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Me waffling again, this time about the topic of Spare Time

Submitted:Nov 24, 2010    Reads: 22    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

What do I do with my spare time? Good question.
Firstly, 'spare time' needs to be defined. Should I talk about those miniscule slivers of time that I achieve by finishing my schoolwork in good time during lessons? If I am honest with you; I think. About life, my book (that's coming along beautifully, thankyou very much), females... you get the picture.
But no, what I mean is; what do I do with the time that I have in the evenings and weekends, when I probably should be revising a little bit more? Generally not enough. Until recently I sat at my computer, reading people's comments/statuses on facebook and commented wittily. Now I sit at my computer and comment wittily on my own life. What's the difference?
I really should revise a little for my upcoming mocks, but to be frank I'm the world's worst reviser. Reviser? Is that a word?
Anyway, what I'm trying to get across is that we all have a limited amount of spare time as human beings, even if we're a multi-millionaire who sits round all day with shapely women doing what they do best to us. We should do something creative with our time, even if it is only marginally so. Because when we are old and grey, and unable to do all of the things we can now, we will look back on this period of our lives and say "What the **** was I thinking? What have I done with my life?!"
So you can see how important it is for us all to please our future selves. It's like being kind to another person, except you reap the benefits. For example, instead of teaching ot advising someone else (which you would probably recieve, at best, a hug, a thankyou and some chocolates), you could try revising for the bloody exams you've got coming up! Hint, hint, Sam, get off this stupid blog and start revising and bettering your fuature.
But no, humans insist on living in the (excuse the cliche) 'here and now', when only elderly or ill people, who are near death, have the right to do. What are we all doing?! Get out into the world and make some money! Show off your skills instead of sitting in the stifling office or poring over that facebook page! Write, compose music, sing- whatever it is that you do best: Get out there and do it to better your future and the people whose futures you will better along the way!

Thankyou ever so much for reading,
Sorry. I didn't mean to get so deep and meaningful on you.
Your Faithful Columnist,

Musical Inspiration= Muse-Live at Glastonbury


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