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When A Fan Fades Away

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, When a fan fades away and we try to log on to their home page we are faced with the dilemma of not knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how come they are no longer on for us to find, even their work has disappeared! Their slate has been wiped clean as if they never existed to anyone else but those seeking to find their lost family member. That\'s right, they become family here where elsewhere\'s they may have none!

Sometimes, and more often than not we run our mouses over a fans profile picture to find that they have disappeared into obscurity or oblivion without a detectives clue or trace as to where they went and left us all wondering about our fans demise or why they are no longer with us on 

Here on we have made friends and even extended family of those fellow writers of the written word that poured from their heart and soul.

When they leave as I personally have found, all and everything that they shared with us is gone with the wind! Even if we placed them in our reading list it's disappeared! I've lost two fans/friends who went into the neither regions or the forbidden zone.

One of them being Tania Karpatska! Where oh where are they?

Oh there are times when they tell us that they'll be away for a short time but when they completely disappear we worry about them and their prayers, poems and promises of more stories to share with us from articles all the way to westerns.

Does anybody have a clue what happened to their fans that they can no longer find, if they don't go to facebook's booksie circle? Or perhaps another fan knows what happened to them and where they went?

Like I mentioned earlier, some of our fans have became our friends and even extended family members here on They've let us know when what we have written is shelf worthy or rather it belongs at the landfill! 

They came, they commented, they voted, they disappeared! Will they return? Only the Shadow knows, or even the Shadow is stumped! I know that I am.

I appreciate every fan that I've had, have or will accumulate over the passing of time. I thank each and every one of you for your comments, votes and support, especially when what I've written doesn't make a bit of sense, even to me!

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