surfaced online of Daryl, my favourite character, holding his crossbow and THQ's logo on it, everyone knew what was going to happen. However, upon playing the game, on the day of release, I found it, though sometimes fun, to mostly be frustrating with the controls, movements and lackability to be able to do pretty much anything. It was much a linear game which I don't like. However, it did have it's moments.

5. Dead Rising 3

To be honest, I didn't even think of this game coming out, and I haven't played much of the Dead Rising franchise, but I picked it up for Xbox One, and so far, I have enjoyed every minute of it. With a hilarious storyline, fantastic graphics on the next gen system, and compatability with Smartglass, this was just pure fun, and still is.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5

Yeah, I know. GTA 5, the game everyone would have expected to be higher if it were the public's decision, but Grand Theft Auto wasn't exactly my top game. I was into all the hype for GTA, and it didn't let me down. The game runs fantastically. Though I wish some of the San Andreas features were there, I wasn't dissapointed, as the game was captivating throughout, and the game broke some serious world records as well, both through budget and numbers sold. Guess people like running people over and calling for hookers?

3. The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 1: All That Remains

To be honest, I haven't played this as much as I wanted to. The Walking Dead: Season 1 was fantastic, and I was loving it from start to finish, and I even liked the special 400 days episode that Telltale games released. I didn't have much hype for it as it sizzled at the start of the year when I assumed we wouldn't be getting it until this year (2014) but it came out and suprised me, and it has been good.

2. WWE 2K14

I love the WWE, and the games are something I buy each and every year. I was hyping up for this game all year. Did it meet my expectations? Not really! But I am guessing that is because of how little they did to the game this year. They basically added a bit of a story and added characters, subtracting some good one's too, and that's about it. I wanted more, and I hope in 2K15, they go on the next gen consoles and do better.

1. Pokemon X & Y

A new generation of Pokemon. New adventures for me. What can I say? I wanted these games more than anything this year, and so I bought them, even getting a whole team of level 100s in less then three days. I have 200 hours on X, and about 4 or 5 on Y, because I only bought myself Y at Christmas and have been busy on X. I would have devoted more time to it, but I did have The Arceus League to plan. Anyway, the game has a fun story to play in, with all new 3D models for every Pokemon. It is the first "Main" Pokemon games to be on the 3DS, and they did it with perfection. My only concern is that there weren't that many new Pokemon or Mega Evolutions.


1o. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Another generation of the Call Of Duty franchise is released each year, and this year's release included a new engine, and new modes, and is the first CoD game to hit the next gen consoles.

9. Beyond Two Souls

This stunning game came out of nowhere, with a compelling storyline, and awesome graphics, many users felt the need to rush out and buy the game.

8. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

The newest Assassin's Creed game was released, and many parodies were made. Assassins, Hidden Blades and poison, Cloaks, Daggers and Pirate Ships dawned on our horizons.

7. The Last Of Us

This game is said to be the best of the year, and is about a man and a girl stuck inside an apocalypse. Their is a supposed DLC and new game coming out about this as well.

6. Grand Theft Auto 5

The biggest budget game of the year, and one of the most well-recieved, GTA is hilarious, witty and has a great story to it. For the first time ever, you can play as three different characters.

5. Bioshock Infinite

Fans of the Bioshock series cheered at how well-recieved and perfect this game was, with an eccentric, captivating storyline, and fantastic, refurbished graphics to boot, it was one of the year's best.

4. Battlefield 4

Following off the success of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 was released by DICE, and is as fun as ever, with multiple large and small maps and a wide variety of guns to use, and various tactical ways in which you can move and use weapons.

3. NBA 2K14

NBA by 2K always has a good story, and this year was no different, with fans adoring how much work was put into this year's game, coming to the new generation consoles as well.

2. Dead Rising 3

Fans of this series were extrodinatilly happy after finding out that Dead Rising was getting a third installment on the next generation consoles. Zombies, mayhem and death. Three things we love as people, when playing Video Games.

1. Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

The new generation of Pokemon was revealed, and much in secret for the first time ever. Fans had to go and discover much of the Kalos region by themselves, and the Pokemon hidden inside them. With new Legendary Pokemon Xerneas, Yvetal & Zygarde, fans are now speculating a Pokemon Z. Then again, Pokemon fans are also asking for Ruby & Sapphire remakes (I am too).

I hope you have enjoyed this Top 10 list. Please like this, comment and become a fan if you've enjoyed.
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