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Haven't We Made Friends Here?

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Without you, I may as well not write, because I would be writting to myself. I would miss you and your comments. I wouldn\'t be able to improve myself if it were not for you.

I myself am thankful for, because for all of us that are here on it and use it daily, it's a free writers' note book or pad for our poetry and books, to be written and enjoyed by each and every one of us. Now is open to each and every (crayon) person in the (box) world. I want to be a crayon in the box that along with all the others, draws a big beautiful picture. Everyone at some time and or place in their life has used crayons and drawing paper or a coloring book, right? If all the crayons are here then we are good to go, but if we should miss just one crayon, for example: the green one, then we can't color the grass and shrubs and trees green. Or if the color blue is missing we can't color the sky blue and we aren't good to go. I think we all know what I mean here, right?

Lets all of us picture as the coloring book and all of us here as crayons and the earth as the crayon box. Not one crayon is of any greater value or any lesser value of a crayon in the box. Together we all draw beautiful pictures, and I did say together. Of course not all of them (you or I) are used on any one picture. Each crayon has a purpose.

Green for grass and trees to only name a few

Blue for water and sky

White for a dress or a cloud

Black or brown for tree trunks or a night sky

Yellow for the sun

Well, you all get my meaning, right?

If not, there are those of us that write books, while others write poetry, and all throughout we write about drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, and here again just to only name a few of the great many things that each and every one of us writes about.

Why am I even writting about the crayons in a box thing? Because I'm an American and you're an African, and Australian, Chinese, Irish.

Forget about that, yes let us all forget about being any thing else here on but being a fellow human being (crayon) on planet Earth (the crayon box) Here we are of no greater or any lesser value. Here we are equals. Here we are writers and poets. And it will be here that we are friends with one another, and haven't we made friends here, no matter where they live in the world? Forget that your North American or South or European or Asian. Here on let no one call us anything else other than friends.

Can we do it? Can we show the world? Can we do it here together, with one another? Without you, and missing you, I can't complete the picture that I want others to see, because it reflects who I am, who we are, what we are. Let us write our books and our poetry to and for one another and the world.

I hope that in the after life I can meet with each and every one of my friends in person. Enough said from one crayon to another.

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